27 Ch-27 Invitation to the Chunin Exams

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Four ninjas were swiftly jumping from tree to tree, traveling at a very fast speed towards the direction of the Uzumaki country.

"Sakumo-senpai, do you think it would be a good idea for us to go to the Uzumaki country?" asked Jiraiya. "If the fire God decides to strike us down, the ninja world would lose a handsome and powerful toad immortal like myself." Jiraiya continued to strike some peculiar poses as he spoke.

Orochimaru looked at Jiraiya as if he didn't know who he was, while Tsunade approached Jiraiya and punched him in the face, sending him flying and causing him to crash to the ground.

All three of them continued moving without waiting for Jiraiya, but he soon caught up and joined them within a few minutes.

Just as he was about to speak, Tsunade cut him off and said, "Bastard, if you say something like that again, I'll send you to meet my grandfather."

Jiraiya, with a look of fear on his face, stopped speaking, and the journey continued in silence.

"After some time, all four of them reached the vicinity of the Uzumaki country, and eventually arrived at the gate. As soon as they arrived, they were surrounded by the ninja of the Uzumaki country."

The Uzumaki country ninja asked in a cold tone, "Ninja from the Konoha village, what are you doing here?"

Upon seeing the cold attitude of the Uzumaki country ninja, Jiraiya spoke up. "It's already been six years since that incident happened. Even we in Konoha suffered. Can't we forget our hatred?"

"Stop talking nonsense and state your purpose," said the leader.

Sakumo sighed after hearing the words of the Uzumaki Jonin, but he stated his purpose of coming there and said, "We came here to meet the Uzumaki Kage on behalf of the Konoha village."

"Captain, we must not allow them to enter the Uzumaki village," said one of the present ninja.

"No, we can't do this. Neither the Fire country nor the Konoha village have blocked people from the Uzumaki village to do business in their territory or banned people from entering their territory. So, morally and politically, we can't stop them," said the leader. Then, the leader turned towards the envoy from Konoha and said, "We will inform the clan head of your arrival. When he wants to meet you, you will be informed. Till then, you can stay in any hotel or inn."

As Sakumo and the rest of the group nodded in agreement to the leader's words, they were granted permission to enter the Uzumaki village. As they stepped into the village, they were met with a sight that amazed them - the Uzumaki village had grown even more prosperous than before, and some would argue that it was on par with, if not better than, Konoha. It was no secret that the village had become the largest supplier of explosive tags, giving them the ability to control the price of these valuable commodities at their own discretion. The group couldn't help but marvel at the Uzumaki village's growth and success.

The leader of the ninja who had been at the gate of Uzumaki village knocked on the door to Uzumaki Fusao's office. Fusao, who was the new Kage and clan head of the Uzumaki village and family, was sitting and working inside.

Fusao looked at the leader and spoke "Matsuda what brings you here."

"Clan head, the envoys from Konoha village have come to meet you. I have sent them to live in a hotel for now."replied Matsuda.

"Okay, inform the elders about it, and also bring all of them to the meeting room. Additionally, please bring all the envoys from Konoha village there," said Fuso.

After one hour, everyone assembled in the meeting room of the Uzumaki village. Fuso was sitting in the center, and the elders were sitting in a U-shape around Fuso. Sakumo, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were sitting opposite Fuso. The elders were different from before; every elder was around 40 years old. After Mitsuo retired from the position of clan head and made his son Fuso the new clan head, the elders also retired, and new elders were appointed.

"So, what is your purpose for coming to the Uzumaki village?" asked Fuso.

"We came here to formally invite the Uzumaki village to participate in the Chunin exam held in Konoha village," said Sakumo while handing over the scroll to Fuso. "This is an official letter from the Hokage-sama."

"Impossible! Do you think of us as fools? Why would we send our children to your village just to let them die?" said one of the elders.

"Clan head, I also disagree. We shouldn't trust Konoha village," another elder voiced his dissatisfaction.

"We will answer you after discussing it thoroughly. You may rest in the hotel," said Fuso.

"No need, Father. We will go to Konoha," at this time a beautiful girl with red hair entered the meeting hall. She is none other than Kushina.

"Don't be impulsive, Kushina. After discussing, we will reach a decision. Going to Konoha is not that safe," said Fuso in a soft tone to his daughter.

"I know what you are thinking, Father, but this is what Grandpa told me. He said if Konoha really dared to do anything, then this time it will not be as simple as destroying the infrastructure of Konoha," she said with momentum in her words.

When everyone from Uzumaki family heard Kushina speaking "Grandpa," they understood it was Kagutsuchi. As Kushina only calls Kagutsuchi "Grandpa," and she teases Mitsuo by calling him "Small Grandpa."

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