1 Long Shin

[Huaxia, Rivertown City]

The street was bustling with people as one of the coastal regions Rivertown was also a tourist spot, on this passing Street a boy was walking on the street dejectedly he had a very beautiful appearance with a pair of deep blood-red eyes and black hairs which gave off a beautiful aura. Sword like brows, fit body and a tall stature. 

Currently his hairs are Messy but if one looked closely they can see that the boy was very handsome and his blood red deep eyes made him even more inchanting at the same time give him mysterious wibe. 

Long Shin walked dejectedly and slowly on the street he did not care how he looked right now as he slowly walked, before he knew it he came into a Park, this was the most biggest and oldest park in the city it looks more like a mini forest then a park with all the greenery and mountain range and trees scattered all over the place. 

After Long Shin walked to one of the cliff of the mountain range he halted his steps and no longer move, he looked at the sky feeling depressed. 

'Why did she leave me, i did everything she asked me to and tried to treat her better, why did the relationship that we built over the years ended just like this, she didn't even bat an eye when she said she wanted to end things between us, were all my feeling one sided did she never truly loved me' Long Shin botterly smiled at himself. 

" I don't even know if I should laugh at my stupidity or cry for my lost".

feeling very depressed Shin sat down and silently gazed at the dark night sky, he didn't know what to do but like every other heartbroken person he wanted to forget all about this but is it easy to forget things, sometimes we very easily forget even a little things, but for things which leave deep scars on our heart, they aren't easily forgotten. 

As he silently gazing at the sky in the large dark sky he saw something, at start it was but a small light but as the time kept passing the light kept getting even bigger. 

Long shin broke out in cold sweat as he could tell that whatever it was, it was coming towards him at a cometlike speed with in seconds it came very close to him and crash right on the mountain range of the park. 

"Damn it I need to run or I'll fall to death"

He got up and started running like a madman as the cliff was in front he had no choice but to run in the direction of that light but by pure luck as he got out of the cliff it began to fall. 

"boooooom" . 

A loud noise came, the Rocks at the edges of the cliff fell, and in a few seconds the whole cliff collapsed seeing that he Survived, Long Shin took a sharp sight in relief. 

" Hu, luckily I survived I literally would have become a meat paste by now, what was that thing anyway, should i check it out".

After a little bit of hesitation Long Shin decided to check things out at the very least as he descended more and more from the mountain he saw that whatever that thing was it left a huge track and destroy the surroundings, all around was nothing but pitch black ash. 

it was even worst then a  large-scale forest fire all around was nothing but pitch black ash with flame still burning at some places, if the former mountain look green with trees and grass the current one can't be linked to it in anyway. 

Soon long shin came at the end of the tracks but what he saw was...


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