1 Trauma

The dark sky with the moon hidden behind the night clouds could signal some crime going on. The roads of Ville were empty as Amelthia, a young girl about 22 years, ran bare feet for the sake of her life. Fear was evident in her eyes, her body cold from the wind, her feet covered with blood, breathing heavily and erotic, she was helpless.

As Amelthia ran she would continuously look back to see if she was far enough or not.

As she kept looking back, she stumbled over a stone falling on her knees and hurting them.


Tears rolled down her cheeks because of the pain and fear rising in her. She still gathered her strength to get up and find someplace to hide but as soon as she got up the dizziness hit her and she ended up hitting the ground losing consciousness. Her almost lifeless body lay there with no help around. Not a single being around to help her.

Nothing could be heard except the crickets making sounds and the police mobile patrolling around.

The sound of the siren getting louder as the mobile came closer to the road. But as the headlight of the car pointed to the girl lying on the ground in a terrible state the mobile came to a halt.


The officers hurried out of the car and gasped at the view in front of them. Mr. Oliver quickly grabbed his walkie-talkie to inform the officers on the other end to prepare help.

" Officer Oliver reporting.... a young girl in her early 20s has been found unconscious on the road. She needs medical help ....Over!!"

The officers carried the young girl inside their car as they laid her in the back of their mobile.

There was only one police car driving on the wide dark road with a blue-red light beaming around and the voice of a siren echoing.

The officers drove her to the hospital halting at the balcony. The nurses came running with the stretcher towards the police car. The siren already made it sound like a deadly emergency. The nurses laid Amelthia on the stretcher as they wheeled her inside the emergency ward and the door closes.


The doctors came out to get information from the officers and also inform them about her current condition.

" Officer! What happened to that young girl?"

The Doc asked in a tone of emergency and concern in his eyes.

"Oh, Doc... we don't know what happened but we found her unconscious on the road like that. Is she awake? when can we record her statement of what happened?"

The officers asked wanting to help the girl.

Doc's priority was the young girl in the room. He felt her fear and frightened self.

"It's better to come later she needs to rest she is still sleeping"

On the doctor's statement, the officer left on the account to come back later.

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours and Amelthia was still asleep, to be sure unconscious. The nurse kept on checking on her as it has been 2 hours already and she was still in deep slumber.

Another hour passed as Amelthia slowly gained consciousness. She slowly opened her eyes trying to take in her surrounding, her mind and thoughts everywhere.

Amelthia blinks her eyes for a good second and moves her eyes around the room as her eyes take in the white ceiling and walls and the 2 chairs set around with a table and a flower vase in the center of the table, moving on the other side she sees machines and around and then she notices the IV attached to her hand, she thought

"Where am I?"

As the thought crossed her mind the flashbacks from earlier started to cross her head as scenes of a movie. And when the reality hit her she jolted up looking around as her breathing again catches speed and she breathed heavily. She moves out of her sheets and pulls out the IV attached to her hand as she hisses in sudden pain.

She lowered her head to see her feet's bandaged as she tries to stand up. The IV seemed to her as handcuffs and those bandages as chains to lock her in a place so she can't run away. She screamed as the thought of being trapped indulged her mind.


And sudden voices start to play in her head making her tears fall off her eyes on her cheeks. Her legs lose balance as she falls to her knees.

The nurses came running inside and gasp at the state of Amelthia in front of their eyes. One of the nurses walks closer to her and Amelthia crawls back and curls up in a ball hiding her face in her knees and her hands securing her ears.


She stuttered in fear.

The nurse scoots next to her sitting in front of her trying to soothe her.

" Mam no one is taking you anywhere. "

On the soft voice, she looks up with teary eyes, a red nose, and cheeks wet with tears.

Amelthia questioned with fear in her eyes

"Wh-o are yo-u?"

" I am Emma, one of the nurses here."

She tells her in a soft voice with a warm smile plastered on her face so she would not scare Amelthia more.


She asked tilting her head in confusion.

"You are in the hospital. What is your name??"

The nurse asked.

The word hospital made her curiosity grow more

*Why am I in a hospital??*

Amelthia still feared them. She didn't know why in the world she was there. She was scared to even ask but still, she mustered up her courage and asked.

" Ame-Amelthia. Why am I her-e??"

Upon hearing her reply the nurse felt a little relief that she might not feel hesitant to share what happened.

"Amelthia is a really nice name. Now would you like to sit up on the bed so we can talk hmm??"

Amelthia agreed to her but the thought, that maybe she is still not safe and maybe in more danger, still lingered in her head.

She gathered her strength and walked to the bed sitting there softly.

The nurse injected IV again in her hand as Amelthia lay down on the bed. The other nurse leaves the room to call the doctor as Emma tries to calm Amelthia down.

With her growing curiosity in her, she kept asking the nurse for the reason why is she in the hospital,

"Why am i h-ere??"

"Wh-o broug-ht me her-e??"

The nurse just smiled at her and tried to explain to her but not scare her more.

"You fainted on the road and the police officers found you."

The word 'police' made her fear grow more

*What if they kn-ow wha-t happene-d??!!*


*Th-ey cant know ab-out me or wh-at happen-ed...*

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