1 Prologue

"I want to quit, sir", Drake said in a determined voice.

A few days ago, he would have never been able to stand in front of his boss and say such daring words without pissing himself on. His boss was known as an overlord, a genius in terms of finance, a guy who could basically have anything he wanted without even lifting a finger. He managed a company by himself, and he had the backing of the Silver Household, one of the wealthiest family in the whole world.

But, Drake was not the same person as he was a few days ago. Since his holophone was hacked, a new application was downloaded. At first, he cursed his luck since he thought his life was over. Holophones were implanted in every single citizen of the union at the age of three. From this moment on, holophones are upgraded versions of phones that help the user, but it is also used to 'monitor' the citizens.

Once a criminal is apprehended, his 'history' will be thoroughly searched and his sentence will be based on his acts. If he had truly no other choice, he will be given a lighter sentence, but if he is a complete madman, then there would be little hope of him returning to society. Instead, he would be sent in the 'mines', a truly frightening place which no one truly knew what it was.

Many complained about their privacy being invaded at first, but in reality, only the AI, Gaia, can access the data. Not even the President of the union can access the data without a validate reason.

Anyway, this app changed his life. He could literally buy magic knowledge in exchange for money. Books about fire magic, summoning magic, magical crafting, body tempering magic…As long as he paid off the money, he could become a wizard god.

At first, Drake didn't believe it. Of course, who, in their right mind, would believe such an absurd thing? But, for some reasons, Drake wanted to believe in it. And he bet 25 000 credits, which was his entire savings, because of his intuition.

It was a huge sum, enough to buy a new flying car, and definitely not something an average employee like him could pay on a day's notice. This was a fortune he painstakingly earned through hard work. As a trader, he was part of the upper-class citizens of the Union, but it's not like he could compare to the Great CEO like his boss Frederic Silver.

He had no wife or child. His brothers and sisters had given up on him because he started gambling online and spent his days and nights working overtime because of his boss' threats. He was a coward. But upon paying these 25 000 credits, his destiny changed.

After all, with these 25 000 credits, he earnt the strength to break a table in two halves. His spell was simple: Blood Strengthening. By consuming mana and blood, he could strengthen his body. Because he lacked training, he could only strengthen his fist after four days of trials and errors. But this much was still enough to gain confidence.

Drake used this spell (which was unnoticeable if you didn't have awareness to mana) in front of his boss, breaking a table with nothing but his fist.

"143 100 credits. This is what you owe me. I worked 2862 hours overtime without being paid, and you threatened me of being fired more than once. I listened to you in the past, but I can't stand it anymore. Pay me my due in the next 24 hours, or else I won't break the table next time. I will break your skull.", Drake said in a voice filled with killing intent, while smiling like a devil.

He would never get trampled on again. This is what he swore to himself.

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