1 The City of Darkness

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All of a sudden words appeared in the air before Wang Ming's vision.

It all occurred one day when he touched an ancient looking leaf that was lying on the floor.

Since then, he could see things that others could not see.

He did a psych test, but all was normal.

The sprite in the vending machine transformed into a extraordinary cultivation material before his eyes.

There was a white halo surrounding the sprite and it seemed only visible to his eyes.

A man walking by on the street sprinted 100 meters in less than a second.

A girl being harassed on the street made three men each fly ten meters back with a palm.

The world was a world of immortal cultivation.

The cultivation realms were divided into qi condensation, foundation establishment, golden core, nascent soul, and immortal ascension.

Qi condensation realm warriors only appeared in one among ten thousand people.

There was a realm below qi condensation that was not considered to be an official cultivator.

They were namely called body forging realm cultivators.

Each realm is subdivided into nine realms.

When a person reaches the peak of the body forging realm, they can prepare to breakthrough to the qi condensation realm.

The requirement is that they have to sense qi.

It is incomparably hard to sense qi without sufficient talent.

In lingering city, where Wang Ming lived there were only about a 100 qi condensation realm warriors.

They city had a population of about 1 million.

Even then, they most were only at the lowest realm of qi condensation, level one qi condensation realm warriors.

9 were at the second rank of qi condensation.

The leader was at the third rank of qi condensation.

Lingering city had limited resources to cultivate warriors.

Lingering city was already the city with the most resources on the entire earth.

Other places, were less fortunate, and there was a major difference the amount of resources.

Lingering city, was the cruelest and evilest place on earth.

The competition for resources was very fierce.

There was fighting in the the streets and alleyways of lingering city.

Constant explosions with shrieks and screams rang out every second.

Wang Ming was an ordinary student at No. 1 high school of lingering city.

All the students there were brutal and fierce.

He was the most brutal and fierce.

He was a senior there and was prepared to graduate and move onto university very soon.

He was at the peak of the body forging realm and was looking for a way to break through to the qi condensation realm when he stumbled upon a ancient looking leaf on the ground.

He picked it up out of curiosity and it stimulated the earlier messages in front of his retina.

He was now standing in front of a vending machine inside the school compound.

The white glow that surrounded the sprite that seemed to be from a different space and time appeared in his vision.

He somehow managed to extend his hand through the glass of the vending machine and touch the cold glow given off by a abnormal sprite in the vending machine.

The passerby did not seem to notice his actions.

He withdrew his hands and a sprite appeared in his hands without the cold glow.

It was a slightly warm sprite.

He opened the can and took a sip.

Spiritual energy suddenly flowed throughout his body and he directly broke through into the qi condensation realm.

It was very surprising.

He asked a passerby what they saw when he was buying and drinking the sprite.

The passerby was weirded out by his question, but eventually he succumbed to Wang Ming's enthusiasm and narrated the event from his field of vision.

According to the passerby, nothing unusual happened and Wang Ming just ordered a sprite and drank it.

The passerby quickly left and answering his question.

The pressure Wang Ming emanated was intense as he walked down the hallway, because of his recent breakthrough.

The school was not strict about dress code so he walked into homeroom wearing a black suit with a red undershirt, there was a logo which represented the number one hitman organization on the suit.

By the time he arrived the spiritual pressure he emanated disappeared and he looked like an ordinary person with no cultivation.

There was still a fierce aura lingering about him though.

Wang Ming's dress and manner emanated a faint pressure to his classmates.

The moment he sat down the bell rang, the teacher walked in after several moments and began teaching the class.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, today's class will be about the return of spiritual energy."

The teacher glanced at the 20 students around the room and chose the fiercest one among them to answer his question.

"Wang Ming, what do you think about the return of spiritual energy?"

Wang Ming started reminiscing about the beginning of immortal cultivation on earth and replied.

"50 years ago, spiritual energy started recovering throughout the world, it resulted in enhanced strength in both beasts and humans, since then cultivation system was explored and understood."

The teacher applauded the answer and said

"Good answer, that is exactly right."

"Students, what does everyone else think about the recovery of spiritual energy."

There was a burst of responses and replies from the surrounding students.

"Beasts flew better and farther."

"Humans could achieve more with superhuman strength and agility."

"It marked a new era in human civilization."

The responses soon died down.

The teacher soon resumed teaching the remaining lesson.

At the end of class the teacher announced.

"There is only a month left before the college entrance examinations, please do your best."

A cacophony of noises erupted among the students at once.

"Argh, damn I only cultivated until the seventh rank of body forging."

"I'm only sixth rank."

"I'm only fifth rank."

A student at the corner started weeping.

The teacher just taught four subjects at once and now it was time for lunch.

Wang Ming went to the school canteen and ordered some udon for lunch.

The delicious clear soup and, the soft, slippery noodles glistening in the bowl whetted Wang Ming's appetite.

Two slices of Kamabuko were lying in the udon bowl, with sliced green onions and a bit of seaweed.

After lunch, Wang Ming sat and meditated for ten minutes in his seat, swirls of spiritual energy were gathering in his dantian.

Feng Ming, another student, walked over and sat at the opposite end of his table.

All of a sudden the surroundings turned still and quiet.

The wind rustled and the sun shone through the floor to ceiling windows in the canteen.

The students knew that a fierce competition was about to erupt between the No.1 and No.2 of their school.

Without a word, Feng Ming spat out blood from the violent exchange of spiritual energy.

The exchange of energy was considerably fierce.

The bell rang.

Wang Ming stood up to go to his next class as if nothing had happened.

The next four classes passed like lightning.

It was time for the end of school.

He exited the school.

The surroundings turned still and silent for some reason.

No was in one was in sight.

Black wisps of qi could be seen everywhere.

"Another evil ghost, why can't they have any brains."

Wang Ming shot out a ray of qi from his fingertips and the hidden ghost was massacred.

The surroundings then returned to normal.

He walked back home at an even pace.

He leaped into his home through the open window on the second floor and shut it reluctantly.

He opened up his laptop and out panned several lines of code.

let log = "Hello World";


console.log("Me" > "Everybody");


Successful log in to the dark net:



Cultivation manuals and scrolls were up for sale on the dark net.

Diamonds and jewels that had an intense concentration of spiritual energy were being traded on there too.

There was also some jade.

Wang Ming's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he found a spirit stone being traded.

It could allow a person in the qi condensation realm to break through a rank.

Unfortunately, it required a disastrous amount of dark net contribution points.

It cost a trillion contribution points.

It was probably only there as eye candy.

Wang Ming browsed through the pages and found a page that sold lollipops with spiritual energy inside them called spiritual lollipops.

It was the swirl kind of lollipops and looked sort of mesmerizing.

It was a kek disaster.

Wang Ming bought one.

It was already in his home.

It was already in his mouth.





"Well whatever, not like it gonna kill me."