20 Shock

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The guilds couldn't sit still!

The person in charge of the guilds had already started to ask about Han Xing's situation.

The individual rankings had been maintained for a week in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the players. Even the company behind the game probably did not expect that the rankings would be set in just a few hours!

Han Xing's performance was amazing!

They did not see how Han Xing attacked, but they had already labeled him as a gamer god in their hearts.

The entire domestic forum exploded!

Everyone was trying to guess which aristocratic family he was from.

This was a little too overpowering!

This was the leaderboard that had just been released!

It was unbelievable that he could get first place.

When Liu Feng saw the familiar name in the first place, he was furious!

He had tried his best, but he had only managed to get around 1000, but Star Rebel had actually gotten first place. How could he just stand it?

Liu Feng was furious, but he had to reevaluate the value of Star Rebel.

Such a person was worth roping in.

When Luyao saw Star Rebel's name, a strange feeling appeared in her heart.

It was a woman's nature to worship the strong, and Star Rebel's existence had undoubtedly hit the softest spot in her heart.

Liu Feng still did not know what Luyao was thinking, but what he had to do now was to extend an olive branch to Star Rebel.

He even personally sent an invitation to Star Rebel in the Second World as the guild master, and the invitation promised various benefits.

Not only the Sky Dragon Guild, but other reputable guilds at home and abroad had long joined the ranks of trying to rope Star Rebel in.

Of course, they would not let go of the other powerful players on the leaderboard.

After Han Xing left the leaderboard interface, all sorts of invitations were sent out.

Seeing the familiar name of the Sky Dragon Guild, a sarcastic smile appeared on his face.

However, he had no intention of joining any of these guilds. He rejected all of them and was too lazy to even give any additional reasons. He even used a few game coins to make a statement in the Second World.

Wind Flower Snow Moon also accepted his friend request.

Han Xing said a few words to White Jade Snow Orchid, and then to Wind Flower Snow Moon and the others who had added him as a friend. After that, he quickly went offline.

What he needed to do now was to go to the official website and take a good look at the reward mechanism.

He could only choose between rare skill books and high-level equipment, so Han Xing had to choose carefully.

After all, the server rankings had just been released, and this thing wasn't of much practical use. The company wasn't stupid.

The best thing they gave out was only bronze grade, which was already considered rare at the moment.

However, Han Xing did not lack these things.

Instead, he looked at the various skill books on the side. He had too few skills on hand, so he had to choose more.

He scanned through the official reward pool and found that there was only one lightning array skill book that matched his lightning mage skills.

It was only a beginner skill book, but that was enough. He still had his talent 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'.

Han Xing only entered the game after he had browsed through it once.

The company acted very quickly, and by now, all the rewards had been given out.

He received an intermediate experience ball that gave 10,000 experience points, a beginner-level lightning array skill book, and five pieces of random black-iron-grade equipment.

The special reward for first place was a rare random item.

Han Xing consumed it without thinking.

"Ding! The random item has been successfully consumed. Congratulations, you have received a high-level fire class change scroll!"

Class change scroll? And it was even fire.

Han Xing raised his eyebrows. He took out all the herbs and equipment that he had collected over the past few days.

"Use the talent 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'."

As soon as he finished speaking, the system's notification sounds rang out crazily.

"Ding! Congratulations! You have triggered the 100% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. You have upgraded the intermediate-grade herb Dragon's Roar by one grade! You have obtained the high-level herb Dragon Soul!"

"Ding! Congratulations! You have triggered the 10% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. The intermediate-level herb Rain Dew has been upgraded by two grades! You have obtained the rare herb Rain Cloud!"

"Ding! Congratulations, you have triggered the 100% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. You have upgraded the black-iron-grade Mystic Heavenly Armor by one grade! You have obtained the bronze-grade Mystic Heavenly Armor!"

"Ding! Congratulations, you have triggered the 100% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. You have upgraded the basic herb Sky Mountain Snow by one grade! You have obtained the intermediate herb, Snow Frost!"


"Ding! Congratulations, you have triggered the 10% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. The high-level fire class change scroll has been upgraded by two grades! Obtained super rare fire class change scroll!"

"Ding! Congratulations! You have triggered the 1% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. You have upgraded your basic skill, Lightning Array, by three grades! You have obtained a rare Lightning Array Skill Book!"

"Ding! Congratulations! You have triggered the 10% chance of 'Turning Trash Into Treasure'. The intermediate experience orb has been upgraded by two grades! You have received a rare experience orb!"

The series of notifications put Han Xing in a good mood, and he glanced at the rare lightning array skill book.

[Lightning Array Skill Book ] (rare)

Skill: Summon 99 bolts of heavenly lightning to assist in battle, covering a range of 2 meters. 

Level Up: Increases the range of lightning strikes by 1% for every level. 

"Use the lightning array skill book."

"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a lightning array skill book!"

Han Xing immediately opened up his character panel to check his personal information.

As expected, a lightning circle skill was added. With the bonus of the special class, the cooldown of the lightning circle was reduced by 90%.

In other words, the lightning array that originally took ten minutes to summon could be summoned in a minute.

The only problem was that it consumed a lot of mana, but it was not a big deal to Han Xing.

This rare experience orb directly increased to 100,000 experience points.

To level up from level 0 to level 1, he needed 42,000 experience points.

Level 1 to level 2 required 55,000.

Han Xing had accumulated more than 20,000 experience points, and with the addition of the rare experience orb, he had reached level 2.

All his skills had been upgraded!

The cooldown time of lightning steps remained the same. Originally, he could only teleport three meters, but now, he could teleport ten meters.

The cooldown of the lightning ball became two seconds, and two lightning balls could be formed.

The cooldown of the lightning array had also been reduced to 50 seconds.

With these special skills, he could completely beat up players of the same level, not to mention that he was the only one in the entire server who had risen to level two.

Now, he only had the fire class change scroll left, but it was dispensable to him.

He was studying how to use it.

The guild masters of the other guilds were furious!

Liu Feng didn't expect Han Xing to be so ungrateful.

Even if other players rejected the guild's invitation, they would still say some pleasantries. However, not only did Han Xing not say anything, he even spent a few game coins to say something on the global public screen.

"I will not accept any invitations to join a guild."

These words also caused many players to join in the fun, watching these guilds become a joke.

At the same time, they laughed at Han Xing's audacious behavior.

To actually offend the guilds, he must be tired of living.

The strength of these guilds was not just for show, Han Xing was definitely going to meet some trouble!

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