12 Medical Examination

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The 200,000 dollars was more than 1.3 million yuan according to the exchange rate.

In just a few hours, he had earned more than a million yuan, which made the cash-strapped Han Xing feel a lot more relaxed.

Han Yanran had to go to the hospital for chemotherapy once a week, which cost 100,000 yuan.

There were less than two months left before she passed away from a serious illness in February.

With that in mind, Han Xing did not stay any longer.

He directly rejected all the beauties who tried to hit on him and went offline.

If he could do it all over again, he would definitely change the fate of both his sister and himself!

It was already sunset when Han Xing woke up in the huge gaming capsule.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Han Yanran, who was guarding the side. Her face was pale and her lips were red like blood.

The trash can was already filled with blood-colored tissues.

Han Xing's body trembled. "Sister, why didn't you have a good rest?" he asked.

Han Yanran smiled weakly.

"Big Brother, I..."

Before she could finish, her chest heaved up and down violently as she coughed. Her entire body was so weak that it was twisted into a ball.

Han Xing quickly carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed.

Then, he brought her the medicine she usually took and filled a glass of water. "Take some medicine and calm down first!" 

Han Yanran took the medicine and panted for a while. She grabbed Han Xing with her slender fingers and said, "Big Brother. I was worried... that you were in danger."

Her eyes were so clear that Han Xing could not help but pat her head.

"Silly, why are you still worried about your big brother now?"

"I'll take you to the hospital for chemotherapy tomorrow. I'm rich now!" 

Han Yanran's expression brightened, but then dimmed again.

"Big Brother... I... don't know how long I can live. You should keep this money, don't waste it on me!"

"What nonsense are you spouting? Don't worry! I won't abandon you!"

The two of them talked for a while, and Han Xing only left after Han Yanran fell asleep.

The next morning, he hurriedly brought Han Yanran to the First People's Hospital.

Han Yanran was a regular at the hospital, and many nurses greeted the siblings warmly when they saw them.

Everyone knew that Han Xing was very busy taking care of his younger sister, spending money on her without any hesitation.

The young nurses had long fallen in love with a man like Han Xing, who was handsome and cared about his family.

"Han Xing, you're here. Have a seat here, I'll get Professor Zhang to come over."

A pretty nurse covered Han Yanran with a blanket and left.

Han Yanran could only lean weakly on Han Xing's shoulder. She was so thin that she did not even have the strength to stand.

The gray-haired Professor Zhang Huaimin walked over with a group of interns.

He was shocked to see Han Yanran, who he had not seen for a week, so thin.

"The three of you, take the patient to the chemotherapy room first. The rest of you, send her blood sample for testing and give it to me as soon as possible!" 

When the nurses heard Zhang Huaimin's words, they quickly helped Han Yanran to the bed and pushed her into the chemotherapy room.

Zhang Huaimin glanced at Han Xing and said with a heavy heart, "The cost of this treatment isn't cheap. I'll talk to the hospital more and give you a more flexible deadline."

Ever since the Han family's company went bankrupt, it was all thanks to Zhang Huaimin's help that the hospital did not rush him to pay the fees.

Han Xing looked at Zhang Huaimin gratefully, then shook his head. He replied, "Professor Zhang, I've already paid 1.2 million yuan at the payment counter." 

"Deduct the cost of my sister's chemotherapy and medicine from this. Try to use the best medicine. Let me know if the money runs out."

Zhang Huaimin was also shocked when he heard this.

"You didn't do anything illegal, did you?"

"No, I've found a new job to earn money. Don't worry, Professor Zhang!" Han Xing laughed.

Zhang Huaimin nodded thoughtfully. Just as he was about to speak, a nurse ran over in a hurry.

She looked at Han Xing and Zhang Huaimin with a serious expression.

"Professor Zhang, bad news! The patient went into shock due to anemia during chemotherapy!"

"We need to do a blood type match and blood transfusion immediately."

Han Xing panicked when he heard that. "Give her my blood!" 

The nurse quickly took Han Xing to the treatment room, where Han Yanran spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood.

"Let's do a blood type match first!"

Zhang Huaimin saw that the nurses were in a hurry, so he took the lead to give an order.

To think that the nurses had even forgotten to do blood matching. He frowned slightly and began to check Han Yanran's heart rate.

Han Xing looked at the nurse anxiously, but the nurse was dumbfounded when she saw the blood test results.

"You, how come you have type B blood? Your sister's blood type is O, your blood can't be used for a transfusion!"

Han Xing was shocked!

"What did you say?"

Zhang Huaimin did not have the time to think about so many things. He immediately arranged for an intern to go to the blood bank to take blood type O blood bags.

After a long time, the blood was finally transfused to Han Yanran.

Han Xing took the time to take a strand of Han Yanran's hair and his for a DNA test.

His mind was a mess. If Han Yanran was diagnosed with leukemia, he could also do a bone marrow transplant.

However, if they were not related, Han Yanran's illness would be troublesome!

Ten minutes later.

When the intern doctor came over with Han Yanran's examination report, Han Yanran had already woken up.

Zhang Huaimin's expression turned even uglier when he saw the content. He called Han Xing out of the ward.

"Your sister's condition is too strange!"

"Our hospital still hasn't found the cause of the illness."

Han Xing wasn't surprised. He had been to many hospitals for Han Yanran's condition, but to no avail.

"Professor Zhang!" He said after taking a deep breath.

"Let's go with the current treatment progress and try to save my younger sister's life!" 

Professor Zhang could not bear to see this happen. He sighed and said, "I will arrange for the hospital to do its best!" 

When Han Xing returned to his room, a nurse quickly brought over the results of the DNA test.

Han Xing and Han Yanran were both shocked when they saw the content.

The DNA test results showed that they were not related by blood!

Han Yanran's lips trembled, her face full of disbelief.

"Big Brother, is, is this true?"

Han Xing's heart ached when he saw her expression. He looked at Han Yanran seriously and promised, "Don't worry!"

"Whether we're biological siblings or not, I'll definitely cure you!"

He still couldn't find out Han Yanran's condition in the real world, so he could only place his hopes on the Second World.

In the later versions of the Second World, the players could use the power of the game.

As long as his sister could hold on for a little longer, there would definitely be no problem!

"You have to believe me!"

Seeing Han Xing's expression, the strange uneasiness in Han Yanran's heart disappeared completely.

She leaned on the bed and nodded.

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