2 Vampire CEO Of Graceland 2

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"I'm going to get you a wife!" Grace stated, determined and hearing that, Logan rolled his eyes at her ridiculous words.

"Mom! You can't get me a wife, at least not someone I don't even know… I already told you that I'm going to find a wife, can't you have patience?"

He asked a little upset and with that, Grace voiced out, "Patience? Do you think anyone has patience anymore…please keep in mind that you need an heir son unless no one would count you eligible enough to rule over us!?

"I had you when your father and I were just three years old in marriage, so your father's standing in the house was secured. No one could dare challenge him because he had his foundation and that was you and your siblings!" Grace explained.

"We don't just need an heir son, we need a daughter-in-law, the girls need a mother, and you need your foundation!" Grace said as she then stared at her son in complete silence as he dwelled on his mother's words.

"Fine Mom! I'll get myself a wife, just don't be too worried!" He said to her as he placed his hands on her shoulder.

And hearing that, Logan said, "I don't just need a daughter-in-law any time from now, I need one now son.I give you One month. If you are unable to get me a wife in one month, then I'll find a wife for you, and you'll marry her whether you like it or not!"

Grace said as she then turned around and left, leaving Logan to just stand there in silence.

His mother was right, he had a duty as a son, lord, and father to his daughters. He couldn't let those duties layoff, all because of Rebecca.

She was part of his past now, a past that he wished he never had.

Sighing, Logan went to his room, took his car keys, changed his clothes and made his way out as the others just stared at him as he left, all of them wondering where he was going.


After the one-hour drive, he finally stopped in front of a downtown bar and as he entered, the Barista and the musicians all hailed in happiness to see him.

It seemed like he was a very regular customer here.

After getting himself a drink, Logan made his way into a different room… VIP and upon entering, he wasn't surprised to see his best friend who was surrounded by different women.

"Wow! I'm in a crisis and here you are enjoying yourself!" He stated, and hearing that, Leonel placed his drink down.

As he then said, "What else do you want me to do, dude? You called me so early and asked me to come meet you…at least let me enjoy myself while I wait for you!"

Leonel said, "So tell me … .what's the crisis about?"

Leonel asked and with that, Logan sighed as he took a seat opposite his best friend with a sip of his drink, as he voiced out, "My mom wants me to get married!"

Logan stated and hearing that, he had a completely unbothered expression, "Ok… Tell me something I don't know!"

He said sarcastically and hearing that, Logan said, "She's serious this time, she wants me to get a wife in less than a month and if I don't, she'll get a wife for me and I would rather not marry any girl my mom chooses!"

"What's so bad about the girls your mom chooses?" Leonel asked, and with that, Logan sighed.

"They would be either devious Snakes who are either after my money and power or just want to be the LADYSHIP of the Vampire Lord!" Logan stated.

"And I don't want that type of wife, at least I know I don't need that. I want someone who will love my daughters and my family. I have completely lost hope for love, so all there will be between us is just respect, nothing more!"

Logan said and with that, Leonel was quiet for a second before he then said, "Well then I guess you are going to go for a massive Wife hunt, but before that lets just relax and have some fun, after all…when you get married you are going to have lots more responsibility ahead of you!"

Leonel said and with that, Logan smirked, "Ok then, what fun thing do you have in mind?"

He asked and with that, Leonel stated, "There is going to be a nice hotel party tomorrow night. Why don't you come along with me, it would be fun, and you can have some fun time with some girls! Huh?"

Leonel said and with that, Logan sighed as he then nodded, "You're going to die of too much fun one day!" He said, and with that, they drank until the sun was visible in the sky.

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[GRACE ALEXANDER is The mother To Logan and is currently the head of family Since her husband is dead]


[Leonel Red moon is the only child of the Red moon family. A pure-blooded vampire and the best friend to Logan.

They have known each other since they were young and are currently one of the richest CEOs in Graceland]


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Who was Logan Thorn?

Well, only the richest and one if the most handsome CEO of Graceland.

He had everything, money, cars, Houses…what else would a man like this not have.

Before he was known as the 'Vampire CEO' of Graceland, he was well-loved by almost all the ladies of Graceland because of how rich he was.

But after his true identity was revealed, only those who were after his money and looks came after him, even though they feared the fact that he was a vampire.

But there was also something people found rather amusing, and that was the love he shows his daughters.

Although no one knows who their mother was, they knew very well that Logan Thorn treated them like his greatest jewels.

But yet, he was without a wife, something people wondered but for some who don't care much about people's life…they lived peacefully.

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It was as bright as Day could be, and seated beside her dressing table was a girl with the most beautiful and Charmin Brown hair that you could ever gaze upon.

Behind her was a less beautiful woman as she made her hair with some Rollers and creams.

Just then, a young woman barged into the dressing room and upon seeing her friend seated, she quickly walked towards her.

"Andrea! I'm back!" said Clover as she hugged her friend slightly and upon seeing her, a bright and wide smile appeared on the lips of the beautiful woman seated.

As she turned her head to gaze upon her friend, Andrea's beautiful sky-blue eyes seemed to have linked itself with the sun as it brightened like the star in the sky.

"Clover! You're finally back! How was work?" Andrea asked and hearing that, clover smiled as she replied, "Well it was normal as usual!"

"Sorry I came late and missed your shooting, but i saw some nice photos from Bobby, You looked beautiful as always!"

She stated with a wide smile as Andrea blushed upon hearing her friend's words.

But before she could utter another word, a familiar voice was heard, "Of course she looked beautiful in the photos, after all she is the most beautiful top actress of Graceland!"

Said Sara as she made her way in with her brown handbag as her glasses were placed on her blonde short hair.

"Sara! You're here too!" Andrea said smiling and Sara smiled along with her.

"Yes! I was going to go straight to work, but I remembered that today is your shooting for the movie, so I decided to just come in and say 'hi'."

Sara stated and with that, Andrea nodded, "Thanks for stopping by you too… Would you guys like a Dr…"


The door dashed open, and a less graceful voice was heard which interrupted Mia before she could finish what she was saying, and that person was no one apart from 'Rochelle' Andrea's Stepsister and just like always, she had a fake and disgusting smile visible on her face.

"Long time no see Sara. What brings you here this beautiful morning?" She asked as her twin sister 'Rachel' walked in as she stood beside her.

And upon seeing, Sara wasn't thrilled but she herself forced a fake smile as she said, "Well as you know, Andrea is my best friend and this is a crucial day

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