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Utilizing a mafia boss


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Nice story, and i would like to say it was a pretty good read and i was glued to the screen my entire time. Hope to see more future updates.

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Hello everyone, It's the author here.....hmm, I have a humble request to all who come here to give me a review. If my book disappointed you anyway then I'm sorry but plz don't stress yourself to give me a review. Because your 1 and 2-minute reviews can take my whole day of learning......l know my book contains a lot of errors but we all are human and learn throughout our whole life. life is a beautiful gift of the creator plz don't spread negativity that riin someone's whole day.......stay positive and healthy ( criticism is good and I wholeheartedly accept it. it's you right to do so .....plz don't be too harsh with words) thank you....


The story is promising. I like how the grit and brutality was maintained in the mafia setting, which is often softened and romanticized in gang-themed romance novels. The quality of the writing can still be polished, but the technique is already there. The plot also offers something exciting to look forward to. Keep writing!


It was a nice read. The plot is very interesting. I would suggest you to work on your Grammer and sentences though. It can make readers want to leave the story.


I was drawn by the start of this book, it was a lovely start. Just the book cover alone was enticing. Keep up the good work Author, the storyline is amazing.


I liked how I was discovered at the very first moment. Even if there are a few minor grammatical faults here and there, they may be overlooked or addressed afterward. I'll continue reading since I like the book. Keep up the excellent job. I want to praise the way your tale evolved. 😍


READING STATUS: 5/5 I've read a lot of books on web, but I don't like every one of them. I usually read them for a few days and then put them down. However, your story was interesting enough to keep me reading all the way to the end. The book's cover was also captivating, and I'd like to recommend it to other readers because of it.🥰


Wow quite interesting story with a very well described introduction. I love the way the story is so interesting and alluring at the same time. I just desire to read more and more.


Good and interesting story. Kept me reading till the end. Definitely worth a try, I don't usually read this genre but this is actually impressive.


This book is quite intense. There's a lot of plot development and the characters are interesting. Can't wait to see where the author goes with this story.


Well not much to say as the story was past face and pretty exciting, so I really liked it even though purely romance novels is not my cup of tea


Just the title of the book got me all excited! I really adore the separate pov's. The characters are so strong and influencing. Keep up the good work!!


Good story so far. Erika is such a resilient person and a true fighter. The storyline is solid and mostly easy to read. It's also great that you put warnings out for sensitive chapters so that readers can avoid what they don't want to see.


The story is nice and enthralling. I'm hooked! I gotta say I never expected that one hehe. Also liked the pacing and the storyline. A very unique take on the genre! Loved it a lot! [img=recommend]


I just love the mafia setting and everything in it. A great job you did here Author keep up the good work :) Can't wait to read more....


It was interesting and it was also my first time seeing this kind of webnovel. I mean, I did read first POV webnovels before, but not webnovels stating whose POV is being done like this one. The chapters are also short. So, the story feels like it's moving fast, even though the pace is actually slow. Sadly, the chapters are still short.


I read to chapter 7. I don't really read the mafia trope and don't know much, but I find the plot very unique and interesting. Especially the auctioning element. I really liked how Erika started out as a human trafficking slave. It makes their encounter very believable versus the other kinds of unrealistic meetings with mafias. Something I find inconsistent with Lacus's character is he doesn't know what he wants? Like he wants to be alone forever and remain cruel and evil, but he also wonders what it's like to have a true love? I find this contradiction repeatedly throughout the story and because of that his character isn't developed. The grammars make some parts of the story hard to follow, but I really do see potential in this novel to be something awesome!!!! 🤗


I love romance....I knew I would definitely enjoy this book for sure. Good job author, I didn't plan to read it but the book cover is just so attractive. 💃💃


Nice story development for a book about mafia. Not too much gooey romance as it should be for a mafia. I'll be waiting for ore updates. 😊😊


Interesting story with a lot of potential! The shifting POV is a nice touch. There are a few grammar errors in each chapter... nothing that affects your understanding and its most likely due to typos imo. Author, you can try using something like Grammarly to get rid of minor errors like this, its really helpful. The ML seems to be really stone-hearted at the start, but I can see where his character is coming from. Best of luck author, I belive that you can take the story to greater heights.