Chapter 14 Let's go, Mom will take you home_1

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As he opened the door, a fragrant breeze hit him in the face.

Upon closer inspection, Xu Fan realized that it was not Lu Chennong standing outside the door, but Xu Yixue, who had hurried over after asking for the address over the phone.

Xu Yixue was twenty-four years old, breathtakingly beautiful, and beyond compare.

She was dressed in a white limited edition Chanel suit, hand-tailored by an Italian master tailor. The cut was precise and slender, outlining her perfect figure with nothing to hide.

Xu Fan's gaze slowly moved from bottom to top, sweeping over Xu Yixue.

Xu Yixue had a great figure, and at nearly 1.7 meters tall, she seemed even taller in a pair of white high heels, roughly 1.75 meters tall. Looking at her legs, they were straight and slender, flawlessly white, with a pair of glossy flesh-colored stockings enveloping her delicate legs, exuding a captivating charm.

Although she was wearing fitted office attire, her pink shirt could hardly contain her generous bust. Upon a closer look, one could see an alluring cleavage peeping through the middle.

If one were to rate the figure on a scale of ten, Xu Fan felt that Xu Yixue deserved a full score.

Beyond her figure, her features were exquisite: a finely shaped nose, delicate cherry lips, and a pair of bright and expressive eyes. Although she was wearing light makeup, it couldn't hide the perfection of her facial contours, and her skin was as smooth and flawless as porcelain. Even though she looked coldly at Xu Fan, she carried a bit of the charm of an ice queen. Her wavy purple hair added a captivating Korean-girl charm to her appearance.

Her resemblance to Tongtong was about sixty to seventy percent. Seeing her beautiful face, Xu Fan felt relieved. Just based on these genes alone, my daughter is definitely going to be a breathtaking beauty in the future.

"What are you looking at!" Xu Yixue's eyebrows knit together as she spoke coldly to Xu Fan. Not only had he not invited her in, but he had also been brazenly sizing her up, which was incredibly rude.

However, as Xu Fan's gaze swept over her, she felt an inexplicable shyness, akin to the fast-beating heart of first love.

"Come in," Xu Fan muttered, ignoring her anger. In the Cultivation World, countless fairies begged for my attention, and I couldn't be bothered to glance at them, and now you're giving me attitude for looking at you.

However, to be fair, Xu Yixue's beauty was not inferior to that of the Profound Maidens and fairies of the Cultivation World. She just lacked a trace of their ethereal and transcendent aura.

Xu Fan had encountered nearly countless ethereal fairies over the centuries and had long since grown tired of them. However, Xu Yixue, with her human emotions and her charming alternations of indignation and delight, stirred something faint within Xu Fan's heart.

"Where is my precious daughter?" Xu Yixue asked Xu Fan in a harsh tone.

"She's watching TV. Tongtong, come out, Mommy is here to see you," Xu Fan called out softly to the little one in front of the TV.

"Ah, Mommy's here!" Little Tongtong was lying on the sofa, engrossed in watching Peppa Pig. When she heard Xu Fan, she immediately bounced up from the sofa, toddled out with her little legs unsteadily.

She was wearing pink slippers Xu Fan had bought her that morning, running and calling in a babyish voice, "Mommy, Mommy, Tongtong is here."

Without changing her shoes, Xu Yixue stepped into the living room in her high heels and promptly spotted her daughter, Tongtong, who had run out to meet her.

"My little treasure!" Xu Yixue took three steps and made two, rushing to the center of the living room. She then slightly squatted down, opened her arms, and embraced Tongtong.

With "Mommy" on her lips, Tongtong moved her little legs and flung herself into Xu Yixue's arms with force.

Xu Yixue scooped up Tongtong in her arms and planted a firm kiss on her delicate little face.

For the past few days without Tongtong by her side, Xu Yixue had been somewhat restless and distracted. Not finding Tongtong in Xu Fan's rental had scared her witless, but now that she held Tongtong in her arms, her heart finally settled back into her stomach.

At this moment, as she held Tongtong in her arms, Xu Yixue's face was all tenderness, radiating the unique warmth of a mother's character. Her voice was nothing like the hardness and coldness when she spoke to Xu Fan; it was as gentle as a warm and breezy spring day.

"Tongtong, did you miss Mommy?" Xu Yixue embraced Tongtong and gave her another light kiss.

"Of course, I did! Tongtong missed Mommy so much," Tongtong said excitedly, waving her little hands and playing with her mother's hair. Then she puckered her little head and cutely asked Xu Yixue, "But did Mommy miss Tongtong?"

"Mommy missed my dear Tongtong so much," said Xu Yixue, overcome with emotion as she held her daughter.

This separation from Tongtong made her realize even more the value of her daughter in her heart. Tongtong was truly Xu Yixue's priceless treasure.

Therefore, Xu Yixue now couldn't wait to take Tongtong home with her, never to be apart again.

"Tongtong, shall we go home with Mommy now?" Xu Yixue said to Tongtong, already prepared to leave. Having received Tongtong, there was no longer any connection between her and Xu Fan.

"Yes, yes, Tongtong wants to sleep in her own princess bed," said Tongtong, clapping her hands. She struggled to jump down from Xu Yixue's embrace and headed over to the coffee table in front of the TV, where she gathered the pile of snacks Xu Fan had bought for her.

However, Xu Fan had bought so many that she could only hold two or three bags at a time. The rest lay scattered on the table, impossible to carry away, which nearly brought the little girl to tears.

"Mommy, what about Tongtong's snacks?" Tongtong shook the chip bag in her hand, looking pitifully at Xu Yixue.

Spotting the chips Tongtong was holding, Xu Yixue glared at Xu Fan once again, angry. She least wanted Tongtong to be exposed to unhealthy fried food, but Xu Fan had bought a whole table full and even indulged Tongtong in gorging on them.

"We don't need these snacks anymore; when we get back home, Mommy will buy you good ones," Xu Yixue came over, put down the chips from Tongtong's hands, and pulled her little hand to leave.

Tongtong looked at the heap of snacks on the table, pouting her lips, feeling very reluctant. She turned back every three steps, not making a fuss, as obedient as she was. Although she really wanted to turn back and grab some, she didn't cry or make a scene with Xu Yixue. Her mind was still fixed on the snacks on the table, and she looked back frequently as they left, her eyes full of unwillingness.

When they reached the doorway, Xu Yixue put a coat on Tongtong and was about to walk out with her hand in hers.

Standing by the door, Xu Fan finally spoke.

"Just like that, you're taking my daughter away. Did you even ask this father?"