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What is UNTitled,Ongu_Fan1699021221

Read ‘UNTitled,Ongu_Fan1699021221’ Online for Free, written by the author Ongu_Fan, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Cinta pertamaku (SMA)

Menceritakan seorang gadis yang berusia 17 tahun bernama Titah yang hidupnya berubah 180° karena sang ayah di Fitnah oleh rekan kerja atau sesama pejabat sebagai koruptor. Lalu Titah bertemu oleh pria yang bernama Irfandi di sekolahnya. Selama di sekolah Titah mendapatkan bully an dari teman-teman nya, ada yang mengatakan "dasar anak makan uang haram", "dasar anak koruptor", dan masih banyak lagi. Titah yang tidak tahan karena bully an dari teman satu sekolahnya itu, langsung datang pada Irfandi, dan meminta Irfandi untuk menjadi pacar pura-pura nya. Karena menurut Titah, Irfandi adalah orang tepat dan Irfandi juga lah selama ini yang melindungi dan membantu nya saat Titah di bully oleh temannya di sekolah. Awalnya Irfandi menolak untuk menjadi pacar pura-pura nya, tapi karena Irfandi juga tidak tega melihat Titah yang di bully setiap hari di sekolah, akhirnya Irfandi mau menjadi pacar pura-pura nya. Dan teman-temannya kembali lagi untuk berteman dengannya, mereka ingin berteman dengannya kembali di ancam oleh salah satu kakak kelasnya bernama Fano. Fano punya niatan jelek pada Titah yaitu menyebarkan video yang tidak pantas "pada saat Titah tidak mengenakan baju". Akhirnya membuat teman satu sekolahnya itu membully nya lagi. Irfandi juga semakin dekat dengan Titah, Irfandi yang tadinya tidak menyukai Titah, kini Irfandi menjadi suka pada Titah, dan mereka akhirnya menjadi pacar yang sesungguhnya. Dan ayah nya bebas dari penjara karena terbukti tidak bersalah, rekan kerjanya yang menggantikan ayah nya di penjara. Rekan kerja dari ayahnya Titah itu ternyata ayah dari teman satu sekolah nya Titah yang selalu membully di sekolah. Kini semua harta yang di sita di kembalikan lagi pada ayah nya Titah, dan Titah kembali hidup dengan normal atau seperti biasanya. Titah dan Irfandi kemudian terpisah karena Titah melanjutkan kuliah di luar negeri, empat tahun kemudian, setelah lama Irfandi menunggu Titah pulang dari luar negeri mereka bertemu kembali, mereka pun menikah dan hidup bersama di Prancis.

DaoistOVZDbS · Fantasy
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Original Title was 'VRMMORPG: DREAM ONLINE' ----- Roman was 19 years old when the game VRMMORPG: DREAMSCAPE went public. The game was an instant hit. With 500,000 new accounts by the end of the first week to nearly 20 million accounts by the end of the month. The game was so popular among parents because of how real it felt. It would even scan your body and make your character look just like you. That meant that kids who were out of shape would be out of shape in game. This motivated many kids to stay active and also made parents very happy. For the gamers though, it was the perfect game. A game that had everything. Quests! Dungeons! Monsters! Pvp! What really sold it though was the leveling system. The system allowed you to level up anything you wanted. You want to be an archer? Grab a bow and level up! You want to be an archer with a sword? Grab a sword and level up! You want to bake cookies and sell it to the rich? Grab the ingredients and level up! You want to be able to talk your way out of any situation? Start talking and level up! Over the course of a year, the game kept growing and growing. Eventually even government officials had to take part in the game. It stayed this way for a year. After one entire year, the game had gone offline. No one knew why or when it will be back. After one week, on that day, we all knew why it didn’t come back online. PATCH NOTES 1: THANK YOU FOR COMPLETING THE TUTORIAL. - Author’s Note: I took inspiration from other books on this site that are written in the same genre. I also took inspiration from the real mmorpgs that I have played. I plan to have this story be about 50/50. The time spent in the game and in real life will be about the same. Some arcs may only be in the game while others are only in real life. Please be patient with these arcs if they aren’t your favorite!

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From Past To Present, I Still Love You

“Did you offer to let me live at your house for my safety or because you had other intentions?” Minhyun stared at her with a playful smile on his face. “If I were to be honest, I would say both.” “It’s like... Wait... What?! I was joking! What other intentions are you talking about?!?” Yoona widened her eyes in the midst of her sentence. Did she just hear what he said? He fixed his tie. “Its a secret.” “Mini!” —- When he was a child, Minhyun had nobody to lean on. His days were filled with darkness. That is, until he met Yoona. After they became friends, he smiled for the first time in a long time. Every night, he felt excitement in his chest for the next day to come. She brought the foreign feeling of happiness in his heart and was able to heal his loneliness. However, the cold reality of this world separated the two children. One becoming darker than he once was, and the other struggled to make end's meet. After fifteen years, the childhood friends meet again as adults. Yoona becomes a university student, while Minhyun overtakes his father as the CEO of MH conglomerate, one of the biggest companies in the world. With newfound enemies and cold betrayals, would the two be able to find love? But most importantly of all, will they be able to help each other heal the demons of their pasts? [Happy ending and not too melodramatic like most stories] TAGS: #Female Protagonist #Comedy #Handsome Male Lead #Modern Day #Pretty Female Lead #Revenge # CEO ---- If you like my novel, don't forget to support! https://ko-fi.com/authorsho Discord link: https://discord.gg/YzVvebP

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Aging Secret

Life is already difficult enough. From trying to sort out your future plans, to the ups and downs that come with maintaining relationships, life is already hectic enough without love making an appearance. For the most part society is taught that love is the most precious thing that a person can experience. Unfortunately, most do not receive the dreamed love that many talk about, not from their partners or "family" who are said to love each other unconditionally. Hope was one of these unfortunate kids as she grew up not believing that she would ever experience that fairytale love. It's a typical cliche really. She lives a life of luxury, but during her darkest times her Father never bothered to offer her comfort. Sure enough, she grew up despising her father, but no matter her feelings as his only child she would soon inherit his company. While this may sound and pretty much is an amazing opportunity to some it came with a price. Hope would have to give her hand in marriage to Jacob, son of the Hao family. By force if necessary. This was no surprise to her since Hope believed with every fiber in her being that her father didn't care about her. That the passing of her Mother only left broken shards of a once happy family only cutting deeper into the wounds her death left in their hearts. As years passed her Father’s negligence only grew worse leading to Hope becoming quite the rebellious child. However, it's through her misbehavior that she would meet Khalil, the boy who would send her life into a spiral of lies, confusion, love, and regret. Years after high school, Hope finds herself moving back and forth between the families she shared with Khalil and Jacob. Each was a secret from the other, but how long could Hope keep it that way? The truth always has a way of coming out. It's just a matter of time… "H-Hope?" I flinched at the sound of a voice that I knew all too well "What is going on here..." [Story also published on Wattpad by me, just in case some you readers find the double and want to support me x2 ;) ]

Fx_Phoenix · Teen
Not enough ratings
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