2 Chapter 2 Goblin Extermination Quest

Alex furrowed his eyebrows when he heard the quest was a goblin extermination quest. Alex scratched the back of his head in annoyance while thinking if he should take the quest. goblins are humanoid monsters and their primary means of attack are sharp weapons,blunt weapons,sometimes slingshots tho they're rare and they're weak enough that an armed adult human can take care of one however that's not the reason why Alex is hesitant to take the quest while the goblins might be weak individually they make it up with numbers and fierce tenacity not to mention you'll also have a risk of having goblin grime stain on your clothes which is very smelly and hard to remove and it's also the reason why Alex was hesitant he doesn't want his clothes to be soiled in goblin grime.

"Of all the quest you guys could've pick why did you choose the goblin extermination?"

"Well the pay is high for a F-Rank quest isn't that enough?"

Alex sighed. As he was about to refuse the request Dexter made an offer to Alex which stop him from doing so.

"I know what you thinking goblins are very annoying to deal with but the quest reward is 12 gold, and if you help us in this quest we'll give 50% so still wanna refuse it?"

"1-12 gold you say?!!"

But since he said he will only give me 50% i will only get 6 gold,but even still 6 gold was high enough for a F-Rank adventurer like me. for reference you can buy a bread for a copper coin and silver coins worth 100 copper coins while gold worth 100 silver coins. so 6 gold is enough for me and my brother to at least eat 60,000 bread. Alex eyes twinkled as the sound of money and he accepted Dexter's offer.

"That's great to hear, but before we go to the quest location we should do some preparations we'll meet up in here after 1 hour"


Alex nodded before he went off the guild building to prepare for the quest. preparation is very important to an adventurer whether it's a G-Rank or S-Rank prepping up for the quest can reduce the risk for the adventurer that takes the quest. of course it doesn't mean it will be risk-free however it can still help the adventurer regardless, let's just say you went off to a quest without preparations and you got poisoned by a snake in a pitfall naturally you'll get an antidote for this however like i said earlier you just went off to the quest without preparations so what did you think happened?, you don't have any antidote in your inventory.

##1 hour later##

"So, care to tell the details of the quest Dexter?"

Currently Alex together with the Dexter Party are riding in a carriage in the road towards their quest destination. Alex asked Dexter about the quest and Dexter nodded while taking out the quest parchment from his party member Louisiana's backpack. while waiting for Dexter to get out the quest parchment he stroke a little chat with Louisiana.

"Hey Louisiana hows the garden you and Jake tending to?"

Louisiana Campbell the Porter of the Dexter party is a 18 year old woman and she is also the oldest one in the party. she had a long red hair that reached over to her waist while she had green eyes and smooth silky looking skin. also if your'e wondering about her breast size she got a solid D-cup. Louisiana giggles as she replies in a warm soothing voice.

"It's doing good, me and Jake was taking care of it alternately"

Louisiana's smile was so lovely that Alex got captivated by it for a few moments before Dexter intervened in their little chat.

"Alright Alex here's the quest- Alex?, are you listening?"

"I'm here Dexter"

Alex replied to Dexter seemingly annoyed that he intervened into his chat with Louisiana. Dexter only shrugged as he continued explaining the details of the quest.

"Ok...moving on, so the quest location of the goblin extermination is located in the Driftwood forest nearby the Driftwood village, our primary objective is to exterminate a small goblin settlement that is spotted in the woods, it says here that the goblins are attacking the villagers in the Driftwood village resulting in 12 minor injuries, 4 major injuries, and 1 death"

Alex frozed when he heard that someone died in a goblin attack in the village. Alex Alastair is a adventurer for 2 years and deaths are nothing unusual to him except when he first joined the guild however human deaths still gives him chills even now.

"What someone died?!"

Mark exclaimed as he heard Dexter, Mark Peiro the archer of the team is a 15 year old boy like Alex and Dexter however he joined the Adventurers guild 3 days ago, as someone new to the adventures guild this is news to Mark.



Alex and his friends arrived at Driftwood Village upon stepping down the carriage Alex saw burnt houses and other damages in the village from the last goblin attack. an old man with a cane approached Dexter afterwards he then expressed his gratitude to us for taking the quest. it turns it out the old man was the chief of the village.

"Thank you so much for taking the quest young adventurers, as you can see our village was attacked by monsters and it's still recovering because of this we lack manpower to deal with the source of the attack, i truly appreciated that you came in our need"

"Glad to hear that old man, if you don't mind can you guide us on where can we find the goblin settlement?"

The village chief nodded as he gestured to a nearby young boy to come to him. the young boy rushed over to the village chief and he introduced himself.

"The name's Rokka and i'll be your guide to them"

Rokka guided Alex and his friends to the forest and stopped to a big rock. indistinct growls and gibberish can be heard behind the rock as Rokka whispered to Alex and his friends.

"This is as far as i can go, you can see the goblin settlement behind this rock be careful guys"

Rokka left the forest leaving Alex and his friends behind. Alex looked over to Dexter and he nodded.

"Ok before we attack we must first take a surveillance of the area, Mark get up that rock on top of us and tell us what you see, also stay low you might be seen by the goblins"

Mark nodded as he holstered his bow into his back and began climbing upwards into the top of the rock. Mark as the archer of the party he got good eyesight than most of the team members which made him perfect on surveying the area of the settlement. While looking over the settlement he saw a 4 meter tall wooden wall which prevents him from seeing much of the settlement except for a very tall wooden fort at the middle which could've at least been 6 meters tall. he slide down the rock to tell Dexter of his findings.

"I can't see much the walls to high we need a better elevation point to see the layout of the settlement"

Dexter nodded as he looked over to his surrounding to see if there's any elevation point higher than the rock however he can't find any until he got an idea.

"Mark try climbing the trees"

Mark nodded as he climbed over a tree however he can't get to the top as the branches cannot support his weight instead he just hold tight into the tree itself, now that he has a higher elevation point he can now see the settlement. while looking over the settlement he saw goblins which seems larger for their size upon looking closely for a few moments blood drained from his face as he realized that they are not goblins they're hobgoblins. as if the bad luck strike at the right moment a hobgoblin in a small tower saw him and alerted his nearby brethren.


Cursing Mark fell down off the tree and told Dexter the bad news.

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