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Ushering In The Internet Era In The Magical World

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This sounds like God of Games and Spreading Culture in a different World, they’re both great looking forward to this one (Right now when i posted this review the chapters aren’t released yet).

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[img=exp][img=fp][img=fp][img=coins][img=coins]I'm a good man, I give every novel a starting point. [img=coins][img=coins][img=fp][img=fp][img=exp] Good Lord, we already missed the Era of Gods, don't let this go.


Ive read the first 20 chapters and i genuinely like this novel with a passion, pretty fast paced if you asked me, he pretty much have taken over the empire of magic in the first 20 chapters, i recommend reading this and leaving a review after your read. Imma go read the last 20 chapters Now.


Many complained about me not reading the novel so here is a review after chapter 35. Everyone apart from the main character seems to have a pumpkin in their head, even the centuries-old Deities seem to be mentally inferior to a teenager that just finished school. The idea of spreading knowledge to get power is something that every deity could easily do, but for some reason, they don't? They don't need to create something like the internet, just promise to give to every new follower some basic magic knowledge and it will become very easy to recruit and spreads, maybe create a set of people that goes around teaching magic knowledge and divine skills for that purpose. They could also create a divine skill to facilitate cultivation or a basic divine skill for beginners so that more people are enticed to help. The Deities can have hundreds of methods to get more powerful but they don't or they are not intelligent enough to do it. Mythil being an extremely common metal is that everyone can get their hand on is even more confusing, but that is not a good critic anyway. The MC seems to be benevolent by trying to help some people and showing taking sympathy to an orphan, meanwhile in some other part of the country the crime rate is probably going through the roof because of the knowledge he is giving, which is the next problem. Sharing that kind of knowledge will cause the crime rate to go become a big problem, now every criminal, rap*st, or whatever can easily cultivate magic. In the deep slums and high criminal activity areas murders are probably becoming very common. The novel is conveniently skipping over those details that would realistically happen like they don't exist. Character interactions are the exact same as every other Chinese xianxia, so there is nothing to say there, characters get angry easily, jade-like beauty getting offended when the MC doesn't treat her like a queen, etc... There is also a ghost that seems to be a future love interest, but we don't know yet. She got flustered simply because the MC complimented her, apart from that her character doesn't seem to have much depth as of now, maybe it will improve. The things more frustrating are the deities, they seem to have the mental maturity of a child, how do these people cultivate for hundreds of years to become like that? They can travel through planes but can't block the influence of a divine skill in their city? Are divine skills impossible to block? During an interaction between one of them and the MC, the deity couldn't even keep calm while the MC showed off his "incredible" intelligence to him about how they can't do anything about him spreading his divine skill. A deity with the emotional state of a child against our extremely cool and aloof 20 years old MC. The last point is regarding the internet. Internet is not a strange concept, it basically seeks to help people through commerce and trade, while trading knowledge and information. That's how humans evolved, with trades of knowledge. That doesn't make a difference even in the cultivation world where knowledge is even more important. Trading auctions, merchants, rock dens, and such.. are all means that are used for the commerce of information and objects. So why can't they come up with something like the Internet? Especially through the deities that could profit off it, it's not an era-breaking concept to imagine. A lot of other cultivation novels have something similar: The treasure trove, Treasure Yellow Heaven... They all function exactly as the Internet does. And every person with a brain can understand that something like this is needed. Maybe divine skills are not even needed, maybe just magic is even enough to create something like this. A way could be to create repeaters that can store and transmit magic between cities, this can facilitate commerce and knowledge and can be similar to the Internet where everyone can connect to a repeater and such, some novels also have stuff like this. Moreover, they have DEITIES that can travel between planes and dimensions, but you are telling me they can't do something like this??? The fact that the MC, being a new deity with zero magic knowledge, can act cocky and stand up to another deity is even strange to me? Like, you were a student until a little while ago... The interactions between characters are the same as every other xianxia, with some face slapping. If you can turn your brain off to most of the problems I mentioned and some more you will have no problem with the novel. I personally don't like the MC's personality and the way powerful characters are presented as being stupid and kinda childish. A person of power should act like that, and a centuries-old deity should also act like one, and not lose their cool at the slightest thing.


Fucking trash. Absolutely trash ,just read next 56 ch on qidan just dropped it right there. MC has just crossed the line of stupidity for like l am done with this novel. First of all he going to goddess of music to make an alliance by the way she is in the group of weakest of the gods. Back to story he gets to the city thee e this fucking ritual that you have to sing an song before entering the city but MC refused which was not big deal. Next in the meeting with GOM(goddess's of music) and offers to share his followers (20 million ) with her through Internet as we expect, till here the story was okay but this it went downhill rapidly. What can expect, she refused and what's the fucking reason that he didn't sing an song while entering the city and directly kicked him out her temple. Damn, but still sing an song in front of the temple while everyone was watching ,guess what he sings an love song and everyone thinks he has fallen for the goddess and there is one more surprise she still refused, at this point I was already cringed but I still within my cringe levels. He returned back in his hotel for the night ,next day people in the city are gathered to kick him out of the city but the goddess doesn't stop them. No matter he still am God, I think but at this point he no face left, in here we obviously see the goddess's attitude for weak-ass god but he is still decide to stay after scaring the people away. New development turns out goddess is suspicious of MC offer being an trap and she has an small plane which he invaded by the beast god so she seeks MC's help and then she will agree to an alliance. I don't if MC stupid or an simp or he just take every shit lying down. I some of you still have doubts then hear me out ,so MC is going share all his believer with her, help her defend 'her' plane , provide her cost efficient seeds on top of that he even gave her information about sound for free to increase her power. And even after all that she is going insult him. And don't get wrong here I would have been okay if was an power god or goddess like goddess of war or something in which he could have been an win win situation as he could have gotten protection of an god(as he is still weak) , but for an weak-ass goddess I have to question MC's IQ.


This novel appears to be one of the best novels I've seen on trial read.After trying out the trash that somehow comes in droves, this novel can be called a gem.I won't spoil the story but this is a must read and you should go for it


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The Mc is an idiot. ....,,,....,,, ....,,,.. ..................,...,..,.......................,,$3$3&4&:!:)38:!?:&/&/$:$/&/!$:$:$:$3!:$:7:&3!3!3!:$:$3!3!:$3!


First up, I love God novels. I can't get enough of them so this review may be biased. Spoilers below. Till chapter 40. First up, we have a guy who transmigrated into another world through a god and he accepts that, pretty generic. Well, he also 'inherited' that god's divinity and by expension, their enemies (no allies given). So through the divinity of contracts (language and words), he sets off to create 'The Internet', he chooses the magical kingdom that has been stauchly rejectly all divine. A bit of a rocky start, including an arrogant young miss, an assasination attempt, scams, summons, subterfuge, secrets, a power shuffle, a dying dragon egg, power consolidation, expansion and more. It stops at a magic conference so more tbs. As for the MC, he's eh. Didn't hate him but couldn't get myself to really like him. Era of gods didn't get picked so I hope this does.


Cliche, bland, non-original novel. How is this rated a 4.7? It’s the same old ‘get people to join faction, they do tasks for you’ type novel with nothing novel or interesting. The writing is basic, there are cliches that show how amatuer the author is, and it just reads like a textbook. Not interesting in the slightest. I can’t even come up with much to say it’s so bland.


Prity good story with complete background, intelegent characters, mystry, oh and internet. Its not an instant dominion kind of story instead it is a growth type, where even if you are uber strong, there is someone stronger, and that person could be ether there from 10 chapters back or could be from the first chapter itself.


A mediocre story. Honestly, you could just go read "Bringing Culture to a Different World" which does a similar concept but better. Is this novel terrible? No. Should you read it? Only if you have nothing else to read.


Love the novel it’s the top favorite kind of Novel that i like and wanted to read but their aren’t many and this is one of a kind. the interNet deity is awesome.I hope this novel will get pick becuase i want to support it if possible.👌👌👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍


One of the best novels I've seen on the site. Solid writing, excellent translation, good premise, and brilliant execution. Read if you want to see a reasonable MC upgrade an empire with the internet. Plus it even has some parts that hit you right in the feels. Just read this now.


I finished Raws. Honestly, this should be translated as we need more "System-MCs" novels. The first few hundred chapters, I could not stop myself from reading & praising this. It's a good business novel. Author has clearly done his research. But then I realize the repetitive cycle. None of the Gods ever die and none of the Characters are hardly even used! This needs to be POLYGAMY. The Author doesn't use his characters as it is, at least having all the girls would give a purpose in mind. Although there are girls in his group but who knows? [img=coins] Things are just Summarized into a few paragraphs! We know it happens but simply doesn’t show it! FYI: None of the gods have died yet because Author keeps leaving 'backups' as if they're that smart. Most of the gods don't even live up to their name and are terribly written.


good stuff! it's pretty funny how MC is like "I don't know that much about plants, I just went to high school" then immediately sets up a mutagenic breeding laboratory to ensure phenotypic stability under conditions of genetic drift it's pretty common to have stories about transmigrators running rampant with advanced scientific knowledge, and it's also not uncommon to have stories about transmigrators running rampant with advanced business knowledge (paid shills / scarcity marketing / etc), but I can't actually recall the last time I've seen them both in the same story... hope it works out


This Novel quite interesting and good. not bad.. Have some comedy. Story is very fast. World building not bad. MC is God . this type of Novel is rare and unique. I suggest New readers will love this very much... give it a go


As a MTL-R i can say this is above average novel .Although the plot is a little confusing and the world building is also very weak like this is no rank or realm between gods so mostly is a god is powerful or not is depunding on number of believers .But there are many interesting side stories.You can tell author is defintely not genius but he try so hard at research so that there are many knowledge or infos(although most of that are useless in real world)


I think this should be picked up because it's similar to "Culture in a Different World" It really reminds me of that and I hope it gets more interesting. It's been a wild ride thus far!! [img=coins]


Read all 40 chapters and so far its a must read I can already see the direction where the mc is trying to go and I like it. Its also pretty different with the internet in a world about magic.