Vampire: World of Blood

Mercy Morgan wasn't looking for fangs and forbidden covens. But fate, it seemed, had a taste for the mundane. One night, an encounter with the alluring, ancient vampire, Michelle Elderblood, irrevocably altered Mercy's world. Now bound as his blood kilde, he is thrust into a hidden society – a tapestry woven with powerful vampires, enigmatic gods, mythical yokai, energy breathing dragons, and those who defy human limitations. As Mercy navigates this world of shadows and secrets, a single question burns brightest: was he merely a pawn of his old life this entire time, or was he chosen for a destiny far greater than he could ever imagine? ______________________ (A/N): Hello there, I'm talking to you behind the screen; now, first and foremost, I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for all of your help over the last few months; it has truly helped me get far. However, I am just reaching out to let you know that if you want to support the official release even more, you can now do so by visiting my Patreon page, which is linked below. Thank you again for all of your support thus far. Link: patreon.com/Iam_hastur Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nA8fYgjY5P Twitter: https://twitter.com/HasturIam

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Merciless Intentions

(A/N): Hello everyone! Hastur sensei here. How are you liking the story so far? I hope you enjoy it. If so, please leave a review; it helps me a lot. Apart from that, I'm having a lot of fun writing this, and while I don't publish every day, you'll have 3000-5000+ words to read in each chapter. I understand the slow pace is not enjoyable to many. But, having grown up in the goth culture, I know that a good vampire story is seldom about fighting; instead, it's about the personality and the environment itself. World of Blood is a shoddy knockoff of the vampire The Masquerade.

But I bring something a little darker to the table, with my own level of uniqueness; vampires are extremely cruel in this novel. I despise stories in which these dark, malevolent creatures of the night are portrayed as saints or misunderstood when there is nothing to misunderstand to begin with. I'm not saying everyone is wicked, but the idea of a vampire being truly benevolent is ridiculous. I believe that a universe in which everyone has their own motives is a lot more realistic and far more enjoyable to read, but that is just my opinion.

However, thank you all for reading this book with mediocre grammar. I'm not fluent in English, but that's not an excuse to write poorly. I'm not flawless, but I put a lot of work into this piece. To be honest, this is my first book; therefore, it holds a special place in my heart despite its lack of fame, and I feel obligated to give it the love it deserves. But enough whining; I've already relayed the message I want to convey, so enjoy another chapter of the dismal black that is the world of blood, my fellow kilde of the night.











Merciless said, catching Olga's attention as she responded to him.

"Yes y-y-Youngmaster..heheh..!?"

"How many goblins do you have down there? Tell me the precise amount, please."

"Well, excluding the newborns, infants, and elderly, we have 3,324 healthy female goblinas and 7,985 healthy male goblins down below, making it a total of 11,309 goblin tribesmen in total."

"Hahaha... Olga comrade, I believe you misunderstood my question; I asked how many goblins we have in total, including newborns, infants, and the elderly." Oh, and don't forget the ones in the stomachs of the pigs they called mothers."

Merciless muttered as he reached into his back pocket to pull out a box of cigarettes and a lighter. He then lit up one of his new favorites. Smoke fills the air, and the aroma of tobacco can be smelled.

Olga, on the other hand, grumbled as she proceeded to explain to Merciless how many goblins they truly have when you include the ones who are currently useless.

"We have 78 breeding cattle that are currently pregnant, minus the probability of male or female: 541 elder male goblins and 198 elder female goblinas, 455 male infants and 163 female infants, as well as 612 male newborns and 432 female newborn goblinas." When the useless and the useful are added together, the total is a whopping 13,710 goblin tribesmen."





"13,710 ha?... Okay, bring them all out. I want every goblin in front of me, even if they haven't been born yet."

Olga didn't dispute Merciless' motives. And she just did what she was told, especially because it appears that the seventh was also present, albeit only in Merciless' mind.

"All right, I'll send them up. It will take some time to put them all together, probably fifteen to twenty minutes if you have fifteen to twenty minutes to spare, of course."

"I can wait; just send them through."

Merciless gave the order, his command solid, and Olga obeyed, ending the talk with:

"As you wish, Merciless, I will send in the order to the wardens downstairs to get them ready for you."

Olga fell silent, leaving Merciless alone as he looked at the shaking goblins before him. But for a while now, the voice in his head had been whispering something over and over, the whispers tempting him.

[Flesh... hungry, hungry, ravenous!! Feed us... feed us now... sacrifice, sacrifice them, power more power.]

The words of the voice were like crawling maggots. That crawled in his head, whispering in his ears, that they needed the goblin's flesh. Merciless, of course, has a tempted expression on his face as he looks at the goblin, feeling the urge to tear its flesh and eat it to nourish his power even more.

As a result, he glances at the wayward goblin with enticed eyes, feeling himself succumb to the devouring temptation. Then it happened: Merciless arm started to morph into a monstrous form, giving birth to a living nightmare... His arm began to enlarge and metamorphose into a massive centipede-like creature, with the bloody faces of a slew of women emerging on his external shell. And out the mouths of those faces sprang many black, long-looking prehensile tongues, each with a scarlet needle-like stinger at the tip.

There were probably hundreds of those stingers, but as if the stingers had a mind of their own, they all turned to the preceding goblin, who was now dubbed the living gore. Merciless was punishing him for speaking inappropriately. As such, all the tongues peered mercilessly into the goblin's bulging body. The long, thick needles penetrated deeper into his flesh, and they began to drain him of all the blood in his body at an alarming rate.

The other goblin stood by as their fallen comrade's blood was drained from his body. While the stingers suck ruthlessly at the goblins' vigor, none of the goblins speak due to fear, revulsion, or their helplessness to move. However, the aroma of a powerful odor quickly permeated the arena, capturing Merciless' attention as he caught one of the goblins pissing themselves as they trembled at the sight before them.

"Agh~~, can you be any more revolting?"

Merciless, questioned but did nothing but devour the goblin in front of him, as time passed, he suddenly felt a surge of power coming from not just his left arm but his very being as well, but he also felt like he was being fed something different. It was the same sensation he had when he awoke the night before after consuming the maid. It immediately made him rethink the emotion that felt so empowering while also giving him a primordial sense of dominance.

'What is this... ah~ what is... is, this feeling exactly? What is this feeling of being nourished, filled, or fed? Father... what is wrong with me, I've always felt this primitive sense of dominance when I take the life of another and devour their vitality.'

Merciless query as a wave of inexplicable pleasure swept over him, pleasure so intense he didn't know what to make of it. As a virgin, he couldn't tell which was better; he'd never had sex before. Yet, when compared to this, masturbation, an act of self-pleasure, fails to compare; he had no way of making sense or how he could explain to himself why swallowing this repulsive creature felt so good to him. Then, thanks to Michelle's help, his query was addressed, but his response was somewhat shocking.

'Hehehe... your first exquisite soul... it certainly is an event to remember. After all, I remember my first time like it was yesterday, and I'm still amazed at how tasty they can be and how nice it feels to swallow them.'

Michelle responded in a lighthearted tone as he watched Merciless finish devouring the soul of another.

Merciless himself began to question as he said.

"... Ahgaa!! "A soul, are you saying I'm devouring the soul of this disgusting creature?"

"Of course, my child... You know, vampires are not like the ones you read about in novels; garlic does not affect us; a cross... hahah, you can take that and a shove in the ass of those who throw one at you; running water; please, we bathe for Eos' sake... Now a shotgun to the head or heart at point blank range with loctroid or godium bullets... Yeah, now that is bad... Well, it depends on what generation you are from or what clan you hail from. But for a newborn, getting one's head or heart destroyed is not an ideal outcome. However, our abilities are as diverse as one could believe. Vampires are a race with distinct subspecies divided into clans, yet we still have racial features that connect us together, and they are the seven independent powers that all vampires have."

'However, among the seven natural powers vampires normally possess, the greatest beneficial power we have at our disposal is without a doubt our capacity to devour and manipulate our victims' souls. When a vampire drains their prey or enemy completely dry of their vitality, often known as blood, the vampire not only consumes their blood but also the very essence of their being into our own.'

'And by absorbing another person's soul, we can create spiritual familiars to do our bidding. But the reason we can even do this is because a vampire doesn't have a soul, since when a vampire is born via the embrace, the soul is removed by the sire, leaving only the memories or, better yet, the living awareness that is the former mind that exists within the body that is now that of a vampire. Making our undead body capable of hosting an infinite number of souls, vampires, in a way, are living vessels to some extent. But consuming the souls of others excites our bodies in an arcane way similar to sexual pleasure. And the more emotionally wounded the soul is, the tastier it is.'

Merciless, who felt strangely invigorated, was briefed by Michelle. He emptied the goblin not only of its blood but also of its soul. But, thinking about it, if that's the case, he also has the soul of the first person he devoured as well.

'Is that correct, and what else can I do with this?'

'Many things; for one, you see ghosts, spirits, and apparitions; it does not matter; vampire eyes can see all spiritual base entities; a soul can also be used as an extra set of lives as well. Meaning that as long as you have enough souls, you can sacrifice one to heal yourself from wounds that can kill you. Of course, the more powerful you are, it will require a soul just as powerful as you or a bunch of them that can add up to the worth of one of you to resurrect you after your true death. For example, if Olga died, she would need hundreds, if not thousands, of souls to resurrect herself.'

'However, it doesn't end there; you can also sacrifice souls to accelerate your regeneration speed. Of course, you can learn the soul burn technique to accomplish a variety of other things, such as building soul weapons and temporarily increasing your overall power, but why stop there? You can heal people and cure curses by burning a soul into their wounds, or you can use it to cleanse curses that affect another being. But the greatest benefit of gaining souls is that it allows a vampire to make bargains with demons from Hell, as vampires have close connections with demonic entities because they feed on the souls of the dead.'

'But that is just some of the incredible things you can do with the power of souls, my child, but I usually utilize the souls in my body to form contracts with demonic creatures. As such, it's merely a means to an end for me. Because all souls in existence are unable to bring back a progenitor from the likes of true death.'

Michelle said, leaving Merciless intrigued by the possibilities. However, when Mercilles heard this, he reacted with a chuckle, followed by:

'*chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*, What can vampires not do at this point?'

'... A lot of things, but either way, that new arm of yours is quite the freaky parasite; tell me, do you feel any stronger sucking that creature dry?'

'Hmm... I think I'm a little stronger after digesting one goblin. Although these goblins irritate me. As such, I decided to make them all my test subjects to test some of my new powers. Maybe I can harvest a couple of their souls and use them to strengthen my left arm even more. Then, and again, the more goblins I devoured, the more I felt like I'd get a power boost. Say, What are some goblin traits?'

Merciless inquired of Michelle, wondering what characteristics goblins typically have. The reason for this was that after swallowing a formidable enemy or a large number of them, his current main weapon, the Netherlander's whip, would take on the attributes and traits of the monster it devoured, and the same could be said for his entire right arm as well, which can take on the form of a shield too.

Fortunately, Michelle, being as ancient as he is, was pretty knowledgeable, so he could provide an in-depth answer to Merciless's question, and as such, to satisfy his kilde curiosity, he replied.

'There are many different types of goblins; however, they are divided into two groups: wild goblins, who live in large nests underground or in caves and have no sense of reason; their knowledge is limited; and their lives are focused on pure instinct, making them unpredictable at times. Then, the second kind of goblins, the Tribesmen goblins, are the more dangerous variations. These goblins have evolved to the point where they can begin to establish a community. They are significantly more intellectual, with some even outperforming the typical human. They are more powerful and more difficult to cope with. In terms of physical prowess, the weakest of them is similar to three average-grown men, while the warriors are comparable to five to ten, with the special instance being comparable to fifteen average-grown men.'

'Normally, a goblin evolution tree includes ten stages, with Larpia being the weakest and Asura being the strongest. The last form of a goblin is the most powerful form they can achieve, yet the last Asura died thousands of years ago. To many, it has become a mythical race, yet I have seen, battled, and spoken with one before. An Asura is a being with the power to murder beings beyond their reach, capable of destroying even demon lords. Why? According to the Asura I spoke with, goblins are born with only one power, and that power is the ability to be empowered by murder.'

'You see, when a goblin kills, it gains a portion of the victim's power, similar to the exp system in video games. As a result, the more they kill, the stronger they become, until they finally develop into the next phase.'

'When they reach the level of an Asura, their power rivals that of a great elder, such as Olga and Quincy, but at that level, they become something close to the saying "more than human, but less than god." An Asura possesses a wide range of abilities, including flying, sun and lunar empowerment, laser vision, adaptive strength, ultra-speed regeneration, telekinesis, mind control, weapon mastery, monster-taming, cloning, and near invulnerability, as only three known metals can damage it. The three metals are gold, silver, copper, and one known alloy that may truly kill it, and the name of this alloy, which is rarer than lactroid and godium, is an alloy called "Valtrinum" Hahaha... good luck finding that in this day and age.'

'That is their strength and weakness, but goblins in general just have increased strength, speed, durability, and endurance, while their spit contains minor aphrodisiac characteristics. They can use their claws as weapons, pushing out like cats, and their bones are extremely robust—at least five times more durable than the ordinary human. They are also nocturnal due to their ability to see in the dark, and they reproduce quickly. In principle, a single goblin can spawn anywhere between 180 and 250 full-grown goblins in eight months with only a single woman if left alone. Most of the time, however, that is impossible since a human mother would die if she gave birth to that many children in less than a month, if not two. Because it takes about four days to carry them before they pop out of the womb by a sequence of 5 to 8 goblins per week.'

'And even if they evolve, they will only display new features when they evolve to an Oni; every other trait I mention only increases with each evolution. So they will grow natural supernatural power between being an oni and attaining the final domain of power, which is becoming an Asura. Aside from that, they are only a force to be reckoned with after they mature into an Oni, then an Asura. Anything else, they are considered an inferior race that is too dangerous to use on the battlefield, especially given their rebellious nature. Goblins are only used here as test subjects for new potions, or subjects to test new weapons on, and they are essentially disposable lab rats as well.'

'However, if you're curious about the evolution tree, it's as follows.'

'Larpia → Goblin (From here, they will either gradually develop their mental faculties or surrender to their basic instinct; most of the time, it will be the latter.) → Hobgoblin → High-Goblin → Orclin → Orc → High-Orc → Orcarninian → Oni → Asura.'

Michelle explained this to Mercilless, who began to question him even further.

'Interesting, very interesting... Father, is there no way to tame these goblin, these creatures are definitely defiant, and I prefer obedience overall?" If I can find a suitable goblin, perhaps I might be able to train and cultivate it to become an Asura one day, if I am to kill gods, I might as well have a pet, that I can rely on.'

Merciless inquired, leaning back as he spun in the air, effortlessly defying gravity's laws, almost as if he were in zero gravity while not being in zero gravity. The scene may appear juvenile, but in a way, when the remaining goblins look on at the one who can kill merley by willing it. Merciless appeared much more horrifying as a result of this childish behavior. Merciless, on the other hand, was simply enjoying the convenience of his powers as he danced with the smoke of his cigarette in his mouth.

But, as soon as he asked, Michelle responded in kind.

'Well, goblins are naturally stubborn; no matter the circumstances, allegiance is simply not in their nature. However, this does not imply that it is impossible; in fact, the female goblins are the simplest to rule over. So, if you wish to raise a goblin into an Asura, I recommend raising a female goblin to your preference. To be honest, there's no shame in utilizing them for more enjoyable purposes; I once slept with an entire nest of them a couple of thousand years ago, and it was quite an experience, I'll tell you.'

'And I figured that being exposed to large sums of money would make you want to engage in some quite enjoyable activities, immortality is boring, so vampires are beings who do all kinds of things to avoid boredom. We do drugs, have orgy sex (well, I do), play games, and even torture our enemies for fun. To be honest, vampires are not good; we are horrific and evil beings by nature. To be brutally honest, vampires are more human than humans because, unlike them, we do not hide our desires or habits, especially young vampires like yourself. As such, because I have never had a child of my own, I designed your room in the image of what I believe young people would like. So go ahead and raise as many pets as you want; in fact, the greater your desire, the more capable you will be when I judge you ready to learn the underlying power that resides within you.'

'Yes, the power I hand down to you is my Ichormancy abilities. But in order to use this magic, you must indulge in your desire; do not starve yourself; if you see something and desire it, do not stray to take it, even if it belongs to another, or if would cause pain to many, never stray away; go ahead and make it yours, and only yours; in order to use the power of desires, you must be selfish... no merely being selfish isn't enough... yes you must be extremely selfish, disgustingly selfish, and unforgivingly selfish! As such, murder as much as you want, fuck as much as you want and who you want, destroy as much as you want, and do anything you want, my kild, since I only want the best for you as your father and sire.'

'I will raise you to become one of the most feared beings in this realm and the realms above, that I promise you; they will know the name Merciless Minerva Elderblood II, and when they say it, the very mention of it will carve a fear so deep that even the following generation will be terrified before they are born. As such, my young kilde, go ahead and find a good female goblin to your taste, and train her in any way you see appropriate; to be honest, the sex room inside your own quarters was designed for the day you decide to indulge in your more enjoyable pursuits.'

Michelle replied in a very calm but equally expressive tone, catching Merciless off guard, then and again, Michelle's current shape is that of a child, then and again as well, Merciles began to wonder if Michelle was a shota version of the cliche 1,000-year-old loli trapped in a thirteen-year-old body. No! That wasn't it; according to what he had heard, Michelle is a hermaphrodite, which means he is not bound by a single gender; he wouldn't be surprised if Michelle swung both ways, because he can actually be a male or a female, of whatever shape or form he wishes.

Although he was only assuming at this point, Merciless didn't care if his father was into man or woman; as far as Merciless was concerned, this man saved him from death, making it so it would have to earn him. He may no longer have a soul, a family, or a legacy to carry on, but he gains most of that and more in exchange for a life that means nothing. He was the young prince of the Michellian clan, the heir destined to succeed his father one day in this eternal life, if his life somehow came to an end, with his identity as Merciless, he would bring honor to this family and annihilate everything that steps on the area he now governs. His plans were already fixed; therefore, deviating from them was a no-no in his book.

To heck with human morals; he was beyond human nature, and he didn't have a soul to care. What was his will be his treasure, and he will protect it with his everlasting body. Others may stupidly show mercy, while merciless is the type of person who would casually wipe out a whole bloodline regardless of age. He would not hesitate in the least, and if he died, he would die with no regrets. He was already condemned in his previous existence as Mercy, where he was mistreated by many, and even the gods themselves forsaken him. But in this new life, he dictated the shots, and he will gladly abuse both his political and supernatural power for himself alone, and clan Michellian was an extension of himself as well, as far as Merciless is concerned as such their victories were his victories, his people, and his treasures.

As a result, the following words Merciless spoke to his father were not spoken out of obligation but rather from his heart.

'*chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*chuckle*, heheh... kyhahayhahaha... my dearly beloved father, my sire, my master... you don't need to tell me twice. To be honest, I knew the instant I abandoned my identity as Mercy Morgan. I also abandoned that feeble mindset in favor of one fit to rule. I was going to do whatever I wanted once I knew where I stood in this vampire society's hierarchy, to begin with. How can I, the clan's successor, show myself as a frail young master? Fear not, Father; my goal will be fulfilled, and those who disagree will understand why I was given the name Merciless... Hehehkyhaha. It's odd; it's only been a day and a half since I chose the dark path. Nonetheless, it's like I have always felt self-centered and narcissistic. Father, I am not the humble sort; it disgusts me. I want my vengeance; I want to live happily, even if it means causing another person unimaginable levels of physical and mental pain; and overall, I want power in all aspects of life. As I previously stated, I do not want to be the strongest; I want to be something that even the strongest of the strongest would not dare to approach, whether it be the greatest of kings or a boundless being. I want to reach a point where facing me is not something that can be done with simple repercussions; facing me means losing everything, that the kind of vampire I want to be.'

Merciless said while floating backward with both his arms folded. His icy, glittering blue eyes stare upon the smaller life forms in front of him as he waits for Olga warden to appear with the remaining goblins. On the other hand that was his response to his father, Michelle, who was pleased and reacted in kind.

'Hehehe... do you, and only you, my child.'

'Of course, Father, although I'm tired of waiting, hmmm... okay, some entertainment is required.'

Merciless looks at the goblin in the rear who pissed himself earlier, his muscles trembling even more as he realizes Merciless is gazing right at him. However, what he said next to him caused the goblin to cry, which is something a goblin rarely, if ever, does in its life.

"Oi, Pissy in the back... I'm bored... very bored, so here what, amuse me with a little bloodshed will you... I'm not sure what to tell you to do though, hmmmmm... agh yes, for your disobedience, I'll be reasonable, so be a good disposable thing, and cut off all your fingers on your right hand, and eat it will you, I want to enjoy in your suffering, come on now you have sixty seconds before my mood turns sour, and we don't want that, do we?"

Merciless spoke calmly, but with a horrifying smile that sent shivers down everyone's spine when they saw him smile like that. Even Olga, who was looking down at Merciless, had to give him credit for his extreme harshness. It reminded her of the times she participated in World War II for shits and giggles, forcing the enemy forces to cut off their own fingers in exchange for their lives. Of course, she kills them anyway once they cut their fingers off.

"Sob... no... I-I-I... dont want do that? I dont want to do th...

"GHAaaaAAAAA.... my heart.... its swezllnINGGG!! *POOOP....THUDD!*.... what izzzZZ happweninaghhh..... it hurts, it hurts, *GAsPpp!* burning, bur---ning... sqeezzing... mi-mieee chesst.. AHHHHHHHHHAAH~~AGHAHAHAHAHAA...

However, when the goblin refused to comply with Merciless' demands, Merciless did not issue a second command or threat, instead speaking once and only once, as there was no need to repeat himself. He didn't care if the goblin agreed or not; he just wanted to make his soul more palatable, and what better way to do so than tormenting them as much as he could?

With the exception of a solitary female goblin, every goblin will be his food; in this case, he was seasoning them to make them taste better. Merciless, on the other hand, was developing new tactics by utilizing his blood skill and control over the blood within the bodies of others. And he had three of his own techniques thus far.

These three techniques are as follows:.

The first was his Blood Urchin technique, which involved him weaponizing the blood in another's body to cause it to crystalize and transform into large needle-like spares, impaling his enemies with hundreds, if not thousands, of spike pieces and shattering and piercing their organs and bones to bits and pieces, essentially killing them almost instantly.

The consequences are brutal: if you are within Merciless's area of effect, your ass is grass, as all blood is his to reign. His second technique is a more brutal one he dubbed as blood bloat, which can be considered as significantly more unpleasant. Blood bloat is a procedure in which he draws and accumulates large volumes of blood into different parts of the body, usually organs, while simultaneously shattering bones to make the swelling more severe and painful as it pierces the bloated organs as well. Essentially, Merciless is keeping you alive forcibly by ensuring that the body's blood flow continues to circulate properly to prevent shock and making the opponent go unconscious until Merciless is ready to discontinue the manual life support.

While the final blood technique Merciless invented on the spot was simpler, it involved Merciless manipulating the blood in a large amount within the body and compressing it to the limit, after which it would explode furiously, blowing up in the enemy from within due to condensed pressure being released in all directions. Blood burst is the name of this technique.

Merciless then began to build a blood singularity within the heart. At least four-tenths of all goblin blood was painstakingly gathered and compressed to the size of a marble. Causing the heart to stop beating, resulting in immediate pain and tightness in the chest. However, as the goblin screamed, it wasn't too long until a massive explosion could be heard when Merciless snapped his fingers.



The goblin shattered into chunks of flesh and blood as organs spilled from its body without warning. The goblin's entire top half was blown to bits and chunks, the intestine wrapped around the neck of a nearby goblin who had bits of brain matter plaster near its mouth and was painted from head to toe with blood, as the lower half collapsed on the ground like overfilled wine glass, but in this case is showing the gorey scene of the digestive system and other organs plastered on the white floor. Both arms, on the other hand, were on the far end of the room, and a single right eye landed right in Merciless's left hands as half of his face was plastered in blood.

On that note, he smashed the eye in his bare hands and said.

"Hmmm... interesting; this will definitely be useful."