1 The Rebirth

"Beat his nerdy ass. " said a tall boy in a college uniform. With a smirk on his face he went up to the curled up boy on the floor and kicked him hard in the stomach, bending beside him and whispering in his ears " You better get that homework done or we don't mind having another session with you." turning around and left the small built, thin boy curled up on the floor bleeding.

He tries to get up but fails twice, then taking the help of a wooden stick near him pulls himself up and began to walk home in his half-torn shirt and his face covered in bruises. Walking on the sidewalk bleeding with no-one coming up to help, he keeps dragging his feet with the help of the stick. Moving forward the stick gets stuck in a pothole and he trips over on to the main road. A few passer by who saw him fall ran up to help him but it was too late, a over speeding truck had lost control and crashed into a car which then came speeding towards the boy on the road.

The voices were distorted, everything was muddled and hazy. The boy trying to keep his eyes open and focus, when he heard a voice " Get him ... we can't .... anymore." Then the person came closer and said while running a hand over his head " You are going to be ok." It was then when he realized the person was a female doctor on the scene of the accident.

*blink* " Slowly open your eyes don't put too much strain and you will be discharged tomorrow but you still can't go to school for another two weeks." said the doctor and left the room for him to rest. Seeing the scene in front of him one could tell it was a hospital, in the general room with a young girl in the next bed looking at him who later offered him an apple.

" Thanks, but can you tell me the date and the year please." taking the apple from the little girls hand and biting hard into it. Lucas couldn't recall anything that had happened and how he had ended up in a hospital.

" Its 4 February, Monday in 2025." staring at him with curious eyes.

" You don't even know the year, did you lose your memory?"

" Maria, how can you say something so rude, apologize." Maria's mother scolding her

"Sorry" The lady closing the curtain in between them to give him privacy.

The girl said 2025 but I was fighting with the Greyson family in 2035. And this looks like the accident I got in when I was 20 after John and his gang beat me up and I was at home for 2 weeks is when they broke my hand and I couldn't take the final exam and I had to repeat the whole semester.

A week after coming home "Its been a week since I have been discharged from the hospital and I have come to the realization that its true I have been reborn in the past when I was in the second year of college."

Lucas Maxwell a short built boy with long dark hair coming up to his shoulders, he always used them to hide his face which was hideous in the description of others around him. All that could be seen from behind those hair were his dead crystal blue eyes. After the accident he had become even more thinner than before so much that even the outline of his ribs could be seen clearly. Always silent and sat last in the class but always came first in the class, he was a genius even though he was bullied to give up the rank or they didn't let him study. He would always rank first that's why he was on the nerve of John and his gang because John's girlfriend was always second in rank.

"Hey, blue-eyed demon open the door. We have come to deliver the homework for you." said Caleb one of the lackeys' of John banging at the door.

"Hey open up we know you are in there." with no answer from the other side of the door.

"What should we do boss, he is probably just hiding in their from us." asked Caleb who was 6 ft 5 inches tall, towering over many, the muscle of every operation John did but he was a pea brain, failing in every class he only passed because of the donations John's family made to the school.

They broke down the door and searched the entire house for him but there was no sign of him and their was no place he would go to at this time of the day. They left destroying many of the things and left a note for him to not attend the finals next week.

"I think would have left by now" sighed Lucas getting up from sitting cross legged for an hour for meditation in the park.

"I am too weak to face them know and even if I practice everyday I would still need over a month to recover, the only advantage I have is my past life knowledge about the future events and the hidden elementalist community. Last time I only started practicing when I was over 25 and died fighting the Greyson's because of my lack of practice in the field of fighting."

Arranging his house again to it's past form he kept thinking of his purpose to be reborn and the things he could do different, he knew he won't live his present life like of the past and use every means to hurt the ones who hurt him or his loved ones before.