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The sun in September is still vicious. The scorching sun shines on the street. Everyone is in a hurry, sweating profusely, and they don't want to stay outside for a second.

However, for Huo Tian, ​​it is colder than winter!


"let's break up!"


"Lingling, you, what did you just say?" This was like a bolt from the blue, making Huo Tian unable to recover for a while.

"I said, I want to break up with you!" The girl named Lingling said indifferently, "From now on, please don't call me Lingling, my name is Wang Ling!"

"Why?" Huo Tian asked with a face ashen, "Lingling, why exactly?"

Huo Tian's heart throbbed, and he almost fell to the ground.

Just two months ago, the two of them made a vow to each other and promised to never part ways. However, after just one summer vacation, he heard the words of breaking up when he started school. How could he accept it?

Huo Tian stared blankly at the beautiful girl in front of him, a sharp pain in his heart.

Wang Ling and Huo Tian are both third-year high school students, and they are also classmates.

Huo Tian has a solid personality and doesn't talk much. Although he lives in the county seat, he is not as publicized as the other students in the county seat, but his grades are a little worse, and he can only be considered to be lower than average in the class.

On the other hand, Wang Ling is usually more lively, beautiful, and very sociable. She is deeply admired by the male students of the whole grade, and there have been other male students who have fought for her.

But in the end, Huo Tian, ​​who has always been reticent, won the girl's heart.

Because the two were at the same table, over a long period of time, they developed a good impression of each other and secretly developed an underground romance.

However, Huo Tian did not expect that as soon as the third year of high school started, he heard Wang Ling's request to break up.

"Why? Are you embarrassed to ask me why?" Hearing this, Wang Ling gradually raised her voice, causing the nearby students to turn their heads and look at her.

"Did I do something wrong?" Huo Tian asked with a pale face, almost pleading in his tone.

"Huo Tian, ​​it is impossible for us to continue, because our future paths are even more different!" Wang Ling said proudly: "Do you think that with your family conditions, you can support you to go to university? With your grades , can you go to university? I want to go to university in the future, and I have to live in a big city. With you, how can I have a future!"

"Family conditions? University?" Huo Tian's face suddenly turned miserable, but he still asked unwillingly, "But I told you from the beginning that my family is very poor, why do you suddenly mention it now? separate?"

"Why?" Wang Ling looked dismissive, her tone full of sarcasm, "Huo Tian, ​​you know, I went to my sister's house in Zhonghai City this summer, do you know how much my sister's house is worth now? Even if you work hard all your life, you can't even afford a toilet anywhere!"

Huo Tian shook his head uncomfortably and said, "Then I will work hard to earn money after graduation!"

Huo Tian often heard Wang Ling mention her sister. It is said that her sister used to work in Zhonghai City and was attracted by a wealthy man, and she got married not long after that.

"Hmph, work hard?" Wang Ling smiled mockingly, "How many years of hard work? Five years, ten years? Or thirty years? I don't want to wait for you to die of old age before you can enjoy a house and a car in a big city, Huo. God, don't pester me in the future, I'm going to go to college in Zhonghai City in the future, and then we won't be from the same world!"

Huo Tian stared at her blankly. Two months ago, this pretty face would always have the most beautiful smile on him, but now, apart from arrogance, there is only indifference.

"Okay, let's break up!" Huo Tian gritted his teeth. Wang Ling has already shown an attitude of refusing people thousands of miles away. No matter how hard he tries to save it, it will be in vain.

Under such circumstances, Huo Tian, ​​who had low self-esteem, chose to keep the last trace of dignity for himself!

"Also, I have already asked the teacher to change the seats, and we will no longer be at the same table in the future, and it will have nothing to do with each other!" Wang Ling coldly left her last sentence and walked away without looking back.

Another girl who had been waiting for Wang Ling in the distance, saw that the conversation between the two had ended, and left with Wang Ling.

"Wang Ling, was your tone a bit heavy just now, wasn't it good?" From a distance, the girl's voice came.

"Hmph, I'm being polite to say that!" Wang Ling looked very angry, "He's still from the county town, and his family is so poor that he didn't even buy me a gift, I was really blind at the time. Eyes will catch him!"

"Wang Ling, keep your voice down, don't let Huo Tian hear you!" The girl seemed to feel a little bad, so she quickly persuaded her in a low voice.

"What are you afraid of? It's just an illegitimate child..." Wang Ling said disdainfully.


When Huo Tian, ​​who was not far away, heard this sentence, he felt as if he was struck by a thunderbolt from the blue.

illegitimate child... illegitimate child... wild species...

Huo Tian recited in his heart again and again, his fists clenched, loosened, clenched again, and loosened again...

It wasn't until Wang Ling and the girl walked away that Huo Tiancai finally calmed down and laughed at himself: "Bastard... wild kind...hehe..."

Yes, Huo Tian is an illegitimate child. To put it a bit harsher, he is a wild breed!

This secret, he has never told anyone except Wang Ling. Just because Huo Tian was an illegitimate child, his mother was kicked out of the house by his grandparents. If it weren't for the help of kind people, their mother and son would have already become beggars on the street.

The word illegitimate child became the best joke for other children to laugh at him when he was a child, and accompanied him throughout his childhood.

Just because of his status as an illegitimate child, Huo Tiancai became so inferior and introverted. He occasionally had conversations with people on weekdays, and he didn't even dare to look them in the eyes.

Until Wang Ling entered his heart, Huo Tian's personality was reluctantly brighter. It is precisely because of this that he believed in Wang Ling so much and told Wang Ling about his family situation and background.

But he never imagined that his poor family became the reason for Wang Ling to break up, and the privacy of his illegitimate child became the content of her ridicule everywhere!

"That's it, that's it..."

Huo Tian shook his head, left the playground in despair, walked out of the school, and said with self-denial: "I'm just an illegitimate child who is mocked by others, and even my favorite person is unscrupulously ridiculed. I..."

In the hot September weather, the figures on the road were counted with one hand, which made Huo Tian even more lonely. Only the news playing on the TV in the shop next to it made the whole road less lonely.

"In the latest report, scientists recently observed a nebula in outer space five billion light-years away from the Milky Way, which released surprising inexplicable fluctuations. This is the first time an unknown fluctuation has been observed in a cosmic nebula so far. According to the conclusions drawn by scientists, because the nebula is too far away, it will not have any impact on human life at present..."

But the announcer of this short news did not know that at this moment, outside the earth's atmosphere, an invisible beam of light was lasing towards the earth.


At this time, Huo Tian seemed to be drained of his soul, walking aimlessly on the road. The girl he loved taunted him with the most vulnerable part of his heart, making his heart ashes.

At this moment, the sunlight in the sky seemed to lose its color for a short time, and a spot of light sneaked into Huo Tian's heart like a ghost, causing him to faint on the spot.

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