1 MURDER..!!

As the night fell, the clouds gathered and hid the moon with the kind of thunderstorm which has not been seen before as if the wrath of the heavens. Lightening the size of an infant's arm and hail the size of a newborn baby's fist, was enough to scare the locals of Pektan into their homes for the day. Many were kowtowing to God for forgiveness for this sudden wrath and even animals were silent and seemed scared of the unknown phenomena.

Outside the town, amongst the group of shanty houses, there was a one-bedroom house that seemed to have seen many seasons by its walls. It was broken from place to place but very neat with its cheap but sensible decor. A nine-month pregnant lady was laying on the bed alone pinching the bedsheet because of the pain. At the age of 27, she seemed like a middle-aged malnutrition woman who had suffered the hardships of the time. This was Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao's husband Lin Carter died 8 months ago due to a fatal car accident after which her brother-in-law kicked her out of the house and took away all the property and bank balance her husband had in his name. Lin's are a famous family in the area worth billions of dollars. Their industries span from Food & beverage to Commercial airlines and the country's famous steel industry.

Lin Carter who was the firstborn and heir of the family was CEO of the holding for all the industries. Lin Xiao was an orphan, who was brought up in the orphanage. She had studied very hard all her life and got an opportunity to work for the Lin industry at the end of her education. She was a very smart and intelligent girl who very quickly got the approval of many colleagues and higher-ups in the company. It was a fateful day when Lin Carter visited her office to initiate a new product for the overseas market and saw Lin Xiao. She was wearing very ordinary clothes and even with no makeup, she looked pure innocent, and like a heavenly deity. This made Lin Carter to fell in love with her at first sight and promoted her to his secretary.

After promoting her to his secretary, Lin Carter proposed to her after a month and got married. He doted on his wife and took her around the world for their honeymoon. He bought her all the things a girl can dream of. They spent two years of a very happy and loving life together. 8 months ago, when Lin Xiao confirmed to him that she is pregnant, Lin carter jumped around in happiness and informed his only brother Lin Jack and invited him along with his family for a celebratory dinner in the area's finest restaurant.

Lin Jack was two years younger than Lin Carter was already married and had two children, a boy, and a girl. He was working as a Deputy CEO under his brother but has always been a very ambitious and smart man. He had been long dissatisfied with the working approach of his elder brother who emphasized only expanding the business and sharing very little profits with him and the other members of Lin's family branches. He congratulated his brother.

Lin Jack: Brother, this is piece of wonderful news, I am very happy to hear that you will have a child soon. Please pass my happiest remarks to my sister-in-law and tomorrow's dinner will be on me to congratulate both of you and I will ask my secretary to distribute food vouchers to the poor now till tomorrow to please the Gods and pray for the health of my sister-in-law and the baby.

Lin Carter: O you are my brother. Ok, then we will meet tomorrow evening and have dinner. Take care. Bye

Lin Jack: Ok Take Care. Bye.

As the phone disconnected, the smile on Lin Jack's mouth was replaced with an evil grin, and a murderous light sparked in his eyes. He picked up the phone and called a number.

Lin Jack: It's time to bring the plan forward. Do it tomorrow night and don't leave anyone and any clues. It should be like an accident. And hung up. He thought to himself; brother, you have been holding me back too much, but I will not allow your children to hold my children. After I send you and your wife and to-be-born kid on the way, I will lead the LIN family and it will be my children who will take the lead after me.

The next Evening, Lin Carter and Lin Xiao both got ready before the time and set on the journey. As they lived in the Lin Estate, which was on the outskirts of the main city, developed by the Lin Family for the Head of the family in the previous generation, the total journey would take them half hour to reach their destination. Lin Carter asked all the bodyguards to stay as he wanted to drive his wife on his own.

As they were close to entering the city circle, a large construction dumper with a drunk driver was on its way to them at extremely high speed. Lin Carter was in the black Rolls Royce with his wife talking about the fund he will set up from now for the future of their child when all of a sudden he heard the scream of Lin Xiao and that was then a bang. Lin Xiao fainted on spot and when she woke up, she could only move her eyes which were blinded by white lights. After her eyes adjusted, she was on a bed and a nurse was injecting something into the drip attached to her. She wanted to ask but suddenly felt a sudden pain all over her body which was beyond her courage and fainted again.

When she woke up again, the same gentle-looking nurse was standing next to her checking her vitals. Lin Xiao raised her head and saw that one side was covered in the bandages, and she could not move at all. She called the nurse and asked.

Lin Xiao: Dajie, where am I? How is my husband? What happened to me?

The nurse looked at Lin Xiao with sorrow in her eyes and spoke.

Nurse Cathy: "Hello, my name is Cathy, you are in the First people's hospital. You had a very bad accident and were brought here by some people. There was one more person with you, but he was already dead when he was brought in. As for you, you have multiple fractures in the ribs and left arm and leg. We did your test and seemed like you are pregnant but thank God the child is still safe".

When Lin Xiao heard that her husband had died in the accident, she vomited blood and fainted again. At the same time, Lin Jack, who heard the news that his brother and his wife had an accident that caused his brother's death while his sister-in-law lives and is admitted to the hospital and had multiple fractures, was drinking the finest wines which was a century old to celebrate his succession of the throne and as the head of the Lin Family. He took two shots and got up. He told his wife that they were going to the hospital to check on Lin Xiao's status. He called their family lawyer and told him about the death of his brother in a crying voice and asked him to visit the hospital.

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