213 Chapter 213. The Album Release

When Aiden first appeared on the stage, a loud cheer went up, with fans cheering him on. There were even a few from his fan group that were in the crowd, cheering him on. 

The reporters were the only ones skeptical as Rachel and Aiden began their performance on 'Firefly'. 

They were sitting at a separate stand where all the media personnel were. 

As soon as it started, their faces went from mild shock to astonishment to thoroughly enjoying the performance. 

Anyone with a little music knowledge would know that 'Firefly' was a hard song to perform live, but all doubts diminished due to the performance. 

Both of their voices were great, the diction was as good as it could be, and the notes were touching the sky. The chorus was especially one that made people shocked with wide eyes. 

It was clear that both of them had worked a lot on the song to sing it so well, especially Rachel, who seemed to be giving her all in the performance. 


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