18 Luffy's Seriousness

"Yawn! Just how long was I out for?" Liam muttered after yawning. He raised his upper body and looked around. He saw the moonlight from the small window.

His eyes shifted down as he saw a girl sleeping on his lap. He was surprised to her there. Then, he noticed that he was actually in Nami's room. He hurriedly got up and lifted her.

She seemed a bit too tired. She didn't even flinch when he lifted her up. He put her in the bed but when he tried to go out, he felt soreness all over his body.

He decided to give up. It was night time so he wouldn't get food to restore his body. He looked at the bed and hesitated for a moment.

After a few minutes of hesitation, he finally slept next to her. He didn't put his hand over her and quickly closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he instantly fell asleep.

Next Morning,

The ray of sunshine pierced through the window and reached her eyes. Her eyebrows twitched and she slowly opened her eyelid. When she opened it, she saw a handsome face in front of her sleeping with his eyes closed.

She blinked her eyes twice and finally understood the situation. She didn't make any move. Seeing his face up so close made her heartbeat rise. She slowly moved her head near him.


After a few seconds, she got off the bed and her face was burning red. She couldn't believe she was just about to do that. She clenched her fist and shook her head.

'No, I can't do such a thing now. I must be free before I do anything else.'

She loosened her hand and released a sigh.

'It wouldn't hurt to get a single touch, right? But what if he wakes up now?'

"Hmm…. Nami?" Suddenly, Liam's voice rang from behind that almost making her jump. Her body trembled as she realized what kind of mess she was getting into if she had moved even a bit.

Nami calmed down her breath and spoke "Liam, you must be hungry. I will go and ask Sanji to make something for you."

Without even waiting for his reply, she rushed out of the room. Liam stared at the door with confusion. He was already surprised that she didn't beat him for sleeping with her.

He sighed and slowly walked out of the bed. Because of the sleep, he was feeling a little better. He finished his morning routine and finally entered the cabin.

There was a new addition to the crew. Sanji was cooking on the side while Zoro, Usopp, Nami, and Luffy were sitting at the table.

"I didn't see Johnny and Yosaku. Did they stay behind?" Liam asked as he entered the room.

"Yeah! They didn't come with us. Anyway since Liam is also here, I want to tell everyone something." Nami nodded and spoke. Her eyes became really serious but she was still hesitating.

"How about you let me handle this? After all, I know more about Arlong than you." Liam spoke as he walked near them and sat down.

Everyone turned their heads at him as he spoke.

"But, how about we eat first?"


"Really guys? I haven't eaten anything since yesterday and used up all of my energy in that battle." Liam got speechless at their reactions and sighed.

"He is right. Nami-san, let's eat first then we can talk about other things." Sanji interfered while bringing the food to the table.

"Food!" Luffy's bored expression changed when he saw food but suddenly, Liam punched his face.

"Luffy, don't hog on all the food. I am the injured one here." Liam spoke as he took a piece of meat.

Sanji had kept the food on a giant plate so everyone could take a part of it but Liam knows if he lets Luffy take a part of it, then, the entire food will be gone.

"Sanji, next time, I hope you don't bring food like this. He won't let us take a single bite before it is finished." Liam spoke.

"I noticed." Seeing Luffy's arm stretching to catch a huge chunk of food, Sanji regretted bringing food like that.

"Liam, look at this!" Usopp giggled as he took out a small tobacco star and opened it. He put the red hot sauce on top of the food which Luffy caught and stuffed inside his mouth.



Seeing Luffy breathing fire out of his mouth, everyone laughed and the lunch continued. After a few minutes, the entire food was finished. Usopp got the least to eat while Liam ate the most.

"Now that we have finished eating, I will tell you something about Nami. Before, I already told you that I have gathered a lot of information about East Blue before coming here, right?"

"Well, it also included Nami's information. Originally, I didn't want to say this but yesterday, Nami and I finally came to a term."

Liam turned his head at Luffy and said "Luffy, we need to take down Arlong Pirates and free Nami and her village from their tyrannical rule."

At this moment, everyone's expression got serious. Even Luffy made a serious expression but it wasn't because of what Liam said. It was because of how scared Nami looked.

"Winning against them wouldn't be a problem especially now that we also have Sanji with us. But, Arlong himself is a problem. He is a pirate that came from the Grandline."

"He is just like Buggy, a big fish in a small pond. But unlike Buggy, this is a troublesome enemy. Luffy, your weakness is water while his strength is water. You have to be careful while fighting against him."

"I know your strength. And, that's why I am warning you to be careful. Against him or his pirate, don't fight without thinking of the consequences. Although I am not sure why am I even telling you this knowing that you will never think of consequences."

"No!" Suddenly, Luffy spoke.

It surprised everyone as they listened.

"We are going to defeat them. I am going to kick Arlong's ass. We are going to get our navigator back. And, then we will head to the Grandline."

When he said that, everyone was stunned. Liam who had seen the entire journey of Luffy was most stunned.

"Hah! I underestimated you, Captain." Liam sighed. Zoro and Usopp smirked while Sanji also sighed. Nami who was trembling finally calmed down a lot. Liam turned his head at Nami and spoke.

"And Nami, I don't want you to stop hating Arlong and his crew. But, I hope you won't hate Fishman Race. I don't want to explain everything here since our journey has just begun. You will understand when we reach Sabody."

Nami looked at Liam and her eyes almost burst into tears.

"They killed my mother. How? How can I not hate them?"

Liam sighed. But soon, a smile appeared on his lips.

"Alright! You are free to hate them. I won't stop you. Let our journey decide what we should do."

Nami wiped her tears. She couldn't forgive the fishmen for what they did to her village. Even if it was Liam who said that he couldn't forgive them.

"When Usopp said that you came from Grandline, I was surprised. But, it seems like you really know a lot." Sanji lit up his cigarette and spoke.

Liam nodded his head with a smile and said "I really know a lot. I worked at the World News Company established by Mr. Morgan."

"That bird…." Sanji was surprised. As a Germa, he recognized Morgan's name with ease. He didn't expect Liam to be part of such a huge organization.

He suspiciously looked at Liam and asked "With your strength, how did you even enter the Grandline?"

"I was born there." Liam answered. Anyway, it didn't matter much. His original background was completely unknown so he could create anything from scratch.

But now, he was a bit suspicious as well. Although he was a completely ordinary man, his body had one trait that stands out the most.

His healing speed boosting trait. It wasn't normal at all. But, he had two explanations for it. Either, his true background is somewhat extraordinary or, it is because of his soul transmigrating into this body.

No matter the reason, it could be considered a cheat. Because after each battle, he was constantly getting stronger.

"Wow! You were born there." Everyone looked at him with surprise.

"Uh-huh! I was lucky enough to enter World News Company. As for my reason to exit, you already know. Morgan constantly defied the world government's order which made me quite afraid of continuing there, so I left."

Since Sanji was new here, Liam explained it in a shortcut.

"B-t-t-t-but don't they call Grandline 'Graveyard of pirates'?" Usopp freaked out and asked.

Liam shook his head and said "The reason why it is called Graveyard of Pirates is that Marine Headquarters is present there. As long as you don't encounter many marines, you would be safe."

"Of course, there are still warlords of the sea like Mihawk who will kill you."

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