Videogame: I Began With Top-tier Luck

# SONOFLUCK In the year 2060, a holographic game named Glory descended. Players discovered that the skills and equipment they acquired in the game could be materialized in reality. Suddenly, everyone went crazy looting for resources in the game. Chen Feng was one of the players. Moreover, right after he entered the game, he awakened a hidden attribute that everyone would kill to have - Top-tier Luck. In the Beginners’ Village, all the other players chased behind the chickens in order to hunt them. However, things looked very different for Chen Feng. One by one, the chickens hit him and died. He acquired experience points just by standing still. When the other players were grinding hard for resources, Chen Feng picked up coins for free as soon as he stepped out of his door. When the other players were grinding hard in order to collect a good piece of equipment, Chen Feng was already garnered with all kinds of god-tier equipment. ......

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165 Chs

Killing Zombies

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"Let's walk deeper. We might be able to find some clues." As Lin Shuang spoke, he raised the torch in his hand and continued forward, trying to find more clues in the cave.

The three of them could only follow behind. They walked deeper into the cave, and the rancid smell became even stronger. The depths of the cave were filled with an even stronger stench, more like the smell of a rotting corpse. The terrain inside had also become very complicated, and there was a lot of gravel on the ground.

"Be careful when you walk. Don't trip." Lin Shuang reminded them patiently as he kept looking around. Not long after, they reached the depths of the cave and suddenly heard a roar. It frightened Lu Wan so much that she threw the torch in her hand to the ground. "Don't be afraid. The three of you wait where you are. I'll go take a look."