Urban Divine Doctor Descends the Mountain

Lin Dong, who has mastered both the divine medical arts and martial arts, has traveled from the mountains to the city. With divine medical arts in his left hand and unbeatable martial arts in his right, he roams freely in the city.

I'm the little miracle doctor · Urban
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Chapter 73: There's a good show coming up

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Free of charge?

Lin Dong was taken aback!

A freebie?

Is this card really that powerful!?

The shop manager explained, "There are only five Five Dragon Supreme Cards in the whole Jianghai. One is with the city leader, one is with the military leader, one is with the president of the Black Dragon Society, one is with the president of the Jianghai Commerce Association, and one is with the young Miss Ye of the Ye Family."

"The one you have, sir, belongs to our president of the Business Association. Mr. Lin Dong, how did you come to possess it?"

Lin Dong responded, "This was given to me by Lady Yu Li, the wife of the president of the Jianghai Commerce Association."

The shop manager hurried off to verify the information. This card was extremely important, and if Lin Dong was lying, then it was very likely he had stolen it.

And if that was the case, it would be necessary to call the police!