1 The First sight

I couldn't take my eyes off her immediately she entered the studio with two other young ladies. All were beautiful but none as much as her.

I had just returned from a quick lunch at the restaurant, where I left my boss with other two employees still enjoying their meals. After settling on my studio seat I decided to add some more notes on the audio track I was making for myself. That is when I saw her!

I looked at her from the head downwards. The beauty of her eyes mesmerized me. They were big and round, perfectly sitting in their sockets. They were so warm and inviting. My heart has never beaten like this before. This must be her! The girl of my dreams. I never thought of ever seeing her, let alone having her in the same room as per now. With such proximity. But here she was, standing right in front of me.

"Hello sir," one of the other young ladies greeted me but my eyes were still fixated on this angelic being in front of me. I now looked at her lips. They were full and savory. They were so invitingly wet. Just then she parted them a little bit in form of faint smile! Oh my!! A gap!! There was a little tiny gap in between her two front teeth. This made her more adorable. I could feel my mouth also parting in anticipation of a kiss from her.

I decided to look lower than at the lips. My eyes had already dashed across her chest the moment she had appeared by the door then shifted to her face. I thought now is the time to analyze her bust well. I could almost imagine what I will see there. But then a hand shook me.

"Are you alright sir?"

It was her!

You mean she had touched me!!?

No! Wait! She had even spoken to me!!?

I jolted and came back to my senses. My look of surprise made them laugh at me. I stood there sheepishly looking at them. They laughed even more. Then they all stared at the girl who had made me feel this dump and gave her some knowing looks. This was followed by another round of laughter from them.

"Ah. I am sorry ladies. Please have a seat. Welcome to SVA audio-visual Media house." I said trying to bring back normalcy.

"Thank you!" It was the two other young ladies who responded. I noticed that my crush was not speaking but equally staring at me.

" My name is Edmund," I said, " the assistant manager and video editor." I quickly introduced myself offering them a hand as a sign of greetings. They took my hand in turn as they each introduced themselves.

" I am Belindah, thanks for welcoming us." The first lady said. She looked the senior of the other two but not as beautiful as my darling.

"And I am Caroline!" The other one was just as brief as that.

Then it was the turn for my darling.

She looked at me and smiled.

" Hi Ed!" She said.

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