1 Sugondese

Buildings in zone E explode as a B rank hunter crashes through them and smacks on a hardened wall with a sickening sound. The force smashes half his body into paste and leaves a trial of once-human smoothie as he slides down the wall.

"FUCK! FUCK! NOO!!" B-rank 125 hunter Maya yells in despair as she sees her husband's internal organs spill out as he's disemboweled by an S rank monster. Her husband falls down with a gasp.

The monster looks almost like a male human. The only thing that gives it's real identity away is it's blood red skin.

"YOU MONSTER!" Maya screams in rage, "I'LL KILL YOU!"


"AAAAAARRGH!" Maya's eyes turn ice blue as she creates a 500 meter wall of jagged ice moving at a frighteningly high speed towards the monster.

The two other A rank hunters join in.

A-rank 450, Monnyak appears instantaneously behind the monster and his arm inflates almost comically (thanks to his ability, partial gigantification) and he punches the monster right into the wall of ice. A distinct 'CRACK' was heard as the monster was punched so hard that it broke the sound barrier while flying into the ice wall.


The monster completely smashed through the ice wall with such speed that the ice was instantaneously vaporized. The ground was blistering and sizzling from the monster scraping the ground at supersonic speeds with pieces of its skin melted into the asphalt. Something crashes into a building about 2 kilometers away, probably the monster, and the ground shakes from the impact.

Maya runs towards her husband, "Are you okay?" She asks like a dumbass while his intestines are lying on the hot asphalt.

A rank 110, Maki appears floating in the air and screams "HARETSU!", his voice quivering with fear and points his hands at the spot the monster hit the building

A single beam of light pierces through the building and…..and…..

nothing happens.

"CLOSE YOUR EARS!" Maki yells.

Monnyak and Maya close their ears. They know what's going to happen next.

The air that was around the beam of light turns red as it becomes plasma.

The building where the monster hit into- and all the other buildings close to the Haretsu explode like a very expensive party popper and chunks of debris fly into the stratosphere- and beyond. They do not return to the ground. They might have been shot into space.

A shockwave blast moves outwards as a result of Maki's Haretsu.

Unfortunately, the husband's eardrums are left exposed and they rupture due to the shockwave.

Maya realizes that her husband is bleeding at the ears and eyes. His other lung has deflated due to the shockwave.

"Oh my god!" She runs towards her husband. She's in shock. She remembered those days when they went hiking, when they tried out food from the shadiest restaurants, the day when she asked her husband to marry her and he accepted happily, the time they brought the very first house together.

He always used to joke around, and acted like a goofball. Watching him writhe on the ground in pain was breaking her heart.

"Are you okay?" She asks him.

"You-" The husband tries to say something.

"Yes..what is it honey?" Maya holds her husband's hand, tears streaming down her eyes.

"You….fucking dumbass." The husband whispers. "Do I look like I'm okay?"

"Is the monster dead?" Maki floats down to the ground shakily. A wall of smoke, about 3 kilometers long makes it impossible for him to see if the monster is dead. "I was in my fourth and final form when I used it." He says.

"WHERE'S THE FUCKING BACKUP?!" Monnyak yells angrily

"MY HUSBAND!" Maya yells.

everything was falling into chaos, until a WHOOSH was heard.

"You guys done already?" S tier rank 4, Aurelia teleports behind them.

The hunters look behind and their jaws drop. Even the word 'surprise' doesn't cover how they were feeling.

"A-A-AURELIA??!" Maya forgets about her husband for an instance. THE Aurelia was here. The fourth strongest Hunter in the world.

"Oh my god." Maki trembles, falls to his knees and starts sobbing, "We're saved! She's here!"

"I was just informed about this." Aurelia said. "I'm sorry for coming late, but I came here as soon as I knew." She looks as stoic and calm as she ever did.

"Holy shit, Aurelia??!" Monnyak looks like he's seen god. "This is overkill. Does the Hunter association want to destroy the entirety of zone E?"

Aurelia smiles, "I understand your concern, but I can control my powers very well. Plus-"she glances at the smoke. "You guys took the monster down, which is very impressive. I'll ask the Hunting association to improve your ratings."

"Anyways, we'll have to get him to the hospital." Aurelia moves towards Maya's husband. "He's got a little bit of time left. He should hurry-"

A low rumble comes from the smoke.

"That was a good attempt." The voice of the demon comes from the smoke.

Fuck, it's still alive.

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