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Vegeta in MHA!


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Follow the story of a 20 years otaku in the world of My Hero Academia. He will be reborn as vegeta and conquer the world of MHA as a Saiyan. The story doesn’t fully follow canon. Massive changes happen from volume 2. Wish-Fulfilment. The dialogues in the first 20 chapters may not be the best but the dialogues get better from 21st chapter. So bear with me. I was just an amateur but I improved. Extremely AU after Sports Festival. Disclaimer: I do not own the original characters of My Hero Academia. However I do own my own characters. I will make a huge harem. I will try my best to at least publish 2 chapters a day. Can be changed depending on situation. *The picture above is not mine. If you are the owner tell me I will remove it.


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