1 Ch-1 Uzumaki family in danger.

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The Uzumaki country was enveloped in a thick haze.

Within the Uzumaki family's meeting room, the Third elder suggested, "We must relocate to a new location and live in secrecy."

The First elder disagreed, "Leaving is not an option. They have surely considered our escape, and fleeing now would only hasten our demise. Let us wait for Konoha. They will surely provide us with support once they learn of our situation."

The Second elder chimed in happily, "Yes, you are right. Konoha is our ally. They will undoubtedly come to our aid."

The Fourth elder eagerly added, "Just wait until Konoha arrives. We will show Kirigakure, Iwagakure, and Kumogakure what the Uzumaki clan is truly capable of." He could already envision his fantasies becoming reality.

The Third elder furrowed his brow and responded, "But what about the safety of our people? The longer we stay here, the more vulnerable we become."

The First elder nodded in understanding, "I know it's a difficult decision, but we must trust in our allies. Konoha has always been there for us in times of need."

The Second elder chimed in again, "We must have faith in our village and our allies. They will not abandon us."

The Fourth elder's eyes glinted with excitement, "Yes, and when they arrive, we will fight with all our might. We will not let our enemies trample over our homeland."

The Uzumaki family patriarch, who also held the title of Daimyo of the Uzumaki country, watched as the elders discussed their options. Unlike them, he was not naive and fully understood the workings of politics. He knew that the Uzumaki family did not have much to offer Konoha, and therefore, it was unlikely that Konoha would risk offending three major villages just to protect them.

The patriarch understood that if the Hokage had been from the Senju family, there might have been some hope as they had promised to be eternal friends with the Uzumaki family. However, with Sarutobi Hiruzen as Hokage, who was obviously not from the Senju family, the patriarch's hopes were dwindling. He knew that they had to be realistic and face the situation at hand.

The patriarch observed the conversation with a stoic expression. Finally, he spoke up, "I understand your concerns, but we must be practical. We do not have much to offer Konoha, and it is unlikely that they will risk offending three major villages for our sake."

The First elder looked taken aback, "But surely, our long-standing alliance with Konoha-"

The patriarch interrupted, "Alliances can only go so far. We must face the reality of the situation. We need to focus on protecting our people and finding a solution that does not rely solely on Konoha's aid."

The Third elder nodded in agreement, "He's right. We need to think of a plan that takes into account our own strengths and resources."

The patriarch looked at them with a sense of urgency, "We need to act fast. We cannot rely on others to solve our problems. We must find a solution ourselves."

The Fourth elder looked uncertain, "But what can we do? We are surrounded by powerful enemies."

The patriarch's expression softened, "We may not have much, but we still have our strength, our determination, and our will to protect our people. We will find a way."

At this moment, a messenger entered the meeting room .

"Patriarch, as per your orders, I went to Konoha to request assistance. I met with the Hokage of Konoha and made the request, but they said they would send support after high-level discussions within Konoha. On my way back, I encountered a team of Konoha ninjas who were stationed at our borders. When I inquired, they told me they had received orders to go to Sunagakure," reported the messenger.

The meeting room fell silent upon hearing the messenger's words. "How could they?" said the second elder with an ugly expression. "Not only are they refusing to support us, but they have also removed their army from our borders," added the third elder.

"The Second Hokage stationed that army on our borders to support us if needed. This is a clear abandonment of our alliance," said the first elder. The fourth elder asked the messenger if he had informed Mito of the situation. "I met with her, but she told me that leaving Konoha may cause other villages to perceive Konoha as a threat, potentially disrupting the peace of the ninja world. As a strategic asset of Konoha, she cannot leave," replied the messenger.

Upon hearing this, the faces of the elders turned ugly. They had not expected Mito, who was not just any member of the Uzumaki family but also the princess of the Uzumaki country and elder sister of the patriarch, to refuse to take action.

The second elder chimed in, "We have been allies for generations, and they are breaking their word. This is unacceptable!"

The fourth elder turned to the messenger and asked, "Did you tell them the urgency of the situation?"

"Yes, I explained everything to the Hokage and requested immediate assistance," replied the messenger.

The Second Elder voiced his concerns, "Must we really accept the conditions put forth by Kirigakure, Iwagakure, and Kumogakure?"

The First Elder responded firmly, "Absolutely not! We cannot give away our sealing technique or our children. Our Uzumaki family is known for our sealing technique, and if we give it away, what value will our clan have in this Ninja world? And what of our children's future? We cannot allow them to be treated as bargaining chips."

The Fourth Elder agreed, "The thought of how our children might be treated is terrifying. We cannot accept these conditions."

The patriarch interjected, "We need not discuss this matter any further. As for the issue with Konoha, we must keep it under wraps to avoid causing panic."

He then turned to the messenger and thanked him for his report, assuring him that they would take appropriate action. As the messenger left, the patriarch rose from his seat and announced, "I will seek counsel from my uncle. Perhaps he can offer some advice."

With that, he left the meeting room, leaving the elders to continue their discussion and devise a plan to protect their clan and their values.

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