558 Dungeon Clear


Once the Red Orc Druid King perished by the might of Ruby, the rest of the Red Orcs were sent into panic. Especially because the buffs that their leader had conjured over them were turned off. Their power quickly lowered and the rest of my Party, Summons, and the few of Saphira's Undead made a quick end to their miserable lives.

Because I jumped straight towards the boss, we ended the whole floor in less than half an hour, roughly twenty minutes. The Grimoire quickly gave a dinging sound as it showed me the overall battle results.


[You and your Party have defeated [Red Orc Warrior (E+++ Rank)] x65]

[You and your Party have defeated [Red Orc Archer (E+++ Rank)] x26]

[You and your Party have defeated [Red Orc Shaman (E+++ Rank)] x18]

[You defeated the [Red Orc Druid King (D Rank)] x1!]

[EXP has been multiplied thanks to [Hard Worker]!]

[You earned 1685000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]


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