Vampire: World of Blood

Mercy Morgan wasn't looking for fangs and forbidden covens. But fate, it seemed, had a taste for the mundane. One night, an encounter with the alluring, ancient vampire, Michelle Elderblood, irrevocably altered Mercy's world. Now bound as his blood kilde, he is thrust into a hidden society – a tapestry woven with powerful vampires, enigmatic gods, mythical yokai, energy breathing dragons, and those who defy human limitations. As Mercy navigates this world of shadows and secrets, a single question burns brightest: was he merely a pawn of his old life this entire time, or was he chosen for a destiny far greater than he could ever imagine? ______________________ (A/N): Hello there, I'm talking to you behind the screen; now, first and foremost, I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for all of your help over the last few months; it has truly helped me get far. However, I am just reaching out to let you know that if you want to support the official release even more, you can now do so by visiting my Patreon page, which is linked below. Thank you again for all of your support thus far. Link: patreon.com/Iam_hastur Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nA8fYgjY5P Twitter: https://twitter.com/HasturIam

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101 Chs

A Quiet Woman

"I see you two might end up being very close friends as well hehehe... Oh well moving on to the 2nd rank among the nobles, this one is for a better lack of words interesting, seeing she has killed more gods and demons than they are humans on this Hexamore."

"This woman will be responsible for teaching you hand-to-hand combat, along with various martial arts, killing art, torture methods, and many things, please meet the #1 female warrior within the entire vampire race... Hahaha... Scáthach if you may please introduced yourself to your next Cu."

Michelle said as he pointed to the person who has accomplished something I had not.

On the throne, right of Michelle was a person clad in full armor from head to toe, the armor itself look like it was made from silver, or maybe an alloy that strongly resembles it.

And by the looks of it, she wore armor on top of the armor, clad in all pure platinum and silver, the one revered as Scáthach had on upper body armor and lower body armor, with armored boots, and gauntlets, meanwhile, she wore a long dress that was armored plated as well.

From afar, and even from up close there was no way Merciless would have ever known this person was a woman seeing that she was heavily secured, although he find it kind of weird to see a vampire wearing armor.

And in her case, Scáthach was heavily clad from head to toe, to the point that there was no place left unsecured.

Meanwhile, Scáthach began to walk toward Merciless, seeing this Merciless began to get up, however, he was shocked to find out just how short she is, because currently, she had to look up just to meet his gaze.

And seeing his point of view change since his conversion, Merciless had already finger out he got taller, he had to be at least 6"1 or maybe 6"3 tops, if that is the case, then Scáthach was either 5"4 or 5"5 in height.

But Merciless didn't pay it too much mind, because right after, Scáthach extend her hand out for a handshake.

Of course, Merciless stretches his hands out of respect as he grips her hand firmly and said.

"Nice to meet you, lady Scáthach."

However, Scáthach didn't reply, all she did was a simple nod, and that was it, from there she went back to her seat. Leaving a puzzled Merciless.

Meanwhile, Michelle sighed at her behavior and said.

"*Sigh!* well it's a start."

Merciless was a loss, however, Michelle inform him as such.

"Please do forgive her, Scáthach has never been much of a talker."

"Is that so, hehehe... I see, well nothing wrong with that I guess."

Merciless inform, to which he soon inwardly thought.

'Although. Where did I hear that name before? Scáthach... Scáthach... Scáthach... Hmmmm... So familiar yet so far.'

'Sigh! It's not ringing any bells at the moment but im sure I heard that name before, oh well, im sure it's no big deal, let's just worry about something else.'

Merciless mentally thought to himself.

While Michelle on the other hand finally began to introduce the final great elder.

"Well, Merciless, so far these people are my five Arch nobles, each holding the title of duke or duchess in the hierarchy. And as Fay once mention, in the vampire world Archdukes or duchesses are the highest ranks any vampire will be able to reach in the entirety of their unlife if said vampire isn't lucky enough to get married into royalty, however, you still haven't met my strongest great elder yet so let's move on to that."

Michelle said looking to the side of him as he took a sip of the red substance in his wine mug.

"Merciless this is my oldest friend, my greatest companion that I treat like a brother, I even considered him as my equal in some regards, we go way back... And when I mean way back, I mean way back, even before witches, before the titan, before Wereones, even before the first human."

"Please meet Quincy Von Losmala, a great elder, and an Archduke, he is also my personal butler, leader of the royal guards, head of finance, and also your new history teacher, you see Quincy is the oldest of my vassals as such he very intelligent, he will be responsible to teach you all about our clan history, our enemies, our rules, and much much more."

"*Chuckle!* *Chuckle!* An honor to meet you Grand Duke Merciless, it's as my old friend lord Michelle said. My name is Quincy, and I will be responsible for your education."

Quincy announces bowing gracefully.

Quincy Von Losmala is a middle age man with, short neatly combed black hair, and shining black eyes with blue iris just like the other nobles. Meanwhile, he wore a butler uniform albeit his uniform was white instead of the traditional black, long-sleeve work shirt, bottom-up to the collar, a fashionable and elegant gentleman bow adorning his neck, and neatly ironed white trousers with traveler creases on both legs that give him a sense of professionalism and maturity. He wore white gloves along with leather white boots. His skin was Albion making him whiter than snow, although he was short and muscular in build, he had to be at least 5"2 in height.

He carries himself with grace and honor, just looking at him Could tell this man was built differently in many ways. Although Merciless was a little puzzled, as he asked himself.

'Is vampirism open to more than just humans, if I remember correctly I did hear Michelle say that this man exist long before the creation of humans.'

'Hmmm. How puzzling yet fascinating.'

Merciless thought to himself, awed by the concept of vampirism, he doesn't know why, but he felt a weird calling as if some inner nature deep within him wanted to study the anatomy of the supernatural.

He never yet had this weird urge, but Merciless decide to also ignore this for now and shifted his attention towards Quincy and extended his hand for a firm handshake similar to what Scáthach did earlier only this time it was gestured towards Quincy.

Quincy of course responded by grabbing Merciless's hand, to which Merciless said.

"Well Mr. Quincy I will leave my education about vampiric history in your capable undead hands, I really do hope we can grow closer."

"Oh don't worry Grand Duke, I will see to it that you are properly educated, that much you don't have to worry about. I'm quite confident with my teaching skills, after all, I did teach a monkey to talk seven different languages in the past."

He jokingly explain that last bit with a confident smirk.

Which made the room begin to chuckle at the comment.

"Hahaha. Well, I will take your word for it then."

"Hehehhehehehe... Of course, of course."

With that said both parties return to where they once sat, however before Merciless takes his seat once more, Michelle called out to him and said.


"Yes, Michelle?"

"So far that's all I want to talk to you about tonight Since you are still fresh in this life, there are a lot of things you need to learn, however, why don't you enjoy the manor, the night still young, I have already informed the residence about your existence, as matter of fact, your personal servant is outside, that person will attend to all your needs."

"... I see, well thank you for introducing me to the elder Michelle, by your command I will see my way out, but where exactly is the exit, this place is rather large you know."

Said Merciless with a calm expression.

However, at that moment, something surprising happened to Merciless.

Yes, the presence of death casually passed Merciless without him ever realizing it till the last moment, his eyes look at the figure who passed him without him even realizing they passed, it was Scáthach, she walked past Merciless without even being noticed till the very last minute.

All Merciless saw at that moment was the back of the God killer who raised her hand gesturing him to follow her.

"Oh would you look at that, it would seem that Celtic demon feels generous today."

Finn jokingly commented aloud only for his head to suddenly fall off his shoulders and land on his lap right after spewing that comment.

"Oh, my Finn darling it seems you anger her again, just look at you."

On the other hand, Finn had a deadpan look plastered on his face as he said while placing his head back on his shoulders.

"Ain't my fault she can't take a harmless joke... Honestly, I pity the young blood, his training is going to be hell I could tell you that. If I had to be honest living in the sun for eternity would be a mercy than spending 150 years with her as my mentor."

"... Well look on the bright side darling, 150 years later the clan might have a male Scáthach among our ranks. If that happens we can return the lord's lost honor along with many more things. Just imagine it two god killers hahaha it's already hard to come across one much less two."

Meanwhile, Michelle looked at Morgan and Finn conversing about the so-called Celtic demon being public enemy number one.

While his head turns to Merciless who was following that so-called Celtic demon.

A smile and a contented smirk appeared on his face as he said to himself.

'Oh those two will get along just find, of course, that is if Merciless truly meant what he vowed, Shrine to Shrine, Cathedral to Cathedral, Pantheon to Pantheon hahaha... It's childish, no! It is a fool's dream to even think he alone is capable of that, but then again, that woman Quincy raised, did prove that the Gods could be killed by beings outside the seven seats, as she alone single handily wipes out 35% of the court of heaven, and 59% purgatory in the last Ragnarök... What an unfair heart-force she has, but I do agree with Finn. I pity Merciless though he going to have a lot on his plate.'

These were Michelle's last words to himself before shifting his attention elsewhere.

On the other hand, Merciless began to follow Scáthach, he was two meters away from her. Till he says to himself.

'She is a very quiet person, do vampires have antisocial tendencies?'

Merciless though to himself.

'But then and again, she is well fortified, and is not hard to move in all that armor, it looks heavy, hot, and uncomfortable.'

'Hmmm. Quite mysterious indeed, although I think it's kind of smart, as an immortal race there are only a few things in existence that can kill us, the sun being our worse enemy, along with certain alloys and metal, on the other hand, a stake to heart would be impossible if she is that fortified.'

'How curious, I want to talk to her, but she is so hard to approach, despite being so closed. Ah to hell with it, if she going to teach me from here on out we need to talk to each other.'

With that in mind, Merciless walks up to Scátach and said.




Of course, she didn't answer Merciless and instead just continued to walk him to the door, before opening it, there Merciless saw an old man kneeling before him as he said.

"My Alpha it's an honor to meet you."