Vice Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

In the world of pirates, a young man reincarnates into a completely ordinary person's body. But coincidentally, he encounters Monkey D. Luffy. Hungry for adventures but also scared of death, he joins the Straw Hat Pirates as the vice-captain. ............ Straw Hats will follow the same routes with a lot of new changes. If you want to read chapters in advance, you can check out my Patreon: patreon.com/EvilParagon If you want to talk more about One Piece and this story, you can join my discord : https://discord.gg/uxhZZe8KdV I am also publishing this story on Royalroad.com

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Bounty Increase / Seven Billion

"So, where are we going?" Nami curiously asked.

"We are going to the shopping since it is something you like the most. Then, we will have lunch together. Then, let's see if we can find a hotel to spend the night together."

Liam answered.

When Nami heard about spending the night together, her face blushed as she glared at him fiercely.

"We are not going to do that this early."

"Well, who can guess what might happen."

After that, well, it did happen.

Nami and Liam went shopping. Although it was truly troublesome for Liam, he still carried those dozens of shopping walking around like a hanger.

Then, they went to a beautiful restaurant facing the sea. Even though they always faced the sea, it was still a nice view when they were together alone.

After having lunch, they went around the Water Seven in Bulls. It was one hell of a ride and also extremely enjoyable.

They had fun going around the entire Water Seven from the shopping district to Blueno's Bar. Finally, it was getting dark when they decided to book a hotel room.

And, they spent the night together.

(The Bed Scene has been skipped)

Next Day,

Liam and Nami were walking around while holding a coconut in his hand and drinking from two of its straws.

They look like a newly married couple except they were a bit too young for marriage.

Although they wanted to spend time like this for more, they knew that their time was limited. So, they quickly found their way to their ship.

On the ship, everyone was doing their own thing.

"Liam, Nami!"

Luffy shouted while waving both of his hands when he saw them coming toward the ship from afar.

"Yo, Luffy, throw down those treasure bags!"

Liam waved his hands and shouted.

Luffy nodded and directly went to the storage room. He picked up several bags filled with hold. These were made into a shape that can be kept inside a bag.

As for the weight, it didn't matter since Luffy and Zoro could easily lift any weight. With Sanji's lightning power, changing the shape of gold wasn't a big deal.

Liam released his Armament Haki and caught those bags. Although his strength had grown significantly after taking those medicines, these golds were still heavy.

"Liam, are we going to exchange this gold for cash today?" Nami's eyes glowed golden as she asked.

Liam nodded and they directly went to the Gold Exchange Bank. Through a little bit of threatening and convincing the manager, they exchanged all that gold for Seven Billion.

On the Franky House,

"What? What did you say? Seven Billion?" Franky stared at his little brothers with wide eyes and jaws dropping to the ground as he asked.

"Yes, Brother! We saw Straw Hats getting seven billion berries from the bank. Brother, do you want to?"

When the little brother spoke, he moved his hand in front of his neck and signaled his big brother.

"Of course! That's Seven Billion. By the way, how strong are Straw Hats?" Franky didn't even hesitate to agree. He knew that he needed a lot of money to buy the Treasure Adam tree branches.

But, at the same time, he was a bit cautious about the battle with Straw Hats.

"Brother, we might not be strong enough to take their money. Look at their Captain and Vice-Captain's bounty."

Another little brother took out two bounty posters and gave them to Franky.

[Monkey D Luffy

Dead or Alive



Dead or Alive


"Damn! Aren't they just newcomers? How can their bounties be so high?" The little brother who just sentenced Straw Hats to death in his heart panicked as soon as he saw those bounties.

"Are you sure this is their true bounties?" Franky immediately got serious and asked.

"Yes, and this is the incident they went through to get this bounty. The newspaper wrote that they managed to fight against the Admiral and safely leave the island."

"Although it isn't stated that they defeated Admirals, we can't underestimate them." The little brother spoke with a serious attitude.

"Indeed! If they can run away from Admiral, we can't fight them. Let's forget about their money."

In an instant, Franky made the decision. Although he hasn't suffered at the hands of the admiral, he has heard the power that they hold. So, he wouldn't be an idiot to make enemies with Straw Hats.


"Oh my god! Did we really earn Seven Billion?" Usopp shouted in shock while looking at several suitcases full of money.

"I thought it would be around Five Billion but never thought it would be even more than that." Robin spoke with a calm voice. Although this amount was amazing, it wasn't enough to make her feel speechless.

"So, what are we going to do now? Leave?" Zoro didn't talk about money instead went directly to the point and asked.

They knew that Admiral was already keeping an eye on them so they definitely didn't want to make any mistakes.

"Nope! We can still spend one more day here. Anyway, Sanji and Zoro will be in charge of keeping this money safe. Luffy and I will go to find the Mayor and talk about the cooperation."

Liam shook his head and answered.

"Alright!" Zoro nodded his head and went back to the deck.

On the other hand, Nami was holding those suitcases so tight that it was almost impossible to separate her from those suitcases.

"Usopp, keep hacking into those Transponder Snails signals! Seven Billion isn't a low number. I believe we might even attract those top bosses. By the way, what about our First Fleet?"

Liam asked.

"Uhh! They said that they will arrive in two days. They are taking the shortcut thanks to the ship they managed to build with your design."

Usopp answered.

"Sure enough, they have some talent. By the way, pass me that sound shell. You should've done what I told you, right?" Liam asked.

Usopp nodded his head and threw the Sound Shell to Liam.

Liam and Luffy finally left the ship and went to find the Mayor.

As for the other Straw Hats, they started doing their own thing.

"By the Liam, aren't we going to have a banquet?" Luffy asked curiously. After getting so much money, he thought Liam would start a banquet but nothing happened which made him a bit disappointed.

"We can have a banquet after we defeat those marines. By the way, don't forget we are here to recruit a new crew member. So, let's have a massive banquet after finishing everything."

Liam answered.

"Okay!" Luffy nodded and they walked toward the Dock One. It was the place where the Galley-La Company was situated.

When they arrived there, it seemed like everyone was doing their jobs.

"Hey man, where can we find your Mayor?" Liam approached one of the workers and asked.

"Mayor Iceberg is busy with his own work. You can't meet him." The worker instantly answered Liam and started doing his job.

"Well, let's go inside!" Liam said as they approached the place.

But, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them and stopped them.

"Wait a minute! You are not allowed here. This place is only for employees." A man with a long nose appeared in front of them and spoke.

"Usopp, what are doing here?" Luffy asked in shock despite the fact that he had Observation Haki, he couldn't believe that this wasn't Usopp.

"My name is Kaku. I am a worker of Galley-La Company. What business do you have here?" Kaku was stunned when Luffy identified of him as another person and quickly introduced himself.

"Sorry about my Captain's mistake! We are here to talk to your Mayor for a certain kind of cooperation. Do you mind calling him out?"

Liam apologized on behalf of Luffy and asked.

"Sorry, but our mayor is busy. But, I can pass on the information to the Mayor." Kaku shook his head and expressed his apology.

"Then, we have no choice but to kidnap you so that your boss can come to us." Saying so, Liam instantly appeared behind Kaku and caught him by his neck.

"Stay down!" Liam spoke as he released his Armament Haki to put a powerful force against Kaku's neck, making him almost unable to breathe.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"You bastards, let go of Kaku!"

Those workers immediately shouted in rage and rushed toward him but Luffy walked in front of Liam and gave them a powerful stare.

He wasn't releasing just his Conqueror Haki but also a powerful intimidation.

Although he had no idea why Liam was doing this, he would rather help his crew member than others.

"Go and call your Mayor otherwise…"

While Liam didn't continue, his meaning was clear. If you don't bring your mayor, he will die.

Everyone was instantly intimidated by them and ran away.

A few Minutes Later,

Mayor Iceberg and other workers arrived on the scene only to find Liam, Luffy, and Kaku talking to each other without any sign of violence.

"Are you sure they were threatening you?"

Iceberg couldn't help but doubt his people after seeing that.