1 A Gift of Divinity with Transmigration?

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Yu Sheng'an heaved a breath of relief after observing the mithril ring closely, and making sure the magical engravings were correct… Finally, it's completed.

He couldn't hold himself back anymore; he went ahead and immediately activated the mithril ring.

An illusory scroll was instantly unfurled in front of him.

At the center of the scroll, two words were boldly written in the Aizea's pictograph form—The Internet!


Yu Sheng'an clenched his fists, feeling extremely excited.

He appeared to have seen the moment when people would clamor for the Internet after he popularized and spread the technology across the entire Aizea Continent.

Wouldn't the elementium be rolling in on its own by then?

More so, he would be the most powerful God in the Aizea Continent!

Haha… He was already daydreaming.

He wasn't expecting the internet to create a feverish interest after being launched. He only hoped it could earn him enough Elementium to get him back to his home—The Blue Star.

Yu Sheng'an couldn't help but feel melancholic when he thought about his home planet.

He didn't belong to this diverse world where magic, divine skills, combat skills and many other kinds of powers existed.

He came from the technologically-advanced Blue Star.

He had traveled to that world because of a very stupid reason.

Don—the Deity of Contracts in that strange world—had suddenly been attacked by the Five Main Righteous Deities. To prevent his enemies from getting his divinity powers, he burned and exhausted all his elementium before he died, just to perform a summoning divine skill that brought Yu Sheng'an from the Blue Star planet after passing through multiple dimensions.

However, Yu Sheng'an didn't reach the battlefield.

Don signed a "Divinity Inheritance Contract'' with Yu Sheng'an in the middle of his journey. Using the Power of Rules, he gave the Contract Divinity to Yu Sheng'an.

Yu Sheng'an, who had been summoned there out of the blue, inherited that ultimate power, which was highly sought after by countless people—Divinity.

Guided by this power, Yu Sheng'an arrived at Don's shrine—A castle that was drifting in the Aizea Continent's dimensional gap.

After overcoming his initial shock, mixed with confusion and fear of the unknown, Yu Sheng'an made an effort to accept reality as time went by.

He began to think about his current situation and the future.

The current situation seemed great. He was the new Deity of Contracts.

Actually, it was terrible. Although he had inherited the Contract Divinity, it would later become a curse and a burden for him.

All the deities would covet this power!

Not even Don had been able to escape the deities' pursuit, how was he going to escape from them? And how long could he hide from them?

Fortunately, that old shrine castle was alway moving; and with the help of the divinity, as long as he lay low, he would be able to hide for a while.

As for the future?

Yu Sheng'an wanted to return to the Blue Star.

He had brothers, friends and most importantly, his parents over there. He had to go back and have a look. Furthermore, it would be considered as a glorious homecoming after receiving the power of divinity, right?

Since Don had been able to summon him, it should be possible for him to return.

Absolute power seemed to be the only solution to resolve all his current and future problems.

Even after getting acclimated and understanding the Contract Divinity, Yu Sheng'an's expression became awkward when he was reminded of power.

Contrary to what he had imagined, the Contract Divinity didn't possess any defensive and offensive power on its own.

Accurately speaking, it was the manifestation of rules of the contract or power of contract. Using the elementium as the driving force, it exercised its power through language and words.

For example:

Yu Sheng'an didn't possess any power on his own. However, if he could get in contact with a giant dragon and both established a relevant contract, he could receive the giant dragon's power indirectly.

The actual power was determined by the contract's terms. For example, a life-sharing contract, a magic power-sharing contract, or even a bonding contract.

Of course, it required a huge amount of elementium to contract a giant dragon.

It just so happened that the elementium possessed by Yu Sheng'an was at its lowest point in history just then.

Don had exhausted all the elementium accumulated in the past hundreds of years to summon that human while avoiding being tracked and intercepted by the Five Main Righteous Deities.

So, what was elementium? And how did one obtain it?

Everyone had the so-called Elementium. It was contained in the soul.

The more powerful the soul was, the more elementium would be produced naturally.

Unfortunately, naturally-produced elementium was still very limited, even for a powerful deity's soul. No matter if elementium was accumulated for two weeks, it could still leave the divinity in a shallow level.

That was, without a doubt, rather useless!

However, the deities had found a solution for this.

They would resort to different means to gather elementium from every lifeform.

There were many methods but two of them were the mainstream.

The first one, preaching; The second one, the dissemination of divine skills.

Preaching would mass collect their believers' elementium at a specific location with specific prayers.

The Five Main Righteous Deities were using that method.

They repelled the preachings of other deities. Other than the Five Main Righteous Deities, they would claim in their teachings that the rest of the deities were all false gods and heretics.

They had to be exterminated upon discovery!

Hence, that method wasn't suitable for Yu Sheng'an. At least, it wasn't suitable for him at the moment.

Then, the other method left was the spread of divine skills.

The so-called divine skills was in fact lending the power of divinity to the masses by special means in exchange for their elementium.

For example, the summoning divine skill created by Don.

As long as both parties agreed, it could establish a strong contractual relationship for both of them.

After understanding the divine skills, Yu Sheng'an's first reaction was, Isn't this like making technology patents and paying for knowledge?

Then, he was reminded of how the contract divinity exercised its power through language and words!

A bold idea began to take shape in Yu Sheng'an's mind.

That was, to use the Contract Divinity's power of language and words to create a mysterious social platform.

Aside from the social platform, he could even bring the whole idea of the Internet over from the Blue Star.

By then, there would be countless smartphone addicts contributing inexhaustible elementium to him!

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

Or one should say that Yu Sheng'an—who held the power of language and words—created a mysterious social platform almost effortlessly.

"Rosia!" Yu Sheng'an called out in his heart.

"What do you need, Master?" A pretty figure quietly appeared on the alchemy room's wall.

She was the butler of the shrine. She was about 18 years old, with a pair of bright eyes and a straight nose. She wore a little back dress and a pearl necklace. Her look was mature and enchanting.

Yu Sheng'an was bowled over the first time he had seen her.

It was a pity that she was a ghost.

"Use the door in the future!" Yu Sheng'an's eyes twitched.

"Yes!" Rosia replied submissively.

Yu Sheng'an tossed the mithril ring over and said, "Let's try out my new divine skills!"

Rosia nodded as she received the ring and activated it.

A virtual scroll was instantly unfurled in front of her and a difficult-to-understand user information was transmitted into her consciousness.

She was taken aback as her soul power touched the words "The Internet." The scroll interface swiftly changed into a parchment.

If someone else from the Blue Star were there, he would have spit out his soft drink all over it!

That was exactly a simplified version of the Blue Star's social software's interface.

"What's your opinion about it?" Yu Sheng'an asked. He needed to consult a native from that world.

"Rosia has never seen anything like the Master's new divine skill. It's simply amazing!"

Her comment was humble and respectful, but she actually didn't think much of it.

Multiple users chatting online at the same time?

Everyone was already quite busy as it was. Peasants were busy collecting food, mercenaries were busy with their missions, the mages were busy with their research and the nobles were busy amassing wealth…

Who would be free to chat?

Moreover, using magical tools to chat so extravagantly?

She was almost certain that this divine skill would only become a toy for the rich.

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