Unveiling My Rival's Disguise Book

novel - Teen

Unveiling My Rival's Disguise

Gwen Harkness

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Original Name: It Was Always You "Really? Is there anything to miss about you? Was I supposed to think about that arrogant classmate of mine during the whole summer break? Is that what you wanted to hear, Mr. Rank Two?" He was shocked when I took a step forward, closing the distance between us. I grabbed his collar and my lips almost touched his. I swallowed hard and tried to mask my real reaction by giving him a fake smile. You could never cross that line, Dwight Duval Jaranilla. You will always be the second best. My rival. The one who will never be my equal. ---- Everybody is already content with their lives besides Tania. For her, attaining the top spot will never be enough because her rival, Dwight, will stake anything in order to come out on top. Unexpected things await as they continue on venturing towards their final journey in high school. The adversaries testing the bond and trust that they have established over the years will serve as a testament that nothing in life has an assurance, not even for the love that has been kept hidden from one another. What really matters more to Tania? Will she be able to maintain the premise of having the epitome of rankings, all the while she is falling for her very own rival? Or, fate will has it as a chance for Dwight to claim what he wanted from the very beginning?