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Warning from the one


9: 25 pm. The same night.

The park was empty as all the heroes had gone to do their own things.

A few kilometres away from the Park.

Ved was sitting on a Teacup ride in the Gotham City amusement park alone. He was staring at the moon.

"Was it all a lie?" Flash asked while appearing on another Teacup beside Ved's.

"Who knows?" Ved nonchalantly replied.

"Then is it really true that you have killed people." Flash looked at his figure then asked another question.

"It is." Ved finally looked at the silhouette of Flash.

"Why?" Flash continued to ask his thoughts.

"They needed to die." Ved stated in a calmer to tone of voice.

" Who... What did they do?" Flash was going say something else but decided to change his words after some thoughts.

"Something that is unforgivable." Ved gazed at Flash, his eyes devoid of any humanity.

"What did they do?" Flash repeated his previous question. He wanted a concrete answer and he had a gut feeling that Ved would answer.

"They played with the lives of others innocents, committed heinous acts towards female, generally defilation and then either burning them or damaging their private parts or bashing their heads and throwing their bodies in the forest or roads. Some even did that to girls younger than 10 years old. Many more like that. Some did smuggling, some did 'settlement' and some did other crimes. There were many of them. After he was gone, there were many of them."

Ved started to reminisce about the situation of his country.

"... There are other institutions for them, you know, their are police and the law also punishes them." Flash spoke after a moment of silence.

"Most of the time, it is the authorities that commits this crimes. Everyone in the department and their field knows about these things yet most of them chose to ignore these things. I have seen people drowning in their powers, using it for their personal benefits. Of course, not everyone are like that but many of them are. Things changed a lot and they are going to change far more. I have seen hell on Earth and in various ways at that."

Ved icily stated while staring at the moon. Flash was also silently looking at him.

"You know, there was once a time when I hated humans. Enough that I was ready to even sell my soul to the Devil just to wipe them out. I was saved by him at that time. He came, saved us and then went. He didn't even spared us a look, didn't say anything to make us calm but even that was helpful. Later I found out that he had saved many more. He is someone that I admire. He showed me that not all are bad. There are weak people like me, wicked like them, and stronger people like him."

Ved continued on his own.

"Humans are stupid and they always bare their fangs at those who are kind to them. They are pathetic."

"That's not true. Not all humans are same. Everyone is different. There are good people and their are bad people as well. You can't just brand the whole humanity because of a few bad people." Flash interjected.

"That's why they are alive till now. If it wasn't the case then 'they' would have already done something unimaginable. And 'I hate humans' is my personal opinion, it doesn't represent any people, place, cast or mythology. Just joking." Ved said with a smile.

Flash looked at the smile of Ved and he got to a realisation.

"You... you are playing with me, aren't you?" Flash shouted towards Ved. He wasn't angry or something.

"Who knows and I don't kill innocents. My Sword of Justice that I created (the storyline) is a proof of it. So you don't need to worry about it. I won't kill any innocents until necessary but I will kill any person that is committing a crime in my presence. I don't care about some costumed freaks who roam the streets." Ved stated his words as a matter of fact.

"Then we will detain you." Flash said seriously.

"Try it if you can. I have my ways to escape. Either by causing a massacre or just the old style ninja arts." Ved paid no mind to the threatening of the so-scary Flash.

[Pun intended]

"You haven't committed any crimes for now." Flash said while looking at Ved.

"That's why." Ved mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Flash asked in confusion.

"Who knows." Ved said.

"That is irritating." Flash replied.

"It is." Ved answered back.

"*Sigh* hope I don't see you as a villain the next time we meet, for I won't hold back at that time." Flash seriously said.

"Same to you." Ved said with a smile on his face and ridicule overflowing from his eyes.

"Bye." Flash disappeared after saying that.

The moment Flash disappeared, Ved also broke his smiling character and entered his foul mood.

He stared at the message that he got when he was talking with Batman.

[ Subject 08, Please refrain yourself from disclosing any information about Z. All the information that you have disclosed will seem like falsehood to the listener(Batman) for now but if any other event like were to happen then you would be permanently terminated from everywhere. We hope that you understand your condition and your situation a little bit more.

Yours sincerely,

X ]

After that Ved stopped talking about Dev and weirdly Batman didn't care for his change of topic.

"So me being transmigrated here really has something to do with Dev. I really want to know what but I am pretty sure that If I probe any more than unnecessary than... I should ignore all of that for now and focus on my current life. If I am really sent here, then my purpose would also be here and regards to any stupid things like fate or destiny, I have a really close feeling that I will definitely cross paths with my purpose. Till then, let's chill, Big chill."

Ved mumbled to himself.

He had sort of understood that he was in a really deep waters with no other choices than to fulfill what the sender wanted.

"For whenever the topic of the strongest being in DC comes, it is always The Presence but I am pretty sure that he won't be bored enough to choose me of all people. What's there to watch me kill people. This is giving me the conspiracy vibes. Ignore it."


Ved sighed at his poor life which felt like a daily soap opera to the big shots of the universe.

[This is your personal thoughts. We are in no way enjoying your life. Watching the sword is better than you.]


I am posting this to inform you of the future novel that are going to come on this month. Let's call it November specials. Here are the three books that are I am going to release in the here.

1. Kamenkendo.

2. Hard to live On.

3. Demon's Begone.

They will be posted on 5 of November, that is five days later.


I have already stated the reason on the Blue Silver Grass so I am not going to explain it here anymore.

Now onto the things that I am going to post and their release rate.

Kamenkendo – 2 chapters a week.

Etched Memories – 2 chapters a week.

Blue Silver Grass OR – 3 chapters a week.

Blue Silver Grass what if – 3 chapters a week

Life is Tough – 1 chapters a week.

Storytime with me – 10 chapters per week till the end of the third volume.

Ved – 1 chapters a week.

Riolu's Trainer – 1 chapters per week.

As I am – 1-2 chapters per week.

This is the current release rate that I am planning.

The Altruist one.

Of blood and stove.

The outcast warrior. [January special.]


Demon's Begone. [November specials.]

Hard to live on. [November specials.]