2 Demoness of lust, Devi

Devi was aware of her position as Zoravec' servant and guide to clean his mess. The demoness of lust shifted her side on the bed and supported herself on the elbow. She stared at dead Lyra whose eyes were still open with her faint red iris fixated towards the sky. Devi perhaps knew everything about the troubles Zoravec faced. 

"You should have known he was not your mate, when you did not feel any spark connection with him. Tsk tsk, but you insisted and gave in to your lust and greed to taste his seed."

She clicked her tongue and snickered over the pathetic luck of the lady. The tragic incident occurred due to sucking Lyra's blood which killed her instantly. However such a thing had never happened before, not at least something conducted by a human.  

After the vampires brought death and destruction to the earth, it gave rise to the struggle for power. It was unknown how the vampires even emerged on the earth because those mythical creatures were known to live in another world. The apocalyptic situation incurred by them caused havoc, and humans being the weakest race; the vampires became the rulers. 

Devi sat on the bed with a mischievous grin as she lifted her right hand and bit her index finger. Blood oozed from the sharp cut caused by her canines, Devi carved a line in the middle of her forehead which got absorbed in Lyra's skin.

"This should help clean up the mess. Hehe, I missed using this magic on someone."

She seemed excited to be able to use the blood magic on Lyra. Devi' spell created a special kind of poison in her body, which upon forensics would indicate that Lyra's blood dried up and made all the fingerprints vanish. After death the particular race underwent bodily changes, which included the vanishing of blood and decaying of body after twenty four hours.

Thus, it was easy for Devi to settle the mess. Her spell caused the rotting of Zoravec' sexual release within Lyra's body. The demoness hopped off the bed and licked her injured finger which healed immediately. Devi had cleverly eradicated every kind of proof which could lead the incoming expected cops towards Zoravec.

"Ah, sometimes I amaze myself with such expertise."

A lopsided grin appeared on her lips as she raked through her pink and white streak hair. Devi headed towards the window and sat on the sill and glanced back at Lyra. She knew that soon her body would decay and would leave no clue for anyone.

"Hehe, let's see what master Zoravec is doing now after murdering a gorgeous dhampir girl."

Devi snickered and jumped off the window to chase after Zoravec to protect him. Because she required his safety first to be able to cast a bond with him in future. 

[On the other side of the scene]

Zoravec tried to keep himself calm and walked through the street like nothing happened. He could not afford to disclose his identity because it would simply risk his life on earth.

'Stay calm, stay calm. It was an accident, Zoravec.'

He constantly assured himself about the incident, because it was too much for him to swallow in just a day. Zoravec walked straight towards the lane which went to his home.

Zoravec could feel sweat beads crawling down his temples, and his heartbeat was still irregular. The city was one of the biggest among all the other realms/worlds on earth. The realm was surrounded by a huge water body with multiple different islands which were labelled as cities.

'I have to pretend like nothing happened, and I never went to Lyra's place. Yes, yes.'

His grip tightened around the strap of his bag as he took bigger steps towards the left lane. But due to diversion of focus and troubled mind resulted in bumping into someone.

"Hey, you…!"

A loud growling male voice resonated as the response, but was soon interrupted when the person spotted Zoravec.

"Oh, haha...look guys, it's Zoravec. The creepy nerd from section A."

Pike, the bulky guy, whom Zoravec bumped into chirped with a mocking tone.

The brawny man's silhouette blocked the sunlight which was falling over Zoravec. Whereas the two other boys snickered meaningfully acknowledging what was coming ahead. Zoravec panicked and looked around for anybody before he could shout for help. 

'No, no. Not this bully. The heck from where Pike came in!?'

He was the last person Zoravec wanted to encounter on that day. And unfortunately there was nobody else in the street, it seemed the particular day was cursed for him.

Before Pike could reach for him Zoravec sprinted backwards and tried to walk past him right when his attention diverted towards his lackeys.

"Where are you sneaking away after injuring me, you creep?"

Zoravec was nearly successful in sneaking away without being caught, when Pike reached for his shirt from behind.

Zoravec wanted to scoff over the accusation of hurting a big guy like Pike, who was barely affected by his bumping. But he could afford to offend Pike when Zoravec himself was afraid and unsure about his gradually evolving powers.

"Pike, please let me go. I can't stay here any longer today."

Zoravec tried to protest and pushed himself forward from the upper body. But Pike's grip around his shirt was tight enough, he pulled Zoravec with force and tossed him away. His words infuriated Pike who perhaps did not have any intentions to play with him before.

"Let you go, huh? LET YOU GO!? How dare you talk back with me!?"

Zoravec was thrown on the street over his butt and injured his elbows. The ground rumbled as Pike walked closer to him with his canines transforming into fangs gradually as he snarled. Zoravec immediately crawled backwards by supporting himself on palms.

He did not want to be beaten up because Zoravec suspected his hidden powers might surface, and he would end up either exposing himself or killing another person. He knew there was no use of negotiation with Pike and his lackeys. Because apparently Zoravec was known for being a nerd rather than an athletic person, who did not know how to attack or defend himself.

'Fuck! Fuck! Today is a bad day. Gaah! Somebody save me.'

Zoravec stood up immediately and attempted to run without looking back. The street was the only pathway between two big blocks of housing. And it was already past two hours from college and school's off time. Hence the streets were now occupied by rogue kids or different gang members, which was why those hours were not safe to step out of home.

"Stop this prick!"

Pike yelled to his lackeys who used their super speed and blocked his pathway. Zoravec immediately halted with fright, the street was a battleground for him now with nobody else to rescue him. Zoravec cursed himself with his shaking legs because he had been a victim of Pike's bullying since school times.

"Pike, please. Not today."

Zoravec turned around to see him approaching, he did not want to proceed with any unnecessary quarrel. But he also did not intend to injure Pike, thus pleaded to him to let go. The boy A among the lackeys of Pike leaped towards him, Zoravec reflexively dodged him by swirling to the left.

The awakening of his vampiric powers provided him a few perks, a few of them were super strength, speed, hearing and smelling sense. However as soon as Zoravec moved along with his bag, the hand of the guy A touched the sharp keyring tucked to Zoravec' bag.

The attacker fell down on the ground over his face, the whole act of so- called rebellion infuriated Pike.

"You little punk! Aren't you flying higher, eh! What changed to make you so confident that you grew wings?"

Pike spoke loudly and black aura began to ooze from his body, he prepared himself to attack Zoravec.

The guy B approached his pal and supported him to stand up while blood droplets fell on the ground. Pike summoned a visible part of his powers and dashed towards Zoravec with the intention of landing a strong punch on his face.

"I will make sure you regret crossing paths with me today."

Pike's threat fell into his ears like a muffled voice.

Whereas Zoravec stood there with his head lowered and shoulders slumped.

'What is happening to me? This….this smell, it's driving me crazy.'

A strange and unfamiliar sensation crept into his body, Zoravec was shivering with his blood pressure rising constantly.

The overwhelming feeling crept into his body and Zoravec could hear his heart beating in his ears. The stench of blood coming from the injured hand of guy A intoxicated him.


Zoravec could feel strength developing in his muscles, it suddenly provided him confidence that he could fight with Pike. His vampiric powers were surfacing and as soon as Pike approached him, Zoravec immediately dodged and sprinted backwards.

[Yes, I know you can feel the power in you. I know you want to kill him Zoravec, do it. Do it, he has been bullying you all along.]

'What is this voice again? This...this power really feels amazing.'

Zoravec stared at his hands and clenched his fists to feel the strength, which was constantly increasing in his body.

Whereas Pike groaned in frustration and charged at him again, his punch was aimed towards Zoravec' face. But before his attack could hurt him, Zoravec blocked his fist into his palm. 

[Yes, hehe! That's like it. Fight back, I know you want to punch him. Right, Zoravec?]

Zoravec gave in to the temptation of the powers he experienced in that moment. A grin appeared on his lips when he crushed Pike's hand, which made him wince in agony because Zoravec' grip was powerful enough to break his bones. 

As soon as Pike fell backwards over his butt due to the immense pain and disbelief...Zoravec happily giggled over his newly found strength. 

"You little….!"

Pike lackey number B shouted and charged towards Zoravec, but before he could reach something hit his lower abdomen. 

Zoravec' speed was enhanced and his gut feeling assured him to dash towards guy B, he followed his instincts and charged towards the attacker. Zoravec wanted to test his abilities because previously all he could do was use his super speed. 

His body was initially weak and Zoravec was aware of his incapability to fight anybody. That's why he never raised his voice against Pike or any other bully. However now that his vampiric powers had been awakened and it provided him all those desired qualities Zoravec ever wanted. 

Meanwhile on the nearby tree Devi sat on the branch as she watched over him and provoked Zoravec so he would use his skills now. She wanted a strong minded host who had decent physical strength, but Zoravec snagged her attention due to numerous reasons. Devi was convinced that she wanted him as her master, and for that she had to train him harder to be the strongest person alive! 

The guy B fell on the ground over his knees due to the strong pangs of pain in his tummy which soon caused him to faint. Whereas the coward guy A pretended to be unconscious despite not being injured at all. 

On the other hand Pike ran for his life without looking back. Zoravec wanted to chase him but that was enough satisfaction for the day. After all he had to stay low key for a few days now for whatever had already happened. 

Zoravec dusted off his hands and smiled at his victory, he completely neglected the sudden outburst of a foreign energy within his body. However it disturbed him for a while but he knew where to find answers now. 

Meanwhile Devi slyly toyed with her hair lock upon witnessing the whole incident. Her invisibility spell allowed her to see all the action scenario without any worry of being seen or caught. The demoness was truly amazed and enamoured by Zoravec, who donned his bag over the shoulders and began to walk towards home. 

Devi hopped off the tree branch and stared at him walking back home, while the demoness snapped her fingers and vanished into the thin air. 

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