Vast Sea Visualization

In a world where magic meets the mind's vast expanse, Lucas, reborn as Harry Potter, wields the power of visualization to master his emotions and wandless magic. With a tranquil sea as his mental fortress, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and magical mastery.

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84 Chs

Mind Games

Lucas sat cross-legged on the cupboard floor, and he held a broken toy car in his hands - its plastic body was cracked, and the wheels were scattered around him.

Nyx, coiled comfortably around his neck, flicked her tongue out. "What are you up to with that broken toy?"

Opening his eyes, Lucas focused on the toy. "I'm going to repair it with magic."

Nyx tilted her head curiously. "How?"

"I need to find the right emotional anchor," Lucas explained. He closed his eyes, visualizing a Vast Sea in his consciousness. Looking into memories of his past life, he searched for a feeling to embody determination - that what's broken can be made whole.

He recalled working tirelessly on a software project, the code refusing to cooperate despite his efforts. But that frustration wasn't quite right. Digging deeper into distant childhood memories, he found it - a beloved stuffed bear that had its arm torn and stuffing spilled. He remembered the great desire to fix his friend. 

That's it, Lucas thought, allowing that Intent to fill a sea area.

Opening his eyes, Lucas focused his Will on the shattered plastic. The pieces began rising from the floor, and slowly they reassembled - cracks sealing seamlessly, wheels reattaching to spin freely once more. Within moments, the toy car was like new.

"Impressive," Nyx hissed.

Lucas nodded, setting down the repaired toy. I wonder how many repairmen would be out of a job if this spell became widely known in the Muggle world, he chuckled, a hint of irony in his thoughts. Not that I'm particularly concerned about money, given my magical abilities.

He turned his head to stare at a cracked mug, tracing the jagged edges with his fingers. He couldn't help but think about the Weasley family from the Harry Potter books. A puzzled frown creased his brow. How could they struggle financially to that extent when Arthur worked at the Ministry of Magic? Their rundown house and hand-me-down robes didn't make sense, not with magic at their disposal.

Surely, someone like Molly could use spells to resize and refresh old robes, making them look brand new. Well, I won't know till I get there…

Lucas glanced around his cluttered cupboard, taking in the various broken objects scattered about - a torn book, a shattered picture frame. Each item presented an opportunity to practice and refine his skills.

What if he could repair more than just simple objects? Could his magic mend complex machines or even buildings? But he knew better than to get ahead of himself. For now, he would start small, perfecting the basics before attempting greater feats.


The Yoga studio was filled with giggles and chatter echoing off the walls. He closed his eyes, focusing on deep breaths.

Time to put my Legilimency skills to the test on a human mind, he thought, opening his eyes to scan the room.

His gaze landed on Sarah, a bubbly blonde girl with pigtails who often tried talking to him. Noticing Lucas looking her way, she waved and bounded over, plopping beside him. "Hi Harry!" she chirped excitedly. "Wanna play with me?"

Lucas nodded slightly. "Sure Sarah, that sounds fun." Concentrating, he aimed a Legilimency probe towards her eyes.

I hope he likes playing with me, her surface thoughts entered his mind. He seems nice, just quiet.

"I really like playing with you," Lucas said warmly. "You're always so happy and fun."

Sarah's eyes went wide, smile growing brighter. "Really? You think I'm fun?"

Wow, he really gets me! Her thoughts shone with surprise and delight.

Lucas nodded, suppressing a smirk. "Of course. I have a good time when we play." 

"Yay!" Sarah clapped, bouncing on her mat. "Let's play hide and seek! You count, and I'll hide!"

I'm gonna find the best hiding spot ever!

"Okay," Lucas teased. "But I'll find you fast."

Sarah giggled, shaking her head. "Nuh-uh! I'm the best hider ever!"

She scampered off to hide as Lucas reclined on his mat with a contemplative look on his face. Human minds are easier than I thought, especially young, unguarded ones.

He closed his eyes, maintaining the mental probe as Sarah moved. The connection wavered slightly, but he refused to let it break. Gotta find the perfect spot where he'll never look!

Her eyes darted around, dismissing hiding places as too obvious. Finally, she spotted a large plant in the corner whose broad leaves offered great cover. Perfect! She darted behind it, crouching and pulling leaves around herself like a green cloak. He'll never find me! Her mind glowed with glee.

A soft chuckle escaped Lucas's lips as he shook his head. If only she knew how easily he could track her thoughts, no matter where she hid. He stood up from his mat, stretching his arms above his head as if preparing to begin his search.

"Ready or not, here I come!" he called out, playing along with the game.

He took a few steps forward, eyes still closed as he followed the thread of Sarah's thoughts. He could sense her anticipation building. He's getting closer, she thought, but he's going the wrong way!

Lucas paused, pretending to look around in confusion. He turned slowly, as if scanning the room for any sign of his hidden playmate. Sarah's thoughts grew more excited, and her confidence swelled with each passing second.

He's never going to find me, she mentally crowed, I'm the hide-and-seek champion!

With a sudden grin, Lucas spun around and marched directly towards the potted plant. He could feel Sarah's surprise and dismay as he approached.

Oh no, oh no, oh no! her mind chanted, how did he know?

Lucas reached out, parting the leaves of the plant to reveal a wide-eyed Sarah crouched behind it. "Found you!" he declared.

Sarah's lower lip jutted out for a moment. "No fair!" she whined, "you must have peeked!"

He couldn't have seen me, I was hidden so well!

Lucas laughed, shaking his head. "I didn't peek, I promise. I just had a feeling you'd pick a really good spot."

Sarah's pout transformed into a smile. "Okay, your turn to hide!" she exclaimed, getting out of the plant. "I'll count to twenty!"

Lucas smiled gently as Sarah covered her eyes and began counting, her voice ringing out through the studio. "One, two, three..."

He quickly scanned the room, and settled on a large, square pillar near the centre of the space. Perfect, he thought, darting towards the pillar and ducking behind it.

He pressed his back against the cool surface, and closed his eyes to focus on maintaining the Legilimency probe connected to Sarah's mind. He could feel her excitement building as she neared the end of her count.

"...eighteen, nineteen, twenty! Ready or not, here I come!" Sarah called out with glee in her voice.

Lucas concentrated deeply, exploring her most recent memories. Suddenly, he found himself seeing the world through her eyes, watching as she spun around and began her search.

Where could he be? Sarah's thoughts echoed in his mind.

She moved forward, peering behind yoga mats and around corners. Lucas watched through her eyes, tracking her movements and adjusting his position behind the pillar accordingly. Whenever she drew near, he simply shifted to the opposite side, keeping the solid structure between them.

The other children in the studio began to take notice of the game, and their laughter filled the air as they watched Sarah search in vain. "He's behind the pillar!" one boy called out, pointing towards Lucas's hiding spot.

Sarah whirled around, eyes widening as she caught a glimpse of Lucas's shoe peeking out from behind the pillar. Aha! She exclaimed internally.

She ran towards the pillar with her arms outstretched as if to grab him. But Lucas was faster, using his mental connection to anticipate her movements. He sidestepped at the last moment, leaving Sarah grasping at empty air as he ducked around to the other side of the pillar.

The children erupted in laughter, clapping their hands as Sarah stomped her foot in frustration. "How did you do that?" she demanded.

Lucas grinned, shrugging his shoulders. "I'm just really good at hiding," he said, voice filled with playful nonchalance.

Sarah narrowed her eyes. I'll get him this time, no more messing around!

She lunged forward again, and her fingers brushed against the fabric of Lucas's shirt. But once more, he slipped away at the last second, leaving her stumbling and confused.

The game continued, with Sarah growing more and more frustrated as Lucas evaded her grasp time and time again. The other children were beside themselves with laughter.

"He's like a ninja!" one girl exclaimed, bouncing on her toes.

"No, he's a wizard!" another boy chimed in.

The corners of Lucas's mouth lifted at the irony of the boy's statement. If only they knew, he thought, amused by their wild speculations.

Finally, after several more close calls, Sarah threw up her hands in defeat. "I give up!" she cried, her cheeks flushed with exertion. "You're too good at this, Harry!"

Lucas stepped out from behind the pillar, a small grin on his face. "Don't feel bad, Sarah," he said. "You almost had me a few times there."

Sarah's pout transformed into a smile. "Yeah, I guess I did," she said, giggling softly. "But next time, I'll definitely catch you!"


Vernon Dursley sat hunched on the sagging floral sofa with his fingers drumming an anxious beat on his knee. Petunia was perched beside him and her thin hands were clenched tightly in her lap. Their wary eyes kept flicking towards the small cupboard under the stairs.

"That boy isn't right," Vernon muttered, shaking his head. His beefy face was pinched with a scowl.

Petunia gave a stiff nod, worrying her bottom lip. "I know what you mean." Her shrill voice was hushed. "Just yesterday, I was going to tell him to clean the loo and he was already getting the supplies out before I could say a word."

Vernon's scowl deepened into a glower, the vein in his forehead pulsing. "It's unnatural, that's what it is. No normal kid should be that clever." He jabbed a meaty finger towards the cupboard. "It's like he's...tuned in to us, if you catch my drift."

His wife paled further, blue eyes widening. She leaned in close, the floral print of her nightdress brushing Vernon's sleeve. "You don't think he's...you know..." She couldn't bring herself to say the word aloud.

"Don't be daft, Pet," Vernon growled, though his fingers were fidgeting in nervousness. "He's just a boy. An odd one, sure, but still just a boy. There's no way he could do anything at such a young age…"

As the day wore on, the tension only thickened. Vernon stomped through his routine with discomfort rolling off him in waves. Petunia flinched at every sound, her nervous eyes constantly tracking her nephew's movements no matter which room she entered.

When dinnertime arrived, the family gathered around the scratched kitchen table in strained silence. Young Harry sat still, and his green eyes watched the Dursleys with an eerie intensity.

Vernon reached for the gravy boat, nostrils flaring as he prepared to berate the boy yet again. But before he could open his mouth, Harry had already slid the gravy across the table with an uncanny motion.

"Here you go, Uncle Vernon."

The man's pudgy face mottled with rage. "Now see here!" he sputtered, spit flecking his lips. "How'd you know I wanted that? You some kind of mind reader, boy?"

Harry's green gaze locked on Vernon, and the most peculiar thing happened. The vein stopped pulsing in Vernon's forehead. The blotchy red colour drained from his face until his features were slack and curiously blank. He blinked slowly, anger seeming to evaporate and leave only a vague, peaceful confusion in its wake.

Petunia's heart jackhammered beneath her floral printed dressing gown as she witnessed the abrupt transformation. Her husband, usually so bombastic and controlling, was utterly docile. Her gaze slid sideways to take in Dudley, who sat eating with unnatural calm, making no fuss and no demands as he methodically shovelled food into his mouth.

A disturbing realization crept over her. Just last week, Dudley's teacher had complimented his improved behaviour and emotional restraint. At the time, Petunia had been over the moon with pride at her son's maturity. But now, icy fingers of dawning horror gripped her heart. Was this Harry's doing as well? Was the boy...changing them, bending their very minds to his will?

As if sensing her thoughts, Harry's eerie gaze snapped back to Petunia. She felt her breath catch, a yawning blankness opening up in her mind. Fight it, she told herself, even as her muscles unlocked and her shoulders slumped. Don't let him in...

But the unseen force was too powerful, a warm blanket of fatigue settling over her consciousness. Her arms fell limply at her sides as the cloudy weight of calm submerged her frantic thoughts. Petunia's eyelids drooped, each blink taking longer and longer, until finally they stayed closed. Distantly, she was aware of Vernon and Dudley fast asleep beside her.

The last thing she saw was Harry gasping in pain and his hand rising to his scar.


Lucas gasped, a sharp stab of pain shooting through his head like a red-hot poker. He grimaced, fingers pressing into his temples as he struggled to breathe through the throbbing ache. Just as quickly as it came, the sensation vanished, leaving only a dull pulsing behind his eyes. 

With a low groan, the wooden chair creaked as Lucas leaned back, surveying the disastrous scene in the Dursley dining room. Vernon was slumped over the table, face mashed into a half-eaten plate of roast beef, a thin line of drool escaping his slack-jawed snores. Bony arms and legs splayed at angles that would surely leave Petunia stiff and sore come morning, her stringy blonde hair hanging in unkempt strands. While Dudley had managed to pitch sideways into the sofa, mouth gaping wide enough to catch flies as he dozed.

"Godverdomme," Lucas cursed under his breath, fingers massaging slow circles into his pounding skull. "Why the hell am I taking so many risks…" 

His eyes spasmed when he questioned himself, and he suddenly shook his head. The damage was done, and he could only move forward now and set things to rights...somehow.

Lucas's gaze drifted between the unconscious Dursley forms as he weighed his options. Obliviating their memories was a risky move, one not to be taken lightly. Yet the more he turned it over in his mind, the more it seemed the only viable path forward after his magical mishap.

He closed his eyes and regulated his breathing. Obliviating memories would be difficult, as he hasn't ever done it before. He cast his mind back to his experiences with Legilimency - sifting through thoughts and memories like treading water through a person's mind.

Lucas dredged up recollections from his past life. Memories tinged with desperation and a fervent wish for someone to simply forget a mistake or indiscretion of his.

Concentrating deeply, he manifested those emotions as a steadily building swell within the Vast Sea. The driving Intent to have Vernon's recent memories wiped clean combined with his Legilimency skills, crashing together into a powerful riptide.

Opening his eyes, Lucas extended a hand and pressed his palm against Vernon's clammy forehead. He could feel the riptide vibrating beneath his fingertips as he willed it to breach the surface of Vernon's consciousness. 

But his first attempt proved too forceful, the raging currents overwhelming Vernon's fragile mind in a torrent. The man gasped and choked, a thin stream of blood gushing from his nose as Lucas instinctively recoiled.

"Fuck..." he muttered, and he quickly cast the only healing spell he knew to stanch the bleeding. It wouldn't do much, but hopefully it would prevent any brain damage. And clearly, a more delicate touch was required to Obliviate someone.

Lucas submerged himself once again under the currents of the Vast Sea to reshape his Intent. This time, rather than a powerful riptide, he envisioned something more akin to a dense fog bank rolling in from the ocean. Obscuring and reshaping the undesired memories like a thick mist blotting out the coastline.

Tendrils of the cloudy fog condensed into new, harmless recollections as Lucas imbued it carefully with new memories. A pleasant family dinner, casual conversation and jovial laughter. A deep, contented weariness settling over them as they prepared for bed after indulging a bit too much.

Yes, this artificial memory would penetrate and take root within Vernon's subconscious mind. Hopefully without killing him…

Lucas once more pressed his palm against the slumbering man's brow. He exhaled slowly, guiding the dense fog bank to drift into Vernon through every physical entrance. Slowly, carefully reforming his memories from the inside out with a delicate touch.

This time, there were no spasms or disturbances. Vernon continued his grating snores, and his expression relaxed minutely as the fabricated history took hold. Only then did Lucas permit the fog to dissipate back into the metaphysical ocean depths, leaving Vernon's rewritten mind blissfully undisturbed.

Petunia was next, and her pinched expression melted into serene calm as Lucas worked the same adjustments to her memories. Then Dudley, who twitched and muttered in his deep sleep before settling into blissful ignorance once more.

By the time Lucas finished, all three Dursleys bore the look of people enjoying a peaceful night's rest after a pleasant evening. Though the half-eaten meals still littering the table shattered the illusion.

With a twitch of his fingers, the dirty dishes levitated in a loose cluster, porcelain clinking softly. Picturing the platelets merging with the Vast Sea to gain greater control over their movements through the ocean's underwater currents, they drifted unseen through the open window with liquid grace. Tracing looping arcs across the damp lawn and bobbing gently until reaching a neighbour's rubbish bin, where they spilled their contents with a muted clatter.

The bare plates reversed course to slip soundlessly back through the window, settling in the kitchen sink with a quiet clink. A satisfied smile tugged at the corner of Lucas's mouth as he allowed the Intent to dissipate.

One final detail required adjustment. The Dursleys' day clothes were not appropriate for the new memories of them tiredly heading to bed after an exhausting day. Lucas carefully floated them upstairs to their bedrooms, arranging sprawled limbs into approximations of tired sleep. Vernon's beefy arm draped over his slumbering wife, while Dudley's pudgy fingers clutched his bedsheets in a childish grip.

Moving back into their minds, Lucas layered new memories over the existing ones. A gruelling day leaving them utterly drained, too fatigued to even change before collapsing into sleep's embrace. As the final fabricated recollections slotted neatly into place, he retreated with a low exhalation. Every inconsistent detail realigned to match his carefully constructed tale of domestic bliss.

The soft scrape of scales against wood announced Nyx's arrival before the serpent slithered into view, obsidian coils rippling. "You look tired, Lucas," she said, black tongue flicking. "What happened here tonight?"

Crouching, Lucas extended his arm to allow the snake to wind around his wrist and forearm. "Just some cleanup required after pushing my magic a bit too far," he replied, the ghost of a smile playing across his lips. "But it's sorted now."

Nyx regarded him with those glittering onyx eyes for a lingering moment before seeming to accept his answer with a slight bob of her wedge-shaped head. 

Stifling a yawn, Lucas rose and turned toward the cupboard under the stairs, fatigue weighing heavily on his shoulders. As the door swung shut behind him, he settled onto the tattered cot with Nyx coiled beside him.