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It hasn't even been a whole year since I arrived at this verse and I've already gotten multiple personalities, first off as Tom the strange teenager who seems to have a lot going on more than he shows, my newly added 'The Architect', and my personal favorite 'Ghost' the criminal mastermind. 

Just a couple of months here and I've fought a speedster and a changeling, suspected to be a vigilante after beating up some thugs, became a criminal mastermind and slowly building a name for myself within the world of criminals and will soon gain connections and build up a network, also got a website where people seeked help from me legally, all while raking in a steady flow of cash. 

I haven't heard from Leo in a while, I'm sure he's just laying low, maybe he's been busted in some city and thrown in a jail cell somewhere. 

Nah… That sucker is like a cockroach and wouldn't get caught easily, even if he was, he's Michael fucking Scofield, he'll get out eventually. 

For now, it was only through Leo that people could only get in contact with me when they needed my help with a heist. I need to get a network where I could receive offers directly and without the help of Leo. I think it's high time I start stretching my wings a little, and before long I'll fly then soar higher as I climb the ranks and gain connections within the criminal underground. 

"Hey Tom." A seemingly familiar voice pulled me out of my thoughts. 

"There goes my peace and quiet." I muttered to myself. 

"Hey Olivia." I said as I turned to my course mate who had been trying to get a little more friendly with me since the school's field trip we went on a while back, but didn't get the opportunity because immediately after lectures I'm off the campus or either at the school's library, almost like giving the term 'Ghost' a literal meaning, ironic huh. In my class I was the true definition of a background character, except for my grades which stood out from the rest. 

"All alone today, huh? I guess I'll have to hang out with you! Your college loner lifestyle ends today." The bubbly course mate of mine said as she dragged me over for our next class. Is this what I get from dissing Beast Boy? God why. 

When the class was done, I walked out of the class the moment she got surrounded by friends and started small talks. 

As I walked down the hall, my jeans pocket buzzed a little due to a notification from my phone. I reached into my pocket to get the phone  and saw a notification which I hoped would add a little spice to my day, the one news most students wish to hear on a regular basis. 

*Classes for the rest of the day had been canceled.* 

"Canceled, huh? Now my afternoon is wide open." I said with a smirk on my face as I put the phone back into my pocket then kept moving. 

"No work today either, what to do…" I was slowly drifting into my thoughts as I searched my head on possibilities on how to make the afternoon worth my while. 

"Hey Tom, wait up!" That voice again, I wondered how she found me, I thought she was chatting with her friends and might have plans with them.

"Can't get any quiet once she horns in on it." I muttered, trying to ignore the incoming extrovert. 

She caught up to me and halted my advancement as she stood in front of me. 

"Hey Liv, don't you have plans for the afternoon?" I asked, hoping for a response that'll bring some alone time to me. 

"As it turns out, I'm suddenly free this afternoon too." She said as she scratched the back of her head. "Given half the chance, I know you'll do the old loner thing. And two has got to be way more fun than one." She added. 

"I'm not sure about that. Besides, I've told you several times that I find quiet time alone more relaxing." I started walking and she tagged along. I don't understand her sudden interest in my business lately, other students try to stay away and not meddle with me but not her. 

"Here we go again, being a loner is no fun." She said with a tone which sounded like she was talking from experience. 

"Stop calling me that."

"But it's true, okay, name one friend you have on campus." She stood with both hands folded as she expected a pitiful answer. 

"The librarian." I said with a straight face and without flinching. 

She paused for a while as she took a closer look at me. "You're kidding right?" 

"Nope, I'm not." Still with a straight face. 

She burst into laughter then teased me for a while before we continued our movement. 

Of course I want a friend my age who I could hold a conversation with, but the kids here are all trapped in that ideology of youth being a fun roller-coaster ride where they could do anything all in the name of fun, all they want to have is fun and they can't see a bigger picture past that. 

I don't blame them though, this verse is a fucked up verse and no one knows when a clash between some hero and a villain could cause a disaster which might lead to their eminent demise. 

Gar could be pushy but he was cool in his own way, and I wouldn't mind hanging out with him some time. Wally was a little bit uptight but I could tell he'll be fun too, the way they view life is a completely different perspective from the normies at my school, maybe because as heroes they have seen the world for how it truly is. 

"So, where are we going? Bowling?" She asked. 


"Why are you being cold today?" She asked because normally I'd indulge in a conversation with her and act a little bit more friendlier than that. 

"I'm not being cold, it's just my mood today and also I have a lot on my mind right now." I replied to her. 

"I was planning to go see a movie, wanna tag along?" I asked Liv who seemed to have made progress with breaking through the walls I had put up. 

"That'll be great." She responded with a smile on her face. 

We got to the cinema and stood in the common area, wondering which movie to watch. I noticed Liv looking around the area before turning to me. 

"Wait, were you going to see a movie all by yourself today?" 

"Huh, that's right." I looked at the movies being played at the theater that day as I considered my options. 

"A solo movie." She said as she took another look at me. She continued. "Just who are you anyway?" 

"Just a guy in search of the ultimate thrill and trying to understand the logic behind this fucked up world along with all its craziness as I do so." I replied. 

"I bet you do everything alone." She gave me a side eye as if she was suspicious of my activities. 

"Yep, but I have a feeling that my life is about to take a turn where people would keep barging in and invading my comfort."

"Well your life would be more lively if that were to happen. I understand you lost your family but that doesn't mean you should wallow in your shell without wanting to associate with the outside world." 

Now I saw where she got her ideology about me from, she must have heard about the accident which took my parents and younger brother from this world. I'm not sad about that at all, afterall I have no memories of them. 

We selected a movie we both thought would be indulging and worth our while, I got us tickets and proceeded to the theater. 

The movie was two hours long and it was beyond what I expected. One thing about the crime movies of this verse was that they were more captivating and more intense, I think it's because it was kind of what went on around them on a daily basis. 

I accompanied Liv to the bus stop after the movie and we said our goodbyes before heading our separate ways. 

I was heading home so I took the subway. The subway station in Central City was top notch when it came to infrastructural developments, they built nothing but the best, but it still couldn't be compared to Metropolis which seemed too good to be true, and Gotham wouldn't be on that list because the villains over there keep on destroying the buildings each time they were rebuilt. Sometimes I wonder how the mayor of that town keeps up with the headaches and constant bills, maybe through the support and generous donations of the rich folks over there. 

I took the train and was hoping to get home as quickly as I could, then relax with some cold juice while binge watching TV till my lazy ass fall asleep. 

But for some reason which I don't know, things do not go as I intend or hope for them to. We were all in the train when some men pulled out guns and held the entire train hostage while still in the subway, at a short distance near the station. 

'You've got to be shitting me! Seriously?'