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Urban Primordial System


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Long shin was depressed as his relationship with his girlfriend ended when she told him to break up in front of everyone feeling depressed he walk towards the park as it was night time there was no one in the park he seat on a cliff Orb of the Primordial Chaos is an artifact which contained infinite powers of the Primordial Chaos very few even know about its existence while no one knows how it came to be but there was a saying that whoever gets the inheritance of the orb of the Primordial Chaos will Rule over the Infinite Cosmos and multiple dimensions from the highest peaks of the Nine Heavens to the depths of the Nine Hells and Chaos no one will be able to stand against the inheritor of the Orb of Primordial Chaos as it contains within it very mysterious but omnipotent power. After many years this saying will prove itself as many will remember the saying and the man who even gods were afraid to offend It was unknown where he came from or which race he belonged to many gods hated him many demons fear him many arrogant immortals were slain by him. Each of the gods and demons had their huge armies of uncountable soldiers fearless elite's and mighty generals They had powers to shatter the heavens and level the earth Destroying the very universe with but a wave of their hand Many of the gods and demons decided to band together by using their uncountable number of soldiers they tried to fight him but the result was terrifying He painted the cosmos with their blood imprisoned their souls and refined their corpses into energy With his one word, the uncountable number of beings powerful enough to destroy a galaxy came to a halt in the next second with a wave of his hands their souls left their bodies imprisoned within his realm. After the heavens shattering battle of the gods and demons no god or demon ever tried to offend him they cursed him behind his back but never dared to scheme against him as whenever he goes somewhere even the gods have to lower their heads and give way Wherever he goes the Dark Army follows He is the sovereign of the Darkness, he is the slayer of the demons, he is the enemy of the gods, the destroyer of the heavens, controller of the chaos. he has some call him devil, some call him god, some call him a saint In his journey, he had made many sworn friends, natural enemies and met many beauty's There is no shortage of women throwing themselves on him, he had many wives from mortal to goddesses and demoness. Join us in this journey of a mortal who fought his way to the apex of existence. _________________________________ this is my first time writing, I'm only writing for fun if you are someone who cares about Grammars and stuff then this novel is not for you ______________________________


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