1 And thus a genius was born

In a delivery room, in a mid size hospital, we could heard the gracious sound of a woman giving life to someone she would hold dear to her hearth forever.


Doctor X : Push Mary! Push! Your baby is almost there. You can do it!


David : Love we're about to be parent! You can do it. Crush my hand to make it easier if you need to. It's the only thing I can do so let it all out!

Doctor x : Last push are you ready? Here we go 1…2…3…PUSHHH!



Doctor x : GOOD JOB! you made it! You have a beautiful baby boy! Here you can hold it.

Mary : after going through all this pain he better be beautiful or I'll send him right back inside hmfff!

David : You can say that but why are you holding him like you're never going to let him out of your hand haha I want to hold my son too.

Mary : hmmf, whatever, it's not like your the one who went through all this pain so he's gonna stay in my hand until I'm tired.

Doctor X : but before that I'll need to do some test to see if he's good and after that you can hold home like there no tomorrow haha. In the meantime, do you guys know how you'll name him?

Mary : Thank you for your good work doctor Emma! And yes. We have a name…

2 months later :

Mary : ZAYNNN! Where are you! I swear to god. It's only been a couple of weeks since his birth but he's walking in this house like he's the one paying rent.

David : Chill hahah he must be in our study again. Since we've began to read him stories he's constantly near our books shelf. My son's a genius! Hahahah

Mary : you're way to chill about this. I mean he's 2 months and he's all ready starting reading and he can almost talk. In a bit he'll start to be te man in the house so you better keep a watch on him or you'll loose your place hmpff!

David : and they say becoming a mother softened ones hearth…

3 months later :

David : Honey, I'm back from work how's the two most important person in my hearth going?

Mary : Honey ~ would you please shut up? Since Zayn learn how to run he's been running all over without rest all day. I tough since he was just reading and listening to documentary all day he'll be a nerd but good dammit he can run and now he's finally asleep so I can have a moment to rest…

David : hahah so you mean we can have time just the two of use? Hihihi

Mary : you're annoying hmpff, but if we don't make to much noise I gue… WAIT WAIT why are you running at me making that's creep face!

David : Ara ara ara

He then proceeded to pick up Mary and went to the bathroom…

1 year later :

In a bedroom, in a mid size house somewhere in the suburbs..

"haaaaaa, I really don't know if we ought to be happy or sad…"

Said Mary while closing her book.

"Wait a minute I need to finish my attack before the times run out" respond David while playing a famous mobile game.

"Ayee! Why did you hit me? Ho fuck i fucked my attack rip"

Mary : Now that you've finished, I said " I don't know if we ought to be sad or happy" our boy is so smart but I don't want him to be one of those kids who get bully because he's different…

David : Are you for real? The kid's one and he's all ready reading books that way past some high school kids and he's been talking way to smoothly for a kid his age so I'm more scared that I'll roast his teacher than some random kids but I got you I'll talk to him and see how he feel about other and we'll probably have to get him more often outside to interact with other kids he need to know how to act "normal".

Mary : Good Lords! I tough all you had running for you was your look but you're pretty smart too haha

David: I mean I did want to be your boy toy but I need to prove my self from time to time or you'll leave me haha

Mary : true, so boy go talk to your son tomorrow and if you do a good job I may do the thing you like tomorrow night…

David : Say less babe! But in the meantime we can do the things you like tonight hehe

Mary : lol, come here honey ~~

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