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(A/N): To be clear, vampires are essentially evil in this dark world; there is no sugarcoating it. No vampire, no matter how benign some of them are, is truly good. To be honest, while each clan is distinct from the others, they all have one point of view: humans are nothing more than inferior creatures with which they may do whatever they want. This, of course, also applies to inferior races. In this universe, a vampire is not a weak race or a being to be underestimated; as a result, their ego is as big as the sun. Merciless, for example, despite being a vampire for a brief period, is far too apathetic to humanity.

His mentality has evolved into something horrible from the moment he lost his humanity, believing that everyone who is not a noble vampire is beneath him. Humans are food, toys, pets, laboratory rats, meat bags, sacrificial pawns, and amusement to him. Merciless belongs to the chaotic/neutral evil alignment. He doesn't need a motive to kill; he just does it when the mood strikes him. Or he will gaslight you if he finds you useful and will cold-heartedly neglect you if you are no longer valuable to him.

I really want to issue this caution right now. If you are sensitive to dark stories with unsettling themes such as torture, r*pe, goth culture and aesthetics, murder, abusive behaviors, drug addiction, gore, and a lot of violence, please go; this narrative is not for the faint of heart. Merciless is not your typical main character who saves the day; rather, he is the sort that is unconcerned about the well-being of anyone outside of his little group of clan members and loyal servants. There is no honor for him; his clan is of a warrior heritage, but what it means to be a fighter for a Michellian is simply to be victorious. So, if you came here expecting to read a typical, wholesome rom-com vampire romance, you've come to the wrong place.

Here, we will see violence at its best. Merciless is not the type that makes stupid decisions; mercy is not in his vocabulary. He is the type who will use his brain and enjoy the pleasures that come along the way. He does not forgive, nor does he forget; romance in this is dark romance. PLEASE REFER TO THE BOTTOM TAGS; IF NOT TO YOUR LIKING, PLEASE LEAVE. I WILL HAVE TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS STORY AS DARK AS POSSIBLE..... YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED!!!

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Now that I've properly warned you about what to expect in this, oh, boy, I believe that's all. I don't want to hear complaints about me not providing you with the right tags. You all came knowing exactly what you were getting yourself into, so please enjoy this Iam-Hastur original, home of dark and gritty tales.












March 19th, 2028

Planet Hellmora

Lavatos city.

#04 Hezra Street.


The sound of a creaking door could be clearly heard as a massive but small figure quietly emerges from the door.

There was a young adult man there; he was 21, D.O.B. October 31st, 2007, he was a massive man, a pig to many, and his appearance was nothing special. He had a clear white complexion, shaggy brown hair that reached his neck, and brown eyes.

He weighed 320 pounds, and he was dressed in a large white shirt XXL, average and typical black cargo pants, and yellow rubber sandals.

His face had a beard, and his fingers scratched it with a small irritation.

"... *sigh* Well, I guess I can't sleep!"

With a strained expression on his face, he reached into his pocket and drew out a half-empty pack of cigarettes, along with a plastic lighter, and lighted his troubles away.

The night was cold and breezy, with no lights on, despite the fact that it was early in the morning, with the sun still hours away from rising.

As he sits on the old porch, the only thing that welcomes him is the heavy fog and the enlightening light of the red gibbous.

Mercy Morgan looked up with a dead look in his eyes; it was Saturday, and he had the day off tomorrow, but just thinking about having to slave himself off at the amusement park as Mr. Paro, the Panda Mascott of Paro land, was a mental torture in and of itself.

However, a man must eat and pay his bills. Thankfully, this house, albeit small and run-down, belonged to his late mother and father, who died in a tragic accident three years ago.

Thankfully, he didn't have to pay rent; otherwise, he would have been homeless long ago.

"Hahaha... Well, my life isn't completely shit after all; remember Mercy, some people have it worse than you in this world." However, if a guy is permitted to wish, who wouldn't desire to live a life of luxury... Ahhh terrible God, if you exist, why don't you assist a brother out? I'm not getting any happier, you know."




"Just kidding, God my ass, what did that asshole ever give me, bad luck, misery, and constant misfortune?" To heck with the Lord, I'd like to punch him in the face if I ever see him... That's why Kratos is the goat; I wish I could be a tenth of the man he is, a fist-rated E for everything in existence, and a personality so different it defies death by sheer fucking will alone, but it doesn't matter; at least I still have my beloved pack, it's the only thing I can truly believe in anyways, hahaha."

Mercy announced with a welcoming countenance, but he was quickly jolted out of his lethargy when he heard a tremendous commotion coming from within his residence.


"Ha... What in the hell was that?"

As he gently stood up, Mercy inquired. He returned inside, turning towards his door and closing it behind him. He turned on the lights.

The ground was littered with beer bottles, cigarette packs, pizza boxes, soda cans, and other debris, revealing his filthy house.

His floor was damaged with various substances, and the crimson paint on his wall was flaking off owing to its age. The television was still turned on, but it was muted. But as he passed it, he saw it was flickering strangely, and the lights were also flashing strangely.

But he didn't pay attention because this wasn't the first time this had happened, albeit to such a degree. After all, his old box TV was out of date.

Regardless, he entered the kitchen, which was even worse than his dining room.

"Is it those pesky rats again?" *Sigh!* I need to stock up on more rat poison, especially since this place is so heavily infested."

Mercy expressed his displeasure.

However, another sound was detected at the same moment.

*Traaa!* *Traaa!*

*Traaa!* *Traaa!*

Mercy glanced up in fear as dirt from the kitchen ceiling was dumped on him from above.

And the sound of footsteps from upstairs could be clearly heard; the lights this time did not flicker but erupted.

Mercy quickly grabbed his face and closed his eyes to prevent being blinded by the splinters of glass that were flying at high speeds.

Mercy took cover under his kitchen table at that same moment. Scared beyond belief, he began to pull out his phone; the first thing that sprang to him was phoning the cops, but as he was about to dial 891 to report a probable house invasion, he was interrupted. His eyes widened in bewilderment as his phone refused to switch on.

'What the hell, I thought the battery life was at 56% the last time I looked... What the fuck is going on?... Oh, my God.'

Mercy remarked inwardly as he hid his phone in fear. Meanwhile, the sounds from outside were becoming more audible, as was the enormous sound of shelves being flung aside.

'Are they searching into my Chester drawer as well? Damn, how did they get into my house in the first place? Ok...ok..ok... Just relax, Mercy. Let's consider this through. You have two options. The first option is "A," in which you play the MC and proceed upstairs to select violence, or "B," in which you silently run for the door and run to the local police station down the street.'





Mercy began to breathe slowly but aggressively in and out as he sought to make a rapid decision. It didn't take long for a decision to be made right then and there.

'Fuck the main character's path, what if they have a firearm... Yeah, I'm asking for help because it's the only viable alternative.'

With that, Mercy ran to the door, leaving his sandals behind as a result of his panic.

'I'm nearly there!'

Mercy smirked inwardly as his hands touched the knob, twisting it fast, but as soon as he opened the door, he leaped back, It's almost as if someone kicked him back into the kitchen.


He crashed through the walls of his living room and right back into his kitchen, breaking his table and destroying his cupboard full of plates and cups in the process.

"... Aghrrr!!!... Fuck!"

Mercy World turned bright red at that time; he expected to feel pain after such a blow, but he couldn't feel anything; everything below his neck felt numb.

After all, he didn't see what threw him and hit him so hard it felt like he was hit by a truck.

"W-w-what... h...happened?"

The query was delivered in the form of a light, weak, but discernible whisper... However, the stream of questions he had in his head was typical of a situation like this.

'I don't want to die... Will I die... 'Am I going to die?'

'No! No! Noooo! I can't die here, I refuse to die here, I won't let death take me, I... w-w-wont... die here!'

His eyesight grew clouded because the only thing he could see was the television's bouncing lights. even the channels themselves changing.

'I need assistance, the neighbors must have heard the noise, right?'

He questioned himself, still clinging to a ray of optimism, even if it was a fabricated one.

'I'm scared...

'I'm scared...

'I'm scared...

'I see... So religion exists for this reason... Help me, you old bastard... No Zeus, Lucifer, or even Kthulhu, please assist me, anyone please help me... I don't want to die here, not like this, This is so unfair, my only major offense is smoking.'

But no one heard his prayers, the light dimmed even more, his eye became heavier, and he could feel it, Death was near, it was coming for him.

'Fuck you all, Gods... And you, Lucifer, you useless lot of nobody...

That was all he could think about at the time.

But as he got closer to death, a voice from his living room appeared, actually two voices.

"Ah. This place is in shambles; how can anyone reside in such conditions?"

It was the voice of a young woman.

In the meantime, another male voice came through.

"You should see this guy's room, it's like I was transported to a planet filled with pure filth, his walls are 70% mold, and the floors are littered with tissues packed with god knows what... I'm sorry for comparing humanity to this uncivilized animal."

The man expressed his displeasure.

But even now, Mercy's life was swiftly vanishing, and thinking too hard about things at this juncture would only hasten the inevitable; still, he didn't appreciate being labeled an animal.

However, when he listened more intently, the female said.

"Did you find it, whether it's a man or a pig?" To be honest, we are seriously trailing on the scoreboard. We can't let the Bloodshine clan win this time, there's too much at risk... It's much worse because we're in the domain of the seventh."

'What does she mean by the scoreboard, and who is the seventh?'

"Yeah, I found a flag worth 70pts."

"... What the hell hahaha... Maybe coming to this dump wasn't for nothing. With this, we're definitely back on top. I wonder how team (B) is doing, Egh. Enough of that, let's go to the next house."

The woman exclaims eagerly, but the man quickly responds.

"What should we do with the pig?"

"Eh. Leave it, we're in a serious game right now. Even the clan head stated that they would deal with all clean-up when the game was over; and besides, no sane vampire would sink their teeth into that thing... If you want to, go ahead; I'm not going to."

Mercy was at a loss for words at the time.





'Are you sure this isn't real? Was my life truly viewed as a game? Was I a joke to these two, and do vampires actually exist?'

However, I did not survive long enough to ponder the matter more because my consciousness collapsed on me.

And I died that night.






Or so I thought.

Because, by some miracle, by some wonderful chance, my eyes opened again, I couldn't move, let alone feel anything.

My residence, on the other hand, was overrun with veiled figures.

"Dammit, they've gotten away!"

"Calm down, Finn!"

An older woman spoke up.

"Hey, guys, take a look over here, this guy is still breathing."

Mercy's world was greatly warped, and all he could see were silhouettes of what appeared to be humans.

One woman remarked.

"How can humans survive after losing this much blood, with a large table leg driven right through his belly and piercing out from the back?"

"Leave him alone; he'll die soon anyway."

"I don't think so."

The man's voice said.

"His body is mangled, his arms hang off his shoulder like a piece of meat, and yet he lives." If my observations are correct, the Redmoon hounds passed this location around two hours ago, it's already after three a.m. If he was going to die, he would have died a long time ago, This guy has an exceptional quantity of life power, I dare say on par with an apprentice witch."

"So, what should we do with him?"

Another woman inquired, her voice sounding worried.

"Take him out of his misery, A quick Mercy kill should do it, the Bloodmoon's dogs are truly merciless indeed."

"Hmm. "How about we turn him?"

"What, why should we do that? We can only turn another person into a vampire once every 100 years. Why should we waste our precious resources on a man on the verge of death? Just because he has a lot of life force doesn't mean he'll be skilled, and besides, we Michellian have our unique test to find a worthy servant."

The elderly gentleman stated. Meanwhile the bashful and concerned one, speaks up.

"I would have turned him, but I'm afraid I'll need another 30 years before I can do it again, sigh."

"I'm sorry, but that's something neither of us can do." Look around you, it's obvious this guy is a slob. We can't just aid everyone we meet, and moreover, we're in the middle of a serious hunt, and we can't just let lesser clans do anything they want in our master region."

The young man shouted it again, but at that moment, another voice, that of a small child, rang out.

"Ahhh. "His color, his soul, his essence, such a beautiful color."

When the boy's voice was heard, the entire room became silent.

"Lord Michelle."


"Your Highness!"

"Lord 7th."

Everyone in the room bowed as this tiny figure came from the door and walked inside; Mercy couldn't see him clearly, but he had the voice of a young child, a boy, around ten or thirteen years old.

Mercy's vision was still fuzzy, but he could see the boy's bright blue eyes as he entered the house.

Despite his horrible injuries, the youngster stooped down to greet Mercy eye to eye, his eyes already fading but so full of life that even this mysterious creature felt this man would have survived to see numerous sunsets.

'W-Who..... is this?'

Mercy pondered.

But, to his surprise, he could hear the boy's voice in every part of his mind.

'My name is Michelle Okelix Vinter Cain Elderblood, and what is your name human?'

'What exactly are you?'

'A vampire, a night creature, a God killer, the snake of Ouroboros, I go by many names and take many shapes, does that pique your interest?'


'How about telling me your name determines one?'

'Mercy... Mercy Minerva Morgan.'

'Mercy, Minerva,' Morgan, um... Morgan... Morgan... Morgan... Where have I heard that name before? It's not uncommon, no! M.M.M... 'Hmmm, have you ever heard of Mavis Mystique Morgan?'

'That's my grandmother, or, if I recall correctly, grandma's mother.' 'Believe it or not, I can tell you the name of my predecessor dating back to at least 500 years... why do you ask?'

Michelle burst out laughing at this thought, taking everyone by surprise, but no one was more confused than Mercy himself.


"Hahahahah... Aha hahaha... Hahaha haha!!!"

"AWWW! The irony of fate is quite entertaining, if not harsh; I have determined, Boy, no Mercy, do you want to live?"

Everyone in the room lifted their eyes in surprise this time; they knew a vampire would only ask that question if they were about to change another being into one of them.

'How envious.'

With a smile, the young men in the rear said. But he, like no one else, would not challenge the lord's judgment.

Mercy, on the other hand, opened his eyes wide as the light began to shine in them, and a spark of optimism filled him; if he could live, then sure, why would he give away a second chance at life?

"P-P-Please... Sa...ve MEEEE!!!"

He extends his hands to his savior. Because, to Mercy, this individual was probably the closest thing to an angel right now.

Michelle grinned joyfully as he glanced at Mercy's commitment, and he grasped his hands and murmured.

"Hahaha... Good choice, Mercy, Well then, welcome to the family.... my Blood Kin."

Michelle's teeth elongated as they turned shark-like, and he bit deeply into Mercy's neck without hesitation, and the last thing Mercy saw before passing out was a bunch of vampires clapping their hands and dancing about.

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