Vampire: World of Blood

Mercy Morgan wasn't looking for fangs and forbidden covens. But fate, it seemed, had a taste for the mundane. One night, an encounter with the alluring, ancient vampire, Michelle Elderblood, irrevocably altered Mercy's world. Now bound as his blood kilde, he is thrust into a hidden society – a tapestry woven with powerful vampires, enigmatic gods, mythical yokai, energy breathing dragons, and those who defy human limitations. As Mercy navigates this world of shadows and secrets, a single question burns brightest: was he merely a pawn of his old life this entire time, or was he chosen for a destiny far greater than he could ever imagine? ______________________ (A/N): Hello there, I'm talking to you behind the screen; now, first and foremost, I'd like to express my deepest appreciation for all of your help over the last few months; it has truly helped me get far. However, I am just reaching out to let you know that if you want to support the official release even more, you can now do so by visiting my Patreon page, which is linked below. Thank you again for all of your support thus far. Link: patreon.com/Iam_hastur Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nA8fYgjY5P Twitter: https://twitter.com/HasturIam

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A Mission From The Top & Meeting Olga

"Ah. It's a pleasure to have you here, Lord Quincy."

Hector quickly said this while bowing to his superior.

Meanwhile, Merciless turned to face Quincy, startled that his history teacher had traveled so far to visit him.

He approached him, still clothed in his white robes, and stated while bowing respectfully.

"Mr. Quincy, how are you?"

"Hahaha... I'm good young lord; however, I came here to talk to you about some serious business."

Quincy instantly announces this since he dislikes wasting time, and as a result, he looks at Hector and said.

"Hector, can you serve us at the bar, please?"

"Right away, Lord Quincy."

Hector wasted no time and began walking toward the bar. Meanwhile, Quincy observes Merciless as he says.

"Young Lord, please join me; we need to talk."

Merciless looks at Quincy from behind and talks to himself as he walks towards the bar.

"Business, what kind of business does Mr. Quincy possibly want from me?"

The query was brief, and despite the lack of an answer, Merciless didn't want to waste the first elders' time, so he began to go towards the bar.

He then took a seat next to Quincy as Hector arrived with a menu, which he distributed to his alpha first, followed by the first elder.

Merciless and Quincy both looked over the menu, and stillness fell for a moment as the two vampires decided what to drink.

The menu was huge and elegant, with over 172 distinct original beverages, each with an explanation of what it is.

Merciless was obviously taken aback by the wide range of alcoholic beverages available at his own personal bar, but it didn't take long until one of them piqued his curiosity.

He then faced Hector, closed the menu, and said.

"I will have a 1653 heart-stopping Vino Tinto with two ice cubes, medium size cup, please."

Hector grinned and bowed as he took out a key to the wine cellar in the underground basement beneath the bar, which was specifically constructed to keep wine.

Quincy closed his menu at the same time, looked at Hector, and said.

"I would like to have a Blood Eagle cocktail, please, and also, if it's not a bother, please play some music. I don't think I need to tell you what I like."

Hector properly bowed, then took the remote to the speaker and played a song that Quincy liked.

He then decreased the lights, and the entire area was suddenly covered in dull and dark red LED lights as Merciless wondered what type of music an old vampire would listen to.

And, to his astonishment, he recognized this song; it was something his mother used to listen to on a regular basis, making him nostalgic—no, incredibly nostalgic.

[Cage The Elephant- Cold Cold Cold.]

It was fairly fitting to hear, but he didn't pay it any attention and instead took out one of his Pandora cigarettes, for which Hector graciously offered a lighter.

The aroma of tobacco and something else quickly permeated the room, while Quincy began to draw out the letter as he suggested.

"Let's talk, young lord."

Merciless looked out into the distance at Quincy's comments and said.

"Does the upcoming conversation have something to do with that letter?"

Merciless asked the obvious while smoking, while Quincy was tapping his feet to the melody of the music that was playing, and of course, he answered Merciless' question.


"But before that, I want to ask you a question."

"That question being?"

Merciless inquired as he ashes his cigarette into the tray in front of him.

"Young Lord, what do you think vampires do?"

"Suck blood."

"Apart from that young master."

"Well, I can't say much apart from killing witches and maybe burning down the Katholic Church."

Merciless replied truthfully.

However, Quincy recognizes the need to clarify the question, so he modifies it to be more understandable.

"My apologies, let me reword my question, what do you think royal vampires and elder vampires do within a clan?"

"That depends on what a clan entails in this world, Lord Quincy. From my knowledge, vampire clans normally attack other clans for resources, to express dominance, or maybe run politics under the shadows to maintain order and to preserve the safety of their own kind; apart from that, I don't know."

"Well, young lord, vampire movies were made by vampires to distort the true nature of our race." Although the movies only feature 10% truth and 90% fiction, the vampire race isn't afraid of garlic; in fact, it's one of our favorite foods. Then there are the stakes, which, to be honest, don't kill us unless they're made from a particular tree cultivated by the church, and there's also the fact that vampires are incredibly perverse undead beings—that more of a clan thing than a universal principle."

"Young Lord, I admit I used to love my woman, but make no mistake, my two wives would throw me out into the sun if I cheated on them." That enormous harem habit is for younger vampires who just want to play; there is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy youth, in my opinion. However, the majority of vampires who start a harem are basically lousy weebs who read too much manga or simply watch. Aww, what do the youngsters call it these days? Hmmm... "Anime, yes."

Quincy declares in a snarky and dissatisfied tone. As the two wait for Hector to complete preparing their drinks, he continues his minor schooling.

"Although young lord, being a royal vampire is different when it comes to making a harem!"

"Aww... How so Mr. Quincy?"

"Well, in your case, young lord, a harem is forming bonds, and having a large number of children would be the best outcome." Our master, Michelle, is the only vampire in history who has never truly started a family until now, young lord. In terms of bloodline evolution, he ranks last among the seven great families. He did, however, make you his kin, and I hope that you can uplift Michelle's bloodline through various ways of selective breeding, just as the other six great vampiric families have done to further empower their bloodline in future generations. My lord, I implore you to choose a suitable mate who is on par with you in terms of strength and quality; otherwise, a mere low-blood existence would contaminate your sire's blood."

Quincy stated solemnly, but at the same time, Hector appeared with two beverages on a tray, which were the drinks that both Merciless and Quincy had requested.

"My alpha here is the wine you have requested, two ice cubes, served in a medium-sized cup just as you wanted."

"Lord Quincy, for you a cup of Blood Eagle cocktail, chill to perfection just the way you want it. I know your acquired taste, so I make sure it's from the blood of an intellectual."

"Hahaha... Good, Good, Your bartending skills are definitely on par with Finn's; Hector a splendid job indeed, I can respect a man that pays attention to detail."

Quincy remarked on Hector's work as if it were a masterpiece while drinking his cocktails from the tray in front of him with a bright and delighted smile on his face.

Hector, of course, bowed as he said, with a smile on his face.

"Your praise has been well received, Lord Quincy."

Meanwhile, Quincy returned to Merciless' gaze.

"As I was saying, young lord, when the time comes for a woman and pleasures of the flesh, I hope you pick something suitable and worthy... the other clan elder has been saying for a while now that a perfect candidate that aligns with us is most likely somebody from the Pyschota clan. That would be a Pyschomisian vampire. This is a clan known for their mental instability and powers to control the mind and the world around them, basically a clan of illusionists and reality warpers."

Merciless smiled stoically; he had never had any luck with women, and if anything, he was often mocked by them owing to being as ugly as a pig's anus due to his former family's curse.

And, to be honest, he recalls them all perfectly.

He knows where they all live, and if he so desired, he could kill them all along with their families just because he has the means to do so. Merciless, on the other hand, was unique in that the fucks he gave were non-existent. He didn't seek retribution since the reason was so small to even think that, in layman's words, those people were not worth his time, no matter how endless it was.

Why should he be concerned about humans? In every way imaginable, they were significantly inferior to him. He was indifferent to his previous species; it even surprised him how easily he could dismiss the concept of his humanity while having only recently become a vampire.

But his point of view remains unchanged, and he will stick to it.

So screw humanity and embrace immortality. The human species was not even worth his attention; to him, humans were just food. Why would a cat express care for his food, or any animal have an attachment to their food in the first place?

What distinguishes him from a human who farms cows and pigs to eat? He dwells among them in order to hunt them.

It sounds terribly merciless, but his name reflects his thoughts; he didn't hate humanity, but he also didn't love them; it was neutral to him.

But this belief might be extended to his sexual preferences as well. Merciless, for lack of a better description, favors older women, if not strong-willed ones, and the chances of him sleeping or befriending a human were nil.

Although he currently has his sights set on one woman that intrigues him, one who is mysterious, older than him, and has attained the levels he desires.

Scáthach, he knows nothing about her, yet she piqued his interest in more ways than one; was it love at first sight? No! Was it a minor crush? Maybe! Did she pique his curiosity enough to turn it into an interest? Yes!

Despite her modest attitude, his genuine feelings for her are merely adoration at the moment. Aside from that, no other lady has piqued his interest as much as the God slayer.

Merciless took a sip of his wine to respond to and uphold the first elder's plea, which could be called a request.

"Mr. Quincy, let me be honest with you: I won't choose a woman from a poor family; I'm not immature enough to think with my dick as most men do." Power and glory, in my opinion, come before sex and pleasure. You don't have to be concerned about my sire's bloodline being polluted by youth and curiosity. I may be a virgin, but I am proud to be one. Even while I was mortal, this never disturbed me. But, if it makes you feel better, I vow to you in the name of my sire that I will only breed with the most powerful women this world has to offer; aside from that, the topic doesn't really interest me."

After saying this, Quincy smiled even brighter than before, clearly satisfied by Merciless's vow, as he said.

"Hahaha. Well, then young lord, I'll take your word for it, but we've gotten off track here, as I said."

"What do you think vampires do?"

"And like I replied, Mr. Quincy I don't know."

Quincy giggled with delight and wonder, clearly enjoying his talk with the infant, and he found it somewhat surprising that Merciless possessed a degree of maturity suiting his age. He didn't seem to mind. If anything, this was a gain since it simplifies things for him.

Quincy, on the other hand, regains his calm as he responds, informing the young vampire of the ways of this dark world.

"You see a vampire's main purpose in living their life is to gain more strength and territory in search for greater "Acquires" and "Resources" so we can strengthen ourselves even more."

Meanwhile, Merciless asked a question he'd been meaning to ask for a long time.

"Acquire, honestly I have heard that one word being used over and over since yesterday, even Hector uses it, what exactly is an acquired Mr. Quincy?"

Of course Quincy answered Merciless as he said.

"It's another term we vampires use, young lord; an acquired is a human or mortal with flesh and blood who has a unique trait." But it's more than that; vampires can naturally suck blood from anything as long as it's biological in nature, with the exception of our species; yet, vampires can't get strong until they consume blood from something or someone that appeals to them. For example, I can only become stronger by drinking the blood of someone with an Iq of 160 or higher; in other words, I become stronger by drinking the blood of intellectuals. Simply put, the smarter a person is, the stronger I can become."

When he heard this Merciless opened his eye with attention, only for it to darken as he said.

"I see, I pity you not everyone is a genius with an IQ of 160."

Quincy chuckled softly when he responded to that remark.

"That's why my hunting grounds consist of a University that only harbors world-class geniuses."

"Oh. That is one method to get your hands on those with such high IQs."

Merciless said only to continue.

"However what might the "Acquires" has to do with that letter there?"

Quincy then started to explain.

"You see, years ago, we were unfortunate enough to be targeted by a legendary thief named Dolce Ki Ree, who is now known as the Umbra thief. She is, for lack of a better term, a shadow nymph, a being from the succubus family, which is a part of the Demon race. She is by all means weak because she is a lower-class demon, but the item she took may change that."

"Hmm interesting, so nymphs do exist, ha?" What a strange world we live in, but aside from that, what exactly did she steal to pique your interest, Mr. Quincy?"

Asked Merciless who is suddenly engrossed in the conversation.

Quincy then began to describe the gravity of the issue.

"Normally, I'd say it's not so much what she stole as it is who she stole it from." But in this situation, it's more than that; not only did she steal something from our master, but it's what she stole that worries us.

Quincy continued speaking with a troubled expression as he took another sip from his glass.

"This Nymp stole a very valuable item, a sacred artifact so valuable that it took the master seven hundred and fifty years to complete." That Nymp stole one of the master's valuable seventy-two sacred treasures known as The Blade of Darwin."

"The Blade of Darwin?"

Merciless asked, to which Quincy replied.

"Yes! You see, your sire's bloodline magic is the power of desires; it's one of the world's seven true original bloodline magics. He can make anything he wants with it as long as he finds or creates anything he calls a vessel that can carry the power of his desires."

"In this case, Darwin's blade has been imbued with the power of evolution and adaptation." The weapon has two abilities. The first is the ability to kill anything, no matter how unkillable it is, as long as the first killing strike fails for whatever reason, allowing it to adapt and grow into a form that counters whatever was preventing it from killing it in the first place."

As he put it, Merciless was taken aback at this moment.

"That's broken as fuck, then could it also kill a progenitor?"

Merciless inquired with keen attention.

But the response he received was even more unexpected.

"Honestly, no one knows because Master never tried it, much less been given the opportunity to try in the first place, but I will tell you this: it's so powerful that Master himself needs the vampire king's permission to use it in any battle because once unsheathed, it can't be sheathed back until one of the two purposes it was created for is completed."

Merciless was perplexed at this point; if what Quincy stated was true, then this was a very hazardous scenario, especially if it was in the hands of a Demon.

But then he became even more inquisitive and inquired.

"Then if the first ability is to kill via adapt and evolve what's the second ability?"

Quincy, of course, responded.

"To be honest, it's fairly straightforward. You see, the sword wasn't designed to kill, to be brutally honest with you. The master devised the sword to help someone attain their Zennith form, or the last stage of their evolutionary tree; it's even stated that if a normal vampire is stabbed with it, they will become a progenitor vampire with relative ease."

"But I thought becoming a progenitor is impossible?"

Merciless asked with imminent shock.

"Of course it is, but that sword breaks the laws and rules of nature in more ways than one, that's just how powerful my lord bloodline magic is."

Meanwhile, Merciless could only speculate in his head.

'How strong is that blue hair shota?'

Even the six great elders were interested in the same question as well.

'Tsk. Whatever the case may be, I should make a mental note to never irritate him.'

However, he now comprehended the situation and the gravity of it, but there was one more question he had as he sipped the rest of his wine and inquired.

"All right, Mr. Quincy." Thanks to you, I know a lot more than I did yesterday, but the crucial question is, why are you telling me this?"

Quincy smiled mischievously as he took out a larger yellow envelope and shoved it toward Merciless, his hands clasped together as he spoke while also finishing his cocktail.

"As I said, what matters most to a vampire is power and territory, and that nymph disrespected our lord's territory, which can also be considered our territory; thankfully, that nymph is as stupid as she is brave; she stole the sword without realizing that its power can only be used by Michelle herself, so in laymen's terms, it's just a regular sword in her hands." Because you are his son and his blood flows through you, your sire believes it is a good idea for you to gain some much-needed field experience. So he asked me for a job in order to inform you of your first work, or more like your first class."

"So, young lord, Master Michelle wants you to find this nymph, dead or alive, preferably alive because the master wants you to publicly punish and execute her in front of everyone to set an example." Your quest begins tomorrow night, but to be honest, it isn't really a task because, as I previously stated, the nymph is really weak. You will be more than adequate for her, but I will send someone of my choosing to accompany you just in case things go wrong."

"Finally this letter is from the prime minister one of Michelle's noble lackeys as he was the one that informs us of her sudden reappearance in Lavatos, meanwhile the larger envelope contains more information on the target."

Quincy announced as he stood up from his seat.

"Your response young lord?"

As he claimed, Merciless smiled with a cruel and battle-hungry countenance mixed in with his glee.

"That sounds like fun." You have no idea how bored I was, so my response is an unequivocal yes, though I make no promises of bringing her back alive, let alone in one piece."

"Hahaha. Understandable, young lord, but please enjoy the night, after all, the night is still very much young."

With those remarks, Quincy began walking toward the elevator, but before reaching the door, he stopped and whispered.

"Oh! Yes, Hector, before I forget, please introduce the young lord to the toy store in Sector 17. Master Michelle has specifically stated that Merciless is allowed to play with any toy he wants; I've already informed Maddam Olga that he'll be swinging by sooner or later."

Hector, of course, bowed graciously with dignity and poise.

"It shall be down, Lord Quincy."

With that said, Quincy stepped inside the elevator as the door began to close, but before it did, he smiled at Merciless and said.

"We expect great things from you, young lord."

Those were Quincy's final words to Merciless before the elevator door closed, and Quincy continued on his own.

Merciless, on the other hand, asked Hector a question.

"Maddam Olga, who is that Hector?"

Hector's response was as follows:

Hector was hiding something peculiar he had discovered, but Merciless could see it. His devoted servant was trembling, his right hand clutching his left. Despite his best efforts, Hector couldn't keep his calm expression.

"Madam.. Olga, commonly known as Lady Aglo, is well-known even among the seven great royal families. She is a legendary Michellian vampire who has fought in numerous wars. That woman has only known conflict and bloodshed. Only death pursues her wherever she goes. She is a woman recognized as "The Genocide Saint of Santa Lamanta". If Scathach is a monster, then Olga is an abomination. And a woman who lacks a moral compass. I tell you, my alpha, if the devil had a daughter, Olga would be the perfect match. She is cruel, vengeful, murderous, and unforgiving. No one in the Elderblood clan is more feared on a global scale than she is. Some people would prefer the clan head to pass judgment on them rather than the likes of Olga. All in all, my alpha Olga stands on fucking business."

That was Hector's first impression of Madam Olga. And he appeared as if he didn't want to talk about her any more if he could avoid it. So, Merciless dropped the subject right then and then; instead, he got up and went to the bathroom, as he remarked as he walked away.

"I am going to take a shower, Hector; please prepare me something suitable to wear."

"Zabla fa Laja, my alpha."

Hector remarked this while resting his hand on his chest. Merciless, on the other hand, went inside his bathroom. As he walked towards the shower, the first thing he did was remove his clothes, but he paused midway, he noticed the mirror, and looked in at it. And there he was, staring at himself; he couldn't believe he was this attractive after being so awful-looking before.

In that case, he still had a lot to say and question, but he ultimately ignored his external self and denied his internal self as well. He was no longer Mercy; he promised to live as Merciless, and he intended to do so to the best of his ability.

To exact vengeance for a long-forgotten bloodline. He vowed to himself that he would drag the highest heaven to the lowest pits of hell. And to become a vampire worthy of such ambitions, he had to harden his heart. neither, he had to be amoral; vampires were by nature evil, and when he feasted on that woman yesterday, he felt neither sorrow nor the need to know her name. All he knew was that the meat he was given was fucking amazing. And he wondered if other humans tasted as amazing as she did, so there was only one way to find out. And that would be to feed on another human being; the mere thought of his next meal aroused him quite a bit if he had to be honest, as he smiled sadistically to himself.

"Hehehe... If I had known that being so amoral was this good, I would have gone over the edge a long time ago." But, in comparison to that slob of pig crap that was Mercy, I have elevated and become a greater entity. But I have to ask, Olga Aglo ha? A woman who is feared for being cruel and cold to those around her. Hmmm... seems like my type of party, hahaha... but let's take a bath now."

With that said, Merciless proceeded with his bath.










[Fourty Minutes later]

At this time Hector was tying Merciless's tie as the two of them prepared to proceed to Sector-17, where Olga was in command.

"There, that should do it my alpha, so are you ready to go now?"

"Agh! Yes, Hector, you did an excellent job as always; honestly, I was never good with these. In any case, let us continue on our way; I am excited to meet this so-called holocaust saint of Santa Lamanta."

"Yes my alpha please, follow me."

With that said, Hector and Merciless made their way to the elevator, where Hector drew out a strange red card with no features. and proceed to press multiple button as if typing in a code of sorts. Right after a strange scanner device was disguised in the elevator control panel's number nine button. And when the scanner read the card. It then closed as the standard elevator control panel switched on itself, showing another panel with far more buttons and even more antiquated and extravagant decorations. Hector then presses the following buttons [S-17] and the large red button at the bottom.

The elevator began to descend from there. Merciless watched this with interest, and Hector, of course, heard a query from his Alpha from miles away and began to explain before he asked his question.

"In the Elderblood residence, the manor servants are divided into three classes, with rabbits being the lowest, dogs being the second highest, and they are servants like me, the wolf class." As a wolf class servant, I have the authority to go wherever I want in the manor. A rabbit is a common servant, a typical worker who cleans and cooks, whereas dogs are elite servants or battle maids and combat butlers, all of whom are trained to handle a variety of supernatural scenarios if one should emerge. Lady Scathach has trained them all, and unlike normal rabbits, they are so good in combat that one alone can go toe-to-toe with a baron-class vampire. And they have access to 80% of the manor residence. Then there's me, a wolf-class servant, and I have access to go wherever my lord pleases. And, as the only wolf class servant thus far, my card is red rather than white. I have access to everything except the clan head private chambers."

"And Master Michelle himself has given me this red card, allowing me to transport you to any sector of your choosing, though keep in mind that not all sectors are open to the dogs." I can go to places that our clan's upper elites and nobles can only dream of seeing."

Merciless was startled to learn that Hector had this much freedom and authority in the Elderblood residence, and his interest in his servant grew even stronger. But now was not the time for it. They were on business at the time, so he controls his curiosity and waits until both he and Hector arrive in sector seventeen.

He closed his eyes and leaned back against the elevator as it moved further; with his eyes closed, he could see the outlines and insides of other people's bodies. This was not an exception for Hector. His eyes may have been closed, but they were wide open like never before. The outside, on the other hand, had no outline other than the machinery that carried them lower and lower. However, a doorway could be seen approaching.

Of course, this was sector 17, and the moment the elevator stopped there, he noticed a small place that looked like a front desk and someone sleeping on a chair with a magazine over their face. As they lay back, their arms folded and their foot was on the counter. However, something unexpected happened when the person's arms unfurled, displaying a dessert eagle in their palms. And the woman pointed the gun at the about-to-open elevator door.

Instinctively Merciless stepped to the side, but the woman moved her weapon as if she knew where Merciless was going. And she did it all while keeping a magazine over her head. But Merciless was more amused than terrified at the time. He knew he was going to get shot as soon as that elevator door opened. And yet he was not terrified; rather, he felt as if the woman had invited him to join a game. So he turns his head right, then left, and the gun moves in tandem with him yet again.

'This woman can see me even through closed doors... 'Does she have an ichor like mine, or is her sense just that acute?'

Merciless asked himself.

"Sigh I will just dodge the bullet before it hits me in my head, after all, I can see where she aiming, I just need to be a fraction of a second faster than her."

Merciless deduction, on the other hand, was still too green, just as he was too naive because just as the massive elevator door was about to open. Without warning, a powerful shot was fired. And the force behind that bullet was so great that space contracts and attracted around it in a five-inch sphere. The bullet intended at Merciless' head blasted the elevator door apart ripping it to shreds. But just as the bullet was about to hit him, a giant white werewolf hand grabbed it and snatched it away from the Merciless head. The impact created such a powerful shockwave that it knocked Merciless off his feat before it could calm down.




Merciless looks on with a peculiar terror in his eyes when the shockwave shakes the entire elevator to the point of collapse. As he stares at the woman who nearly blew his head off with her onslaught.

And at that point, that particular woman gently awoke from her nap, stretched, and took out a cigar, which she proceeded to light, filling the room with the aroma of tobacco as she took a smoke from the enormous blunt and said in calm tone.

"Well! Well!, shoot a baby in the head and call me Sally, you were able to see my attack, before I attack, how intresting."

Merciless looks at the woman in front of him as he speaks. And observed an incredible scene. She was a tall woman with golden hair that was long and wavy. The woman stood roughly 6'0 tall and had a clear but pale skin. She appears to be a young woman in her thirties. However, considering her older appearance, her feminine appeal is highlighted by her red professional outfit, complete with jacket and coat.

Merciless was struck by the fact that the woman in question had a physique riddled with profound wounds from head to toe. A burn mark was visible under her left eye. While the right eye showed a big vertical blade mark. In layman's words, she was completely and utterly blind.

This was, of course, Olga.








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