79 Battle of Alabasta Part 7


The man in front of him fell to the ground with a big hole in his chest. At the same time, Liam also fell to the ground with blood covering his hand.

But, thanks to the new card that transmitted him some vitality, he regained his strength. Because of the previous one-third vitality and the current 10% vitality of his opponents, he managed to hasten his healing ability.

It was also the reason why he took such a huge risk of destroying his organs permanently and even destroying two-thirds of his vitality.

He slowly took out the knife once again and killed the CP agent. After killing them, he finally walked up to Smoker and found him breathing.

He returned to those CP agents and decided to dig a hole. Although he had killed them, he was still afraid of leaking his information and cooperation with Smoker.

After all, Smoker did help him and without his decision to stop the CP agent, he would have certainly died in the hands of three of them or even two of those CP Agents.

After burying them, he walked toward Smoker and lifted him as he returned to the ship.

Although he was healing fast with enormous vitality, he was still wounded. And, it was still hard for him to walk in this desert. Fortunately, his Willpower was strong enough.

After reaching the shore, he quickly went toward the Marine Ship and saw the dead bodies of those marine sailors.

"Tsk! Tsk! Those government people are truly ruthless." He clicked his tongue and put the smoker on. After bandaging both of their wounds, he finally decided to leave. He put a small note next to Smoker before leaving.

He went back to his ship and traveled to the port near Alubarna. Upon reaching there, he quickly got off the ship and rushed toward the Royal Palace. While he was rushing there, he saw a massive sand hurricane but he didn't think too much and rushed toward King's Tomb.

While he was running there, he saw Crocodile. He quickly hid and thought.

'Sure enough! Without Armament Haki, Luffy won't win that easily. Even so, he will definitely win. But for now, I need to follow him and disturb him in case he kills Robin'

Thinking so, he decided to get some water and followed Crocodile into the King's Tomb.

Sure enough, just as he thought, Robin didn't tell him the truth and Crocodile decided to kill her.

Seeing this, Liam emerged his foot inside the water and rushed toward Crocodile with Shave. When he reached in front of Crocodile, he swung his foot, splashing the water drops on Crocodile's body and then kicked him.

[Water Tempest]


And, it managed to strike him so hard that Crocodile flew away and landed several meters on the ground.

"Cough! Cough!"

The injuries that he was trying to hide once again appeared as he violently coughed out blood.

"It seems like my captain truly injured you to such an existent. But, it is remarkable indeed. A man who was once said to be Bullet's Equal was heavily injured by my captain who just arrived in the sea for a few months."

"No wonder, you wanted the Ancient Weapon so bad. You never believed that you could win against those people with your strength. If so, even if I tell you the location of Pluton."

"You can never get it from the territory of that man."

Crocodile quickly got up and his ears picked up Liam's words. There was disbelief on his face as he looked at Liam and asked.

"What do you mean? You know about the location of Pluton."

"Of course, I know. But it isn't something you can use. Three Ancient Weapons. Among them, I know the location of all three or maybe just two. At least, I believe Government has one. So, this is something I am not sure about."

"Anyway, even if I tell you the location of Ancient Weapon, you can never get it. Even the strongest man in this world can't use it. Only when the drums of liberation resound in this world, only when that man awakens, those three weapons will be used."

"Hehe! So, your goal to get those weapons and use them against Whitebeard was doomed to be a failure from the beginning." Liam looked at him with a mocking tone and said.

Crocodile's eyes were full of anger but his mind was still calm. He looked at Liam and said.

"It seems like you know the history quite a lot. But, who are you? Why is there no trace of you before? A person with such information shouldn't be a newcomer."

"Is it? My information gathering is quite powerful. You can say that I have a unique power called Breaking the Fourth Wall." Liam smirked and answered.

"No matter what kind of power you have, you still don't have the strength to defeat me. But, thanks to your blabbering mouth, I finally learned that I don't need Nico Robin."

"As long as I defeat you and force you to tell the information, I will not only get the location of Pluton but also another weapon." Crocodile showed a smug expression on his face as he took out the golden hook and showed the poison inside it.

"Tsk! Tsk! You are quite a despicable person for someone who was once compared to Bullet. No wonder, you would shrink to this kingdom while Bullet would dare to face the entire Buster Call by himself."

"I don't think you can be compared to him. No, you can't even be compared to one-third of him." Liam clicked his tongue and looked at him with disdain.

"Bastard!" Crocodile's eyes blazed in the fire as he turned his hands into the desert but just before he could attack, Liam spoke.

"Wait, wait, I almost forgot to tell you something important. I met Ivankov a while ago. Tsk! Tsk! I didn't expect you to have such a relationship."

"You bastard, die!" At this moment, Crocodile couldn't hold his anger anymore as he turned into sand and dashed toward Liam.

But, suddenly, Liam kicked the bucket in front of him and slammed it on Crocodile's body.


[Paragon Style- Double Hammer Fists]


Without any hesitation, he charged toward Crocodile when his body got wet and slammed his fists against Crocodile.


The impact sent Crocodile flying and smashed him against the wall. The massive impact made him cough out blood but it didn't kill him.

Looking at Crocodile who was on the ground coughing blood, Liam's expression froze.

'Damn it! My wounds haven't healed yet. I can't use my luck anymore to increase my strength. Luffy, Luffy, where are you? If you don't hurry up, I will die.'

In fact, Liam knew this for a long time. That's why he revealed so much information otherwise he would directly shoot Crocodile to the ground. After all, there was a whole bucket of with him.

Knowing that Crocodile has poison, Liam was even more afraid of facing him. After all, he was already suffering from a powerful wound, he didn't want to suffer more.

But suddenly, he sensed something, and the corner of his mouth rose.

"Argh! I found something interesting." Crocodile slowly stood up and glared at Liam.

"You don't have the strength to kill me, do you? Even when you stop me from turning into sand, you couldn't heavily injure me. The punches from your captain were much harder than yours."

"So, all this time, you were just fooling me to buy some time. Although I don't know how you got so much information, I am pretty sure that you don't know the location of Three Ancient Weapons nor did Ivankov tell you my secret."

"Your intelligence is indeed surprising but you can't read Poneglyph, can you? You only came out to fight me because you wanted to keep her safe. And, used that information to buy your captain some time."

"But none of that matters anymore. I will kill you, your captain, your entire crew, and even her. Since I can't get the information, there is no reason for you to exist."

"Desert Sword"

He changed his arm into the sand and slashed forward. But, his attack was quite slow. Even though Liam was weakened, he easily dodged the attack.

"La spada"

But, Crocodile quickly released another attack without giving him a chance to dodge. Liam gritted his teeth and decided to face it. At least, this way he could minimize the damage otherwise he might miss part of his body.

But just when he was raising his arms to block the attack, he paused.

"Gator you bastard, I am going to beat you down."

Suddenly, an red hot arm extended next to Liam, and a blazing fire emerged around it. It moved toward the sharp blades made out of the sand and collided.


Sand and flames collide. The arm extended forward, piercing through the sand blades, and struck Crocodile.

[Red Hawk]

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