1 Traitor

Sebastian p.o.v

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!! please master, ...please

l....l beg you...please master have Mercy on me ....please forgive me, master,"

Imposing over a majestic cushion chair in my stone wall dungeon, I was entertaining myself with the punishment of a traitor. The metallic smell of blood lingering in the air made it intoxicating for my liking.

He was tied to a chair and beaten up badly, his nails were plucked and his teeth were uprooted. His upper body was naked and he was bathed in the pool of his blood whilst he was begging me for my forgiveness...umm Unfortunately.

For the last two hours, Alexis, my right-hand man had been interrogating him by slicing him limb by limb.

I poured myself a goblet of whiskey and grabbed a cigar from the box placed on the table beside my chair. l lit up the cigar and began to smoke it.

Alexis adjusted the camera again to record the suffering of the man.

While holding a goblet of whiskey in my right hand and clutching my favourite branded cigar in my left hand, I was finding pleasure in his agony.

His screams were like some melodies to my ears.

After all not every day do you find a betrayer in the "family" (gang) that rules over the mafia world. I treated my gang as a family because I believed all 'gang' members should strengthen each other just like a 'family'.

I took them from the streets, fed them, clothed them, gave them a roof over their head, skilled them, and educated the deserving ones and this was how they paid me back by spying on me or using me.

Just passing a glance at the man my anger surpassed the sky. Because of this traitor, I not only lost thirty million dollars but also my two loyal men and this damage means a lot to me, more than money.

I built this mafia organization with my sweat, blood, and tears, and nobody fucking nobody owned the right to ruin it. All these thoughts penetrating through my head making me more furious.

"Aahhh!! Alexis please man....we grew up together, please don't do this to me," the traitor pleaded with Alexis, but just like me, his eyes were also filled with disgust. I smirked over the man's stupidity. All of his beginnings were falling on deaf ears.

After a while, the traitor ultimately eased our curiosity about information and now, he was no longer useful to us. By pulling a gun from my waist belt, I shoot him directly in the head.


The loud noise of the bullet resonated throughout the whole area making the traitor silent forever. I don't feel anything, especially for a betrayer,  no pain or remorse. My heart is void of these emotions from a long time ago and I'm used to it.

People called me  "Lucifer" for a reason.

A splash of blood flew over the walls. The walls of my dungeon are already painted with the blood of numerous, and they receive a new tale to add to their collection.

" He doesn't deserve a burial, feed him to my pets."

I ordered Alexis while raising from my chair as I came out from the basement where is my dungeon situated. I pierced through a luxurious hallway toward my study.

I opened my study door with the help of a fingerprint sensor and then  I ambled towards my swirl chair behind a majestic table.  The table is formulated with the finest oak wood and placed near the glass window.

My study is filled with books of different genres and bookshelves are made out of wood and glass attached to the ceiling.

I grabbed a seat on the leather chair and unlocked my diamond cufflinks. I rolled up my shirt sleeves to my forearm and exhibited a view of my muscularity. A special tattoo beautifully carved over my athletic forearms always reminds me of someone.

I powered on my laptop and initiated to work on some contracts. These contracts are getting complicated with each passing day and because of that traitor, I already lost a lot of time and resources.

Although, we are in the mafia but still require paperwork and commitments. These contracts are a headache but you can't afford a single mistake and it's still essential to do so.

An hour later, someone entered my study. Without lifting my eyes from my laptop I know who is he.

Only two people other than me are permitted to study and the third floor. First is Alexis and the second is my cousin's sister Rmeta King and they don't need to knock.

"Your wish has been fulfilled, Master"

Alexis informed me and placed the camera on the table after this without waiting for my response, he bowed his head and turned on his heels.

I owned a quiet personality and everyone around me knew about it, therefore they didn't mind if I chose to stay quiet and they respected my condition.

" Take it with you and play it every morning over breakfast for a month, they should remind their souls that's what happens to traitors....."

I instructed him from behind and he halted his feet. He approached my table again and picked up the camera.

"And inform Sofia to get ready for me around nine"

I added further to observe his expression.

His face is stoic and his eyes are cold but his fingers curled around the camera and his jaw tightens. His eyes are filled with hurt and pain but he doesn't say a word to me.

This kind of loyalty, I demand from my men. This is, what we need.

For a while, I knew something going on between them and I even waited for his confession but it's never happened and this implied that he cared more about my preference rather than his desires.

" Yes, Master"

He replied to me in a cold voice while bowing his head and taking his leave. I threw my head back on the headrest of the swirl chair and travel to my past where my happy memories are located.

Sometimes they hunt me. I closed my eyes to ease my pain, but a single tear escaped from my left eye leaving a wet tail behind.

The train of my thoughts stopped with the vibration of my phone. I looked at my phone screen and it showed Ryan over it.

l picked up the call and a cold but concerned voice sounded from the other side.

"Seb, arrangements are completed and invitations are sent to everyone. I know you hate it but it's arranged once in five years and you need to show them who is the real BOSS."

Ryan is the one and only friend I attained in this mafia world. He is the only one, whom I can trust my life with.

But he also earned my friendship, without him I'll never be the "king of the mafia" today and without me, he would never own the entire Italian mafia.

He is the only one who can call me Seb, witness my tears, bear my frustration, drink with me like no tomorrow, and listen to my rants without judging me. He is the brother I always wanted.

"Okay if you say so, I'll attend the banquet 'Happy', Now hang up. I need some rest."

I respond to him in a bored manner and cut the line. He will get the hint, I'm feeling down. And now I'm forced to attend a fu*$ing boring game they called 'Auction'. And then, I get engaged in my work again.

After a while, I checked the timepiece on my table it showed seven in the evening.

Dinner is served around six, so it is already an hour late. I shouldn't let everyone keep on waiting for the meal, so I hastily stroll toward the dining area.

Everyone is posing in their respective seats but nobody touched a single grain.

These are the rules they followed, my squad of twenty best assassins, one from them down today.

His chair is vacant and I needed to fill it in shortly.

Everyone rose from their seats respectively after they noticed me. I took my position at the head chair and without exchanging a single word we began our dinner.

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