45 Galactic Tournament[1]

A few weeks before the tournament starts, on a planet a few weeks from Earth, a group of 5 people were sitting on a pile of rocks. Around them, there were thousands of people, all dead - burned or sliced. Some of them had their bodies split apart by what looked like threads.

One could see that all of them were from the same race, having green skin color and orange tone hair.

They were smiling and playing with what could be called the riches and treasures of this world, without any regard for punishment.

"So, boss, where now? This planet was a bit too boring and lacked most riches too," a man with a sword in his hand asked his leader.

The boss, Bojack, was looking at a certain place. He could not see anything there, but he knows that his destination is this way.

"Haha, we were close to our target. It was definitely on a planet close to here."

"You mean that big energy from a few months ago?" The only woman in this group asked with an arched eyebrow.

On a killing spree, they felt some big energy together, one, in particular, being a lot stronger and more menacing.

That alone called Bojack's attention. He could not let any type of variable enter his way of conquering the universe. Thus he is making this trip to kill the owner of said energy.

He doesn't care about calling them to join his gang; he does not have space for someone who is not from his powerful and proud Hera race. Only they are allowed to run this universe, no one else.

He heard that a race of Frost Demons was the emperor of the universe for a few hundred years, but now they were gone, leaving the spot open.

And now that he is free from his accursed prison, he has time and greed to take the spot.

Smiling, he answered her, "Indeed. It seems that this time we will have some fun."

All of them smiled and laughed at it. Being almost space pirates, they enjoy their adventures to the fullest. Being able to kill and pillage was one of their best hobbies.

Thus they set course to the blue planet direction while passing and making chaos through all the other planets.


At the entrance of the tournament, a lot of people were gathered. They all came to see the best and strongest warriors fighting against a few alien beings.

Not only that, but they also came to see Mr. Satan fighting. Judged to be the strongest man on Earth, he was the winner of the last World Tournament of Martial Arts.

The man was adored by the people, even by the son of the billionaire who was sponsoring this tournament.

"Who is this, Mr. Satan?" Tights was sitting in the people's stage with Kail. She was almost 2 years old now.

"The last champion or something like that. He seems to be famous in the Martial Arts world," Bulma said. She came too, with Trunks.

"Since Goku and Gohan-chan are here, he may just pass the title to them," Chi Chi said beside them, holding her little kid in her arms too.

It was Goku's second son, Goten. They looked alike.

"Bold of you to assume that he would win against Vegeta," Bulma said with a smug on her face.

"Hehe, last time he won, didn't he? Your husband was disqualified, after all," Chi Chi didn't relent.

"In a fair fight, he would not lose," Bulma was starting to get heated.

It was a friendly discussion, though when it involves their husbands, they're worse than them when it comes to discussion of who is the strongest.

Only Tights did not get involved in this. And Kail, she was looking at Chi Chi with some scary eyes.

In any case, both left Android 18 at home due to her state, and Vegeta did not allow her to accompany them either. She protested a bit but relented when they said she could watch it on their big TV.

On top of a decorated podium stood a tall man in front of a block of tiles. He was preparing himself to do his early demonstration in front of the camera.

Countless journalists were waiting for it with their cameras pointed at him, taking photos and waiting to hear his words as the new champion. This was Mr. Satan.

He took a deep breath and lifted his hands. Soon enough, he broke the tiles into halves.

At the same moment, the group of people went into a frenzy, screaming his name while he posed for the photos.

Without anyone seeing, he breathed a bit on his hand, damaged by the reckless display. Yet on his face, there was only glory and courage.

He was indeed the strongest martial artist in the eyes of the common people, being able to hold the champion belt for so long.

Though this would be the first time that he would understand that the world is a bit bigger than he imagined.


The tournament would consist of a free-for-all at the start, and those who remain on foot would pass to the 1v1 phase in the next round.

Right now, they were all in the free-for-all, and as expected, Vegeta and Piccolo were bored. They were apart from each other, not fighting right now, and only eliminating the other competitors.

The same applied to Gohan, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan. They were waiting for their turn since they knew who would remain.

'It's hard to remain passive and not crush an ant… Though it's good training to control my strength without having to lower my Ki so much,' Vegeta thought as he looked around while kicking another competitor out.

'Gohan and Krillin are keeping up their training… Piccolo, too, has a different aura on him. The other two were so-so.'

'Oh, Yamcha got eliminated… Seriously, even here?'

He was assessing them before the fight, judging only Goku, his son and Piccolo to be good enough adversaries.

While Vegeta and the others were playing, inside a cube, Mr. Satan was frowning.

'Never saw these people before…' He had never come into contact with the Z warriors.

Of course, he still thinks that they are weak, but it's worth paying attention to them.

Even though this event is a charade, in the next World Tournament, they may participate too.

Soon enough, the announcement was made, and on the screen, the photo of the 8 participants who passed to the next phase was shown.

Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and Tenshinhan passed. Now, they could fight each other.

Of course, Krillin and Tenshinhan were a bit dejected since they would actually be paired against the aliens here.

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