Basic Introduction To The Vampire Clans Within The World of Blood

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First and foremost they are a total of 21 clans within the World Of Blood.

And out of those 21 Clans, only seven are a part of the royal family, meaning the great seven families are ruled by a progenitor vampire, aka the "True Elders". These seven superior clans are referred to as the seven original clans.

While the remaining fourteen vampiric clans are referred to as a "Saquats"

A saquat is a terminology used by the vampire race, to describe vampires outside the great seven clans, seeing they are vampires that were once a part of the seven great clans but have grown to the rank of a Great Elder allowing them an opportunity to leave and start their own clan.

And according to the council's laws, if a vampire grows to be that strong they are automatically acknowledged by Eos the king, and as a reward, they can choose one of two options, one they can increase the power of their Ichor to great levels worthy of the title of a Great Elder, or two they can take a more bolder route and turn their back of their original clan by leaving their clan's bloodline to create their own unique bloodline, to establish their clan owns unique bloodline via the same mean which is absorbing the blood of his majesty the King Eos, and refining it with their own to meld and create a bloodline.

Albeit, those whose has reached this level of power mostly picked the former, seeing that accepting the latter is akin to a death sentence within the vampire community seeing that it is treated as a form of treason. And a lot of great elders are executed by their former clansmen, although throughout the history book, many have chosen the latter in hopes to achieve glory, albeit the majority has failed. Still, a small few succeed throughout the ages of mankind, which can easily amount to the thousands that decide to start their own clan. Sad to say only fourteen remain alive and were successful to this day.

Now a Great Elder is a True vampire born through the process of direct Siring, or a human that was fed a tiny bit of blood from a progenitor to become a Dampa, which is a human with the supernatural make-up of a vampire, they are less than a peasant but more than humans and yet superior than ghouls.

Although just like ghouls if they continue to feed on the blood of their acquired taste they can slowly evolve till they become a vampire although their final destination is the rank of a true vampire, essentially speaking a Great Elder is a title given to a true vampire who has lived for more than 1000 years.

Moving back to the terminology saquats can be described as fruits that fell from a tree, if luck is on their side they might grow into trees themselves. And one day bear their own fruits as they become the roots that grow and provide for the tree's needs (a tree is symbolic to a clan), (saquats mean fallen in the Arabic language, but the terminology is used as a metaphor akin to a ripe fruit that drops from the tree)

In the past, a vampire could sire without worry as much as they want, this was definitely prominent through the Mesozoic era being as early as the primitive age dating back to.

The ancient primitive times, revered as the age of the Gods 60.3 MYA being the earliest sign of siring, and the last recording of siring was in a small town named Garlanza in the year 328, on the super Continent once name Garganta-Leproymissi.

Seeing that massive event took place in Garlanza that forever change the rules of the vampire race issued by the king himself. An event so serious that it scared its way deeply into the history book, however, to the point it is known as the End Game Event, a topic only the seventh progenitor, and some great elders of the original seven clans knows about, a topic so taboo if even mention before the highest hierarchy it could the spell the end of the person who dared to bring it up.

Albeit not much is known about the End Game Event, which took place in the Year 328, however, what is commonly known is that it was the beginning and end of the great dawn of the vampire as the largest race, seeing that humans took the title of the largest race in terms of numbers, it's also the Year King Eos revive the right to sire freely, instead all vampire down to the progenitors themselves can only sire once every one hundred years, although they could invoke the Dampa ritual of creating an incomplete vampire that slowly climbs up the hierarchy on their own.

This rule is so important it is the #1 rule in the vampire community, so much so, it is bolded in the king's blood. Marking it as "Finlaw" another terminology of the vampire race, for rules that hold so much importance and power, it is written with the blood of the vampire king within the Book of Gaia. It is said that the vampire king holds so much power and influence over the world, that he has a Codex so powerful it is capable of controlling the fundamental laws of the world, some legends go as far as to say it controls the fundamental meaning of all boundaries, making the impossible possible, and possible impossible, and anything he writes within the Codex using his blood as ink becomes Finlaw, Fin meaning finale, and law well it is very self-explanatory. "Finlaw" is a short term for Final law, his blood affects the vampiric behaviors down to the very essence of their core, and even the very concept of their being cannot escape Eos Finlaw.

As such no one has broken these extremely important rules due to the nature of his power, not because they don't want to, they simply can't, this is one of the many reasons the Vampire King Eos is one of the most feared existence within the world of blood. A being so powerful, even the Gods had to recognize his power.

All in all, this is just the basic knowledge of vampiric laws, seeing that vampire lore, terminology, culture, physiology, psychology, and overall information about this ancient race is a very complex topic.

But going in-depth into the clans themselves, here are the ranks and names of every vampire clan in the world of blood starting from the weakest, and ending to the strongest.

But before that, I want to clarify something very important.

It is common knowledge that the origin of the vampire race all started with Eos the 1st progenitor, who is also the oldest true elder of the seven progenitors, most call the Father of Blood.

And below him, but above all other unlife.

Are the six progenitors. He had sired in different periods in the age of the Gods.

Now these six blood beings, revered as the seven original, exist beyond the concept of life and death, transcending the very meaning. Therefore they cannot be regarded as either alive or dead, much less amortal, as a result, they are an undetermined existence.

Each is flawlessly immune to all forms of power such as divine, chaotic, even eldritch, and narrative in nature, that relates to life and death.

Deleting the concept of their being is meaningless, deleting them from the plot within the narrative seed within, the fruit of creation on the tree of knowledge is meaningless, and their immortality is said to be so absolute they escape the inescapable conclusion of the end and beyond the draft of the ever-expanding realm of ideas. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg of the terrifying powers of the seven elders of the vampire race.

However, as great as this might all song what makes each clan unique isn't their immortality, it's their bloodline, yes each clan comes from the vampire king, as the vampire king's blood has the power to awaken the very thing that represents a bloodline.

What is a bloodline, well a bloodline in the vampire community is defined as the origin of one's uniqueness, similar to the vampire race's Ichor, the bloodline in this case is far superior to the Ichor, for the sole reason that it can only be used in clans.

What makes a bloodline so unique, well a bloodline offers you three benefits.

That being bloodline magic.

Bloodline form.

Bloodline trait.

Bloodline magic is a unique sorcery that can only be used by the main family of the clan head. Each clan's bloodline magic is unique in the sense that each clan's magic system is different.

The bloodline form is something that is only shared amongst the upper echelons of the said clan, accessible only to those of the noble rank of a clan. What is the bloodline form, well although all vampires share vast similarities, it doesn't mean they are of the same breed, due to the importance of the bloodline, but the vampire form is the true form of the bloodlines clan, you see vampire default powers and weakness are the only thing shared among the kindred, however, each clan of vampire can be considered a different race of vampires.

For example, the third-strongest clan, The Elderblood clan is a clan ruled by the seventh progenitor Michelle Okelix Vinter Cain Elderblood. They are a race of vampires revered as the Michellians, these vampires are fearless bloodthirsty war machines with an extremely chaotic mentality. Their clan is revered as a clan of fearless psychos who find joy in fights to the death, battle, risk, chaos, and destruction, in laymen's terms they live on the edge 24/7 and more, as they enjoy all forms of battle and competition.

If you're looking for a clan that is heavily battle oriented, fearless in every aspect, fun to around with, well-known, and has great benefits but is also hard to destroy in battle, look no further than the average Michellians vampires, a battle-hungry, attention-seeking, and seriously demented race of powerful vampire that likes to have a good time, and live life on the edge daily by doing crazy and unpredictable shit for pure amusement and enjoyment as such they are revered as the most free-minded clan.

Meanwhile, the bloodline trait is shared among the entire clan, the trait is inherent in blood, you see each clan leader has something they excel in compared to others, for example, the Michellians inherit their insane regeneration speed from Michelle Okelix Vinter Cain Elderblood, their clan head because they are harder to kill than most they are fearless and prone to do a lot of insane shit because of this.

However, that brings an end to the basic introduction of the vampire clans within the world of blood, soon I will bring more auxiliary chapters as the story progresses such as terminology, lore, power system, bloodline magic, bloodline form, other races, and much, much more.

I dream to create a very unique and well though out stories and world about vampires, I hope these small bits of vampiric history and lore, tickle your fantasy, please don't be afraid to drop a review.

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