Vampire's Slice Of Life

Lith is born as the son of the strongest being in the world and after he realizes that, he gives up any hopes for world domination. He decides to lead a slow and lazy life and work just enough to not tarnish his family's reputation. However… Will he be able to do that though? Welcome to a world of magic where different races reside, resurrection is possible and so is reincarnation. ——————————————— [Warning: The novel contains Gore, Incest and Yuri. Discretion is advised.] Read chapter two’s disclaimer properly and keep tissues ready, you’ll need them… for wiping your tears of course. This story is really emotional :( Jk It’s as degenerate and wholesome as it could be. Hop in for a wild, never before experienced experience. Your degenerate heart’s gonna love it. Discord: https://discord.gg/RBhAbVAvnN

SocialHippo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1083 Chs

Lith’s Grandmother

"…elders killed us."

Lith got another shock hearing that. The clan killed their own members? Why?

Aegis could guess Lith's next question. He ruffled Lith's hair and continued in a gentle tone, "You see… Your grandmother, she did something she was forbidden to do."

"She married a person from the rival clan — The Asura God Clan — and brought a calamity upon herself."

'Sigh, I can fully guess the reason now.' Lith thought to himself as he got the hint.

"So for this, the clan hunted her, right?" Lith replied.

Aegis nodded. "Right. Your grandmother and your grandfather had a bounty on their heads and after years of hiding, they were finally found and chased by both the God Clans."

"They both were almost caught at one point, but your grandfather stayed behind to keep the people busy while ensuring your grandmother escaped with your mother."