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Urban Legend


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A shy kid who used to hide in the corners, sit in the last bench and always eats alone at lunch. Who was once the child of the richest family on the planet. Everyday bullied for his looks a thin small built, long dark hair covering his eyes and a pair of blue eyes peaking from behind them.  Working part time to cover for his tuition fee and to support his old mother who lives in a different city. The person he cared for the most his mother, told him on her deathbed that she was not his real mother and something that would change his life forever. Revealing a whole different world of elementals to him and passing on the books and the knowledge she could before leaving. With his whole world upside down he went to hone his talent in elements and in the world of business. But soon coming across the people who killed his birth parents and now they cannot see another empire rising while they are the ones who rule the world. He goes into battle with them one of the strongest elementals of time and ends up losing his life, his family, his business everything. Unknowingly, reborn again in the past as if given a second chance by God himself to prove him right and protect the people he loves.


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