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[Rewriting Free Chapter's Progress: 12/49] A boy devastated by the loss of his family turned to games to fill the void. The game he chose was a Virtual Reality Role Playing Game where you could seduce and have passionate erotic scene's with the heroines, as it was rated 18+ On his first day before playing the game, he chose to use a preset of a character with a similar name to his, "Lucian Von Silver," a vampire baron but a sub-villain in the game's standard route, only surviving properly. However, this route would see him lose his beloved childhood friend because of his useless talent and playboy lifestyle. When choosing this, Lucian thought nothing could go wrong with making a custom avatar that looked like the perfect mix of the two. When he entered the game, a strange figure appeared above his home, apologising as lightning struck down on his house. Lucian was electrocuted inside his VR pod and died without starting the game. Yet this was unknown to Lucian, who awakened in a luxurious nobles' room. Slightly confused, he decided to keep playing, only to discover he now inhabited the body of the actual baron, "Lucian Von Silver!" But this was not the game, but a real world that the game was based on. He began to feel dread at the thought of the future until he gained the system that would guide him. "The Seduction System" This was the first step in his becoming one of the most lustful and powerful vampires in the entire universe. ———— NO NTR NO YURI ————

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Chapter 37: Entering Grendel City

Lucian finished having his carriage checked, leaving the central entrance. He still felt marvel at the gigantic stone walls, like something out of that story with the ring and several midgets eating a second breakfast. Brian, the young guard, helped quite a lot. Lucian received a map of the city. Brian wrote his mana code with poor handwriting at the bottom.

You would keep the same code for a lifetime. Monsters or demons that evolve every 10 levels were different. They would use a variable device that would alter their mana code, which allowed them to keep their original code. Criminals would keep their new codes avoiding capture.

"Lucian." Mira said, with a serious voice.

She seemed to feel sad, however continued what she needed to say. She slid her hand over his cheek before parting several steps.

"I will enter the Elven quarter before we attended the academy. I wish nothing more than to remain beside you and enjoy the pleasures of life."

'Please forgive me, darling, but I have my duties! I will miss you so much!' She thought whilst speaking.

Mira smiled with bitterness. She strengthened her resolve to part with him, who she spent three months with. Her lips trembled with her following words.

"However, I have my duty as a princess. Please forgive me for leaving you. Never doubt you shall be on my mind every second! If it wasn't for those assassins' plan to kill my sister, I could have remained by your side!"

'My mother died for those ministers. I cannot let my dear sister die, too! You will understand me, right? What should I do if we're together every second? My body cannot withstand that much intense action… Hehe! Wait for me to come back! Don't cheat with other women…. Too much,'

She tried to project her hidden thoughts to him, as they were too embarrassing to say out loud.

Lucian thought of those teary parting scenes in movies to give a warm smile to her. Thank to his long time with reduced emotions. He was now able to act relatively normal by acting.

His hand stroked through her hair before he too parted several steps from her with a nod.

"Don't worry, I know you have a lot to do. I'm happy to have spent so long with you. Please do your best! Should you need support with your sister's situation, don't forget, I'm always there for you!"

'He understands me… I'm glad. Some books write about clingy lovers who never allow their partner to grow and insist they always stay joined at the hip. How could you love someone for thousands of years if you act like that?'

His deep voice that seemed to quiver clutched at Mira's heart strings. She couldn't resist running at him, leaping into his embrace one last time. Her arms clung to him like a koala as she gave him a gentle, loving kiss. She sucked on his lips before quickly parting, ending her fleeting dream, fluttering into the distance. Only a faint "I love you" flowed with the soft wind.

'It's all up to you, Sister… I didn't want you to leave me, but those idiots hate any elf that isn't pure! Don't worry, I shall change everything one day and we shall rule together!'

Altair stood to the side with a smirk at her sister's actions. She wore a maid outfit that was like the French one Lucian saw on certain image sites; it was mainly black, some parts white and filled with frills. He chose a long skirt, as her thighs were only his to see. He definitely didn't enjoy that kind of play! Never! Her golden eyes left Mira's body and returned to Lucian.

(Altair POV)

"In all honesty, I wished to have joined her. She's not the brightest elf in the forest. However, now I'm a dark elf, and they don't welcome my kind in that country."

I started narrating the story about the first dark elf to him. My beloved man, our fingers interlocked as we walked towards the registration desk. He seemed to enjoy seeing the various other races. My heart skipped a beat as his eyes flickered with jealousy towards males that approached me.

He would rarely show any intense emotions like this. So his actions shocked me when he pulled me closer into his arms.

His actions excited me as I got lost in the story of my ancestor's sister.

—Dark elves usually lived in the demon kingdoms. They formed when a group of elves rebelled over 4,000 years ago. Princess Aldaris, who was loved by her people, led the rebellion. Because of the actions of her brother's the high elves angered the gods and lost their link with divinity and became regular elves.

Aldaris was married to a demon, so she became the scapegoat for her this event. It took less than a week. All the people who used to love her deemed her evil, seeking to purge her from the city. This event ended in her husband dying on their escape, leaving a pregnant Aldaris alone in a world with no alliance.

She struggled to survive and found a small demon village. Only ten women remained of those who followed her. The village accepted them happily as it lacked young, beautiful women. Aldaris didn't mind, as her child would be half demon. Her daughter was born with caramel skin and a high affinity with fire magic, as if to spur the burning of the green forest.

It's not known what happened after that event. The elf king ordered the books about Aldaris to be burned. They twisted all detailed information about the birth of dark elves to make demons look evil for commoners. They verbally handed the truth down within the royal family.

His face became lost in thought. A faint smile appeared on his face after my story ended. I wondered why this smile was the most beautiful smile Lucian had given. 'Is it because it doesn't feel created?' Now that I knew he could smile like a normal person, my heart felt a wave of enthusiasm. 'This shall be my goal. I want him to show his feelings naturally, no longer having to pretend in front of me and my sister!'

"Hello, welcome to Grendel city. My name is Zeth. Are you here as a visitor, a student, or do you seek refuge?"

In my dazed thoughts, Lucian was now speaking to a dwarven woman with cute ginger hair that curled around her neck.

She seemed to have a flirtatious glint towards him, so I slipped my body into his right arm to show my sovereignty! Lucian just snorted at me and gave a light chuckle towards my actions. I couldn't understand his actions until I saw the badge on the dwarf's chest.

It had the symbol for the male. 'How embarrassing… No wait! Does that mean men would approach him?'

I remembered the thin books that Mira would hide under her bed before leaving for the academy. It detailed the passionate love of a vampire baron and his enemy, the human hero. 'Ah… Those books are outrageous. I wonder where they sell them… for research, of course! Don't stare at me with warm eyes! It's not what you think. How could a proud warrior like me enjoy that… That filth!'

(Altair POV end)

Lucian coughed lightly to end the awkward atmosphere as he noticed Altair seemed to have stopped functioning properly and squirmed. He turned back to the pleasant chap called Zeth and gave a warm smile.

"Sorry about that. My maid is a little passionate. She thought you were going to steal me away. I guess it's because you're so cute. Haha!"

His deep tone caused several of the receptionists to be captivated. They felt jealousy towards Zeth having a hunky client. Perverted humans who hadn't bathed in months or racist bean sprout Elven males were their only visitors.

"Ah!? C-cute… Thank you, sir!" Zeth said with a soft voice. Others had always mocked him for being pathetic or lacking manliness. Lucian's words gave him a boost in confidence. He wouldn't lie about that since he's so attractive. Maybe I can finally ask Sofia to join me for dinner!' His eyes looked towards a girl in the corner.

A cute girl with brown, braided hair and large glasses was helping an elderly lady register as a refugee. She was the first girl to treat him like a male.

Her name was Sofia. She taught him to shape up and helped him grow his confidence by swapping desks so that he dealt with more people and teaching him each night.

"My name is Lucian Von Silver, a baron of the Vampire kingdom. My territory is in the south of Arullvana and named Adelvania."

Lucian wanted to act the part since he was going to live as the baron Lucian Silver. He swore to never shame the man who gave his body to him.

His posture was elegant and his bow refined. The boy blushed at the man. He seemed so radiant and dreamy. His maid gave an elegant curtsy, stepping behind her master, completely different from her previous self.

"Is it by chance THAT Adelvania?" Zeth asked with curiosity.


Lucian wondered what those two women had done. As he watched the dwarven boys' glistening eyes as if it filled him with the desire to gossip and inform him about his own territory.

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