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Author review, Read this before reading the novel, The pace of the novel is a bit lackluster for first 10 chapters, gets better after that. The chapters are being posted regularly as of now. Other than that, The first volume has a lot of world-building and many new characters are to be introduced. So I would request you to read a bit more before moving on as I have a very big story up ahead.

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Reveal spoiler


126 chapter review!!! Warning, possible spoilers!!! First things first, I would like to point out that “overall” the author has done a pretty decent job with this novel and hope he/she continues what they started. With that being said, I have compliled a small list of pros and cons as of chapter 126. Pros: + The writing, for the most part, is fairly well done. + The auther is has been uploading chapters regularly(roughly 5 or so chapters a week at the time of writing this). + So far the story has not stalled and has continued to move forward towards the issues as stated in the summery of the book. + The “World background” foundation is laid and definitely should be able to provide quite a bit of material for the author to build off of. + Starting at around chapter 100ish the auther starts to build the other minor character backgrounds, which I feel helps to add value to the book. CONS: (As with all webnovels, there are flaws and minor issue but I will only list the two biggest ones I see so far.) - So far 0% romance and/or harem at all. This may not be a con to everyone but the book has the “romance” and “harem” tags and it kinda feels like a lie when it seems like 150+ chapters could pass before romance is seen at all. I will say that there has been small hints of interest from possible heroines. - Character development. This is a big one for me. Sure the mc has grown physically more powerful using the system but as a person he has not grown at all. And to make matters worse, there is a huge disconnect between who he is internally and who he is externally. He is needy and childlike with his thoughts and with the system; while at the same time, somehow, he’s an above average, powerful team leader that orders others around like an experienced veteran that has all the answers. Everyone has that thing that bothers them when reading and this is mine, it has made me put the book down mid chapter before and not finish till the next day. Hope this helps potential readers to make a decision, and overall I think it’s a good book with the potential to be a great one depending on character development and how the author handles the harem issue(when it comes).


Seeing so many reviews that are basically praising this book like some kind of masterpiece even though it is not, I have to give my honest review on it: It's not a masterpiece. When you start your synopsis by telling people your book is lackluster, you're already telling people not to expect much from the book, which I guess I have to give you credit for telling the truth. The problem was that it was even worse than I thought. It wasn't just lackluster, I felt I was reading a composition writing made by an elementary schooler. When two characters are speaking, you do not need to say things like "To which he said", "To which he replied" etc. That's not how you write dialogue. It really made your story look like everyone is some emotionless NPC that you basically go up to and press the interact key. They will deliver their dialogue, then die the next second because they are emotionless beings of no importance. That's not even mentioning the fact that the entire beginning is just a whole bunch of info dump. What's more, the info dumps are presented like some boring spreadsheet shoved in my face too. I'm here to read a story, not attend your presentation. If I wanted to attend a presentation, I wouldn't be here. I seriously tried to go to the chapter you said would stop being lackluster but the front chapters were already so bad that I was already getting a seizure at chapter 5 so no thanks.




First chapter starts off very strong in terms of intrigue and writing, but gradually gets worse as you read further. By chapter 3, it’s down to the level of most shi tty webnovel novels in terms of grammar, sentence structure, and dialogue, which is a real shame. I might check out the authors next novel, but I can’t continue this.


god I hate harems what are all the readers on this site teen boys who are going through puberty or just straight up 40 year old virgins who have never been with a women harems are trash just straight up garbage


nice story by the way a really great read the beginning is lacking behind a little but it only gets better from there I'm surprised the novel has only 3 votes if recommend this novel any day good work author


Honestly, I'm surprised at the stats for this novel, it should have way more views and power stones. Everything for this novel is great whether it's the grammar, characters etc. I like the idea of getting stronger through the game and it reflects irl because it give the players a reason to try so hard.


I don't get what the big deal is with having a system with personality, it makes the plot more interesting and adds depth to the main character as his interactions develop. Anyhow, the story has a great first chapter and so far there's nothing I have to complain about, I just hope that Ray becomes more assertive as the chapters progress. The flow of the story is smooth after a round of flawless editing, and the plot is fast paced. I would recommend this for readers looking for a derailed explanation on how systems work. Be warned, this story is addictive


The story was okay, I really like what the story was about, but the sentient system really killed it for me. It kept telling him he needs to grow stronger but then it would hold him back from training. I stoped after ch 70.


The novel is interesting. 1. MC-Naive(Temporarily) Hero(Temporarily). 2. Imagine a naive 16 year old boy killing tough strong wolves. At the same time, he knows how to butcher a monster. Where does this knowledge come from? 3. I didn't like the academy arc. 4. I abandoned the novel in the first chapters. 5. I wish the author good luck next year. 6. The novel has potential. 7. A novel for beginning readers. Veterans should not read. Good luck everyone, I'm leaving. Bye


I like this book so much, it's one if the best book in wwbnovel...i must thank the author for creating such a master piece. I highly recommend this Book. And tell any one reason this to give this novel a try and he surely would not be disappointed


A very very good first chapter so I honestly dont have much to say about it but there's some flaws. First, you shouldn't tell the readers how the mc is feeling. Like "he was happy". This is quite shallow and bad writing, instead, you should describe the bright smile on his face as he walked with his chin up and got clothed while humming a cheerful tune. Or atleast describe how he was happy instead of just saying it outright. Next, we didn't really get to understand who the mc really was. A lot of the chapter was spent on other things such as history and the world, and how the mc interacted as well. However, we didn't get to see his true motions and his ambition. I would have liked to see more of that as it is crucial in developing a connection between reader and mc. other stuff can be metioned in second chap in my opinion. However, overall it's still surprisingly good in a good way!


Currently enjoying the book. Despite a few minor grammar errors here and there, the story so far is enjoyable to read. I sincerely hope you'll try your best to write more.


The first chapter gives us all the information we need to understand the story. This year especially I have been more into this genre of story so I quite enjoyed being set up for what is to come. While the writing feels a little choppy, it is still of good quality and won't hinder you unless you are a big time critique. This story has potential to be really high up on the ranking and I hope the author continues to deliver wonderful chapters for us!




To say I'm surprised is an understatement I just clicked on this book in the section of new books because of boredom and didn't really expect anything. But while reading it I began liking the book. The story so far is enjoyable to read despite the small grammar mistakes here and there. Hope you will do your best to write further. Gifted you a little something as motivation.




I love the way you write, I wish I could write like that, the story is good, awwwn men I didn't even know when I finished the first chapter.. .... ....