Vampire God in the Apocalypse

The first phase of the tiran impact lasted for a whole day. Asteroids falling into earth, releasing and spreading strange green gases into the air. This has mutated or should I say, Zombified humans who were infected, Mutated monsters, and alerted alien races about the existence of earth. Those who survived for 24 hours recieved a chance to survive what was to come as that wasn't the end. Dexter was always a person who didn't care about the world. However, becoming a vampire in the apocalypse was something that he never anticipated. But it was a must if he wanted to leave his hiding spot which was surrounded by monster zombies. While restraining himself from giving into his urges to drink blood, he struggles to keep his sanity intact. Time and time again he refuses to become a lawless bloodsucker. Well, he would rise, facing different adversaries and foes, developing from the once weak and feeble human, into a vampire god. ... Remember not to buy batch chapters or auto unlock, a few duplicate/empty chapters after chapter 70 or so. The book is now under editing ... Join my discord server for character illustrations and fan arts. https://discord.gg/ANtzHhzF5b

Dexter_Sled_1111 · Fantasy
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200 Chs

1. Prologue: Tiran impact

[Humans. It's time to face the ultimate tribulation. Tiran lmpact is occurring all over the universe and earth will also be part of it.]

[The rules are simple, the weak die, the strong survive, the strong rebuilds earth their own way.]

[Heaven's tower is now open to all individuals, make sure to get enough points for you can only enter a few times in your entire lifetime. I would have saved humans from the Tiran impact but you guys have already forgotten your creator. Many will die, many will cry. Haha, that actually rhymes, die, cry. ]

[Anyways, all rules guarding earth before will be nullified. Lucky for you guys, the tiran impact also allows access to a means to grow stronger. I bid farewell to this beautiful planet. Good luck humans.]

A handsome young man with short black hair and brown eyes stared at the floating words in confusion. He was shopping when these golden words began to appear in mid air.

"What the hell?" He looked confused. "How is this working?"

He wondered how the government did this or who pulled a prank but he looked around to see other people in the supermarket staring in front of them with the same exptession of confusion he had.

*Dum Dum Dum*

Dexter looked outside through the widows and saw the sky suddenly darken with blackish clouds, green lightning flashing within as asteroids on green flames fell from the sky.

"What the hell is happening?" Dexter saw an asteroids crash on a person's car and a blue hand broke through the door and then Dexter saw the most scary creature he has ever seen.

[The tiran impact has began.]

welcome dear readers. This book will be a mix of fantasy, action, adventure, system, and a little bit of romance later on.

For now let's turn MC into a vampire and throw him into the apocalypse.

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