Vampires of Halvor

Fantasy Romance
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What is Vampires of Halvor

Read ‘Vampires of Halvor’ Online for Free, written by the author Justice_2_Free, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, VAMPIRE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A war has begun, one which will result in either the extinction of Humans, or one that will result in the extinction of ...


A war has begun, one which will result in either the extinction of Humans, or one that will result in the extinction of the Vampires, but when love blossoms between two major players on opposite sides of the war will they find peace? Or will they hold onto their ideals for the sake of everyone around them?

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Enjoyed the story, a great beginning. Its worth reading when you have time. The story picks up through the chapters. If you enjoy romance then this is for you.


A powerful start with great image created. The plot grows so well throughout the chapters while the picture becomes clearer through those words written. Overall a great read


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