1 Vampire CEO Of Graceland 1

Driving through a rough and sloppy hill was a black Bugatti, and as it parked in front of a massive villa in the middle of a forest.

The villa was huge and white, with the beautiful yard well-kept and maintained, featuring lush grass and trees.

Light radiated from it, warming Logan's heart as he gazed at his home.

Just then, the driver emerged from the car and opened the back, and a tall man with a briefcase stepped out.

He was tall and wore a black suit, with thick, silky black hair and captivating reddish eyes.

He headed towards his house, known as one of the most successful, charming, and feared CEOs in Graceland.

"Logan Thorn," often called "The Vampire CEO," and his reputation had reasons.

If I were to tell you he was a real vampire, it might be hard to believe, but everyone in Graceland knew it.

Entering his house, Logan was greeted by the overwhelming sounds of his two little daughters, "Belle and Bella."

They playfully flew around the house in their bat forms, with their nanny "Jeon" chasing after them.

"Would you two come down! Don't fly too high, or you'll fa—" she said, but it was too late, Belle lost control and descended like a jet.

However, Logan dropped his suitcase and quickly caught her, landing safely.

"Papa! You saved me!" Belle exclaimed as she transformed back to her human form.

Bella ran towards her father, and Logan bent down to his two twins.

"How was your day today, my angels?" he asked. Belle replied, "It was so much fun… Jeon taught us some transforming tricks!"

"Yeah, and we played around the house!" Bella continued as Logan patted their heads.

"Welcome, sir!" Jeon greeted with a slight bow. Logan nodded in acknowledgment.

"Umm, sir… Old Madam is actually upstairs in your study waiting for you!"

She informed him, leaving Logan a bit surprised.

"Is that so? Then I shall go meet her now… Angels, you two go play in your room and don't forget to listen to Jeon."

He instructed, and they nodded, following Jeon to their room.

Meanwhile, Logan ascended the stairs to meet his mother.

Getting to his study, he saw his mother seated on a chair beside his desk, and upon noticing his presence, Grace said, "Took you long enough to get home… Where did you spend the day?"

She questioned, and Logan sighed, dropping his briefcase on the table. He asked, "Let's cut through the chase, shall we? What are you doing here?"

He inquired with an interrogative gaze, knowing she must have a reason for coming, and it likely wouldn't be something he'd welcome.

"I went to the elders' meeting today, and you won't believe what their topic was," she began.

"Let me guess… They were discussing ways to keep werewolves out of our territory because I can't imagine any other topic they'd focus on," Logan responded coldly.

But Grace interrupted him, "They weren't just discussing that, Logan. You and I both know they were talking about you and your heir."

"Mom! Not this again!" Logan said with exhaustion in his voice.

"Yes, this again, and I won't stop until you listen. You need an heir, for goodness' sake! Remember, you have a responsibility not just to your family but to our entire clan and children!"

"Mom! Since Rebecca left, I haven't felt anything for any other woman... You should understand that more than anyone. I don't desire this!"

"I understand what Rebecca put you through was unimaginable. But she's moved on, found happiness, and you should too."

"She abandoned your love and affection, and her loss shouldn't affect everyone around you, Logan!" Grace urged.

"Look at your children; they need a mother, not just a nanny. They need a mother who will love and nurture them wholeheartedly. We need an heir from you, the vampire lord of our family. We need you to continue our legacy, Logan. We need a pure-blooded heir."

"It's essential for your safety and the protection of our clan. I don't care what you say anymore, Logan, because I'm going to find you a wife."

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