Vampire who fell for his Hunter (BL)

Can you fall for someone you absolutely loathe? Hayden Rushmore,a professor by the day, and a supernatural hunter by night, had one and only one mission. To gain enough experience to kill the monster who wiped out his entire clan. He killed any Vampire, werewolf or anything that he encountered ruthlessly, until one day he finally met his match. Nathaniel Sinclair, a Vagabond Vampire traveling cross country while he encounters someone who wants to kill him, for no apparent reason. And yet he found himself drawn towards the most resilient hunter he had ever encountered in the centuries of his lifetime. What will happen in between these two when they are forced to work together while working towards a common enemy? ~~~~~~~~~~ "Let me be clear, once we're done I will be killing you" Spat Hayden. "You're welcome to try." Nathaniel whispered seductively, lowering his head, but he was stopped by a dagger touching his chest. "Don't tempt me to stick it in your heart" Warned Hayden. “Multiple times” he added in a whisper. "Go ahead, since it's you… I'll let you" winked Nathaniel. ~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is WSA 2022 entry in Fantasy Category PS: If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: @silly.mlk or @zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: https://discord.gg/rJPDJQA 4.Twitter: @Sillymlk 5. Blog: https://sillymlk.blogspot.com

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23 Chs

Day and Night

"Class dismissed," said Professor Rushmore moments before the clock hit twelve marking the end of his lecture. The students were starting to leave one by one when the professor called out, "Mr. Nick Horton, a word please". He called.

Nick looked at his friends anxiously, who returned the same expression. Nick urged his friends to leave without him and came forward to speak with the professor in private. "Yes Sir?" He asked.

"You were late in submitting the last few assignments which has caused you to fall behind in your grade. I hope you will submit the assignment in time this time." Professor Rushmore asked.

"I am incredibly sorry for being late" Nick Horton blabbered and looked at the ground anxiously.

"Remember, the submission date is between 13th to 17th of March" said Professor Rushmore.

Nick looked up wide eyed at the Professor. "But, Professor-"

"No excuses." Professor Rushmore added.

"I… will be out of town that week". Nick tried to explain.

"Then I expect you to make alternate arrangements. Or else I can make alternative arrangements vis a vis your graduation." Professor Rushmore shrugged.

"Can I submit it early?" Nick tried.

"Rules are rules. And as I have made it clear at the beginning of the semester… I make no exceptions when it comes to my students." He declared. "Dismissed." And with that Nick was forced to leave with dissatisfaction.

But why was Professor Rushmore so obsessed with those dates? Yes, he was a strict professor but he was also much more than that, someone who tracks nature beyond what is visible to the naked eye. And to him, those were the dates covering the full moon duration.

Professor Rushmore was meticulous with details, and thus he did not miss the periodic absence of this kid from his class near every full moon. To tally it with his physical characteristics, Professor Rushmore was almost certain that he belonged to the category of werewolves, specifically the cursed ones who shift at the mercy of the moon.

(4 days later)

Professor Rushmore headed out to the bar quite late that was situated at the outskirts of their city. Apart from drinks there were other things that drew him here. For instance, the man preparing drinks for everyone else, "Bixby, tell me you got something for me." Profession Rushmore, otherwise known as Hayden in these parts, called out.

"Sorry, no new 'boars' to hunt." Bixby shrugged. Boars was the code word for any supernatural being that Hayden could target. Being a bartender he had access to plenty of secrets of the general population in that area, thus becoming a very valuable source to Hayden. "What about that student of yours?" As somewhat of an ally, Bixby was familiar with Hayden's targets, especially the ones that Hayden made a target by himself.

"That's why I am here today." Hayden shrugged. "Few hours before the effects of the full moon begin, and that kid's friends drew him here." Hayden shrugged.

"Are you sure you wanna take this one, he is just a kid?" Bixby asked.

"Age is just a number. It doesn't change what you are." Hayden spat through his drink. "There he is." Hayden pointed at Nick. Hayden followed every action made by Nick amongst the crowd, keeping an eye on everything that was happening to him. Soon enough as the clock struck midnight Hayden could see how uneasy the crowd made Nick.

Nick managed to escape his friends, who were heavily drunk and on the verge of passing out, and found his own way to the main door. Nick made his way to the empty streets, all the way to woods near the empty park while failing to notice the hooded figure that followed him here. It was as if Nick's instinct was drawing to a certain place.

Hayden's footsteps came to a halt as did Nick's who was right in front of him, except Nick started to scream due to breaking of his bones throughout his body. Hayden knew that as soon as the process was complete, Nick would be harder to tackle. Why delay the inevitable? Nick smirked, bent down to pull the hem of his pants revealing a dagger that was beginning to rust. Pulling it out he threw it at the werewolf in transition earning a different type of scream altogether.

A werewolf would have healed from any type of dagger wound, but this one failed as the dagger was laced with dried wolfsbane throughout. Hayden approached Nick, as he screamed in pain and writhed in agony while the Wolfsbane killed him slowly amidst his transition. Soon, the screaming and the squirming toned down before everything went still and lifeless.

Nick Horton, the werewolf student of his, was finally dead. Now the only task remaining was to take care of the horrific body in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Before Hayden could proceed he felt a chill through his spine. It was his body's reaction to proximity with dangerous beings. His senses were right when he heard a husky voice say, "Thanks for taking him off my hands." Hayden jerked his head immediately and looked around.

Soon he found a pale skinned tall man approaching him. His skin was marble smooth and his square jawed face was too perfect to be human. The slightly opened mouth of the mysterious man revealed fangs confirming the identity of the man as a Vampire.

"It's been a while since I ran into any hunters." The Vampire gave a lopsided grin, revealing his fangs even further.

"Don't worry, this will be your last." Hayden smirked as well. "You're next." he declared, nudging his head towards the dead werewolf.

"We'll see." The Vampire opened his mouth wide open and ran towards Hayden at full speed.